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Energy Efficiency - Retrofiting Lights


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Daylight Savings
Type: Article/Report
Summary: How was Waltham High school preserved at a time when schools were being demolished to make way for "high-performance, energy efficient schools?"
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Lighting Retrofit Workbook: A Practical
Type: Manual/Handbook
Summary: As stated in the overview of the book, the "workbook is designed to maximize your lighting energy savings while maintaining, or in many cases, improving th elighting quality in your park." Many aspects of this book are applicable to schools and offices and th...
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School Operations and Maintenance: Best Practices for Controlling Energy Costs
Type: Case Study - Manual/Handbook
Summary: Prepared by Princeton Energy Resource International, HPowell Energy Associates and the Alliance to Save Energy, this guidebook is designed for K-12 school system business officials and facilities managers. It is designed to meet the specific needs of school...
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