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In the fields of development and engineering in particular, it can be challenging to find competent helpers at present.

In some cases, it may seem impossible to find and retain competent full-time workers. That’s why it’s smart to use freelancers instead.

Independent contractors can be brought in to help solve an issue or work on a forthcoming undertaking. The minimal dependence on independent contractors helps your business save money while still meeting its needs. Maybe in the process you’ll find the ideal person to work on the project full-time.

There are a plethora of freelancing websites available online, and it’s up to you to sift through them all to find the one that best suits your needs.

This independence is a sword that can cut both ways.

It’s beneficial in that so many potential employees are available to you, but it’s also problematic because there’s so much data to sort through. By outlining some of the most promising approaches, we hope to make this procedure more concrete for you. If you’re looking for a stellar programmer, check out these top-notch developer resources:

Best Freelance Platforms For Develope

Best freelance platforms for developers



UpStack’s mission is to help remote tech teams all over the world thrive by connecting them with skilled independent contractors. They source their developers from all over the world, looking for the best independent contractors.

To guarantee that their customers have access to the most talented individuals with excellent communication, interpersonal, and development skills, they use a stringent 8-step hiring procedure. They have experts in many areas, such as Java, Python, iOS, and PHP.

They have done work for well-known companies like Lego and Microsoft. UpStack, on the other hand, has a flexible and expandable pool of talent that can grow with your company.


Turing is the go-to platform for companies of all sizes in need of freelance web development talent thanks to its Intelligent Talent Cloud, which is powered by AI.

Companies can find skilled developers and engineers through Turing’s unique talent-matching process in a fraction of the time it would take to hunt down a freelancer on a larger site. The artificial intelligence has reduced the time spent on hiring for engineering teams by more than 50 hours.

The site boasts an impressively large and talented pool of talent, as well as a rapid turnaround time (five days) for hiring a freelance web developer. Already, over two million programmers from 150 countries are part of the Turing community. They also conduct thorough screenings of potential employees, so you can have confidence in the competence of the developer assigned to your project.


Fiverr is a tried and true method of establishing contact with potential freelance workers, as it is one of the largest freelance job boards online. The site’s primary goal is to facilitate effective communication between developers and their clients.

If you find a suitable developer, you can get in touch with them through their profile. Clients typically pay developers in full at the outset of a project once all terms have been agreed upon. There is a three-day review period after a project is submitted during which you must decide whether to accept the work or request a refund.

Customers use the site’s powerful filter tools to sift through the available pool of freelance developers and find the best possible match. You can narrow your search for a developer by a variety of factors, including their price, portfolio, and more.

Since Fiverr’s categories cover nearly every conceivable type of development service, it’s a great place to find developers who specialize in a particular field. If you’re looking for someone with expertise in mobile app development, for instance, you can narrow down your search by selecting additional criteria like “custom app development” or “web-to-app conversions.”



Users of PeoplePerHour, a freelance job board, can host contests for individual projects in the style of a traditional job posting. It also provides a long list of competent applicants with varied backgrounds in computer science and software engineering.

Freelancers can also host offers on PeoplePerHour, where customers can work with them for reduced rates to determine if the developer is a good fit for their project. The site streamlines collaboration by allowing users to easily monitor and provide feedback on the status of any given project.

People Per Hour is a convenient option for those in need of a freelance developer or programmer due to its user-friendly interface and straightforward payment system.


Toptal is a platform that brings together the best software engineers from all over the world with startups and businesses looking to hire them. The company claims to have connections with the top 3% of independent software developers worldwide. They achieve this by thoroughly vetting all potential freelancers.

Toptal requires its freelance developers to go through a rigorous screening process that includes a language and personality test, timed algorithm testing, technical screenings with other Toptal engineers, a test project, and a commitment to maintaining a perfect track record with clients.

While Toptal’s application process is rigorous for prospective freelance engineers, the company’s clients should have the opposite experience. Toptal’s clients will first specify the number of engineers they require and the technology they’re utilizing.

Then, the startup in Silicon Valley will give you an update on the status of your potential matches. If you do find such a person, they can join your team immediately, even if only for a trial period. Toptal will keep searching until a suitable match is found.


You can find freelancers on Guru in the same way that you can on Upwork: by posting a job description and a link to your project. The ability to narrow your search for a freelancer based on their expertise, category, location, client feedback, and more sets Guru apart from Upwork. Instead of constantly applying for new jobs, this helps the best freelancers stand out.

Work Room, Guru’s collaborative project management platform, is another useful feature. Within the Guru platform, you and your freelancer can communicate and collaborate in a space called “Work Room.” The Guru Safepay system and invoices are both acceptable methods of payment. Your freelancer will be paid from Guru’s SafePay account once you have reviewed and approved their work.



Craigslist is not just a place to find a new place to live or secondhand furniture. In fact, it has the potential to be a reliable supply of freelance workers. You can search their extensive catalog by city to find local ads for IT support.


Arc is the best place to find highly qualified and educated independent developers. On this freelance platform, only experienced programmers, such as ex-Googlers and university-level researchers, are available for hire.

Freelancers can be found in a wide variety of IT roles, from software engineers to database administrators. If you’re looking to grow your team permanently, there are also full-time opportunities available.

One disadvantage of Arc is that its rates are higher than those of competing freelance marketplaces. The website has a limited pool of potential employees because of its stringent vetting policy.


Codeable provides everything you need to create a WordPress site. WordPress developers skilled in making skins, add-ons, sites, and shops for online sales are available for hire here.

This platform keeps a close eye on its developers as they work on a project to make sure it gets done right. It also comes with a 28-day money-back guarantee if you find any bugs.

Codeable’s high hourly rate and associated fees are its primary drawback. In addition, you restrict your use of its services to WordPress-based creations.


From web and app development to artificial intelligence, Yeeply has freelance tech talent for your next digital project. Companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals, are common customers.

The strengths of this platform lie in its open lines of communication and adaptability during project execution. The size and composition of your development team, as well as the tools at their disposal, are completely up to you.

One of Yeeply’s drawbacks is that it only has 150 teams to choose from. You will need to present your project and have a private conversation about pricing.

Scalable Path

Scalable Path

Scalable Path is a platform for outsourcing software engineering and software development projects. This platform is ideal for efficient, around-the-clock collaboration between remote developers located all over the world.

There are no concealed or additional fees for using this service for hiring people. To guarantee that you only pay for services that meet your needs, it offers risk-free and low-risk trial periods.

When compared to other freelance platforms, Scalable Path’s hiring procedure is more time-consuming. Two weeks is the absolute maximum amount of time it takes for a candidate to join your team.

The minimum size for a project that can be accepted by Scalable Path is 150 hours, or $7,500. Because of this policy, you should only use this website for projects that will take at least a month to complete.


Flexiple is an exclusive online freelance marketplace for developers and designers that recruits top professionals with experience at industry leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and others.

Every independent contractor goes through a thorough screening process to guarantee they meet all of the criteria. Before being allowed into the network, they must first demonstrate a certain level of technical proficiency, work history, deadline & teamwork skills, and dependability. This thorough screening process guarantees that you will only work with the best freelance developers, regardless of whether you are a start-up or a multinational corporation.

Additionally, Flexiple ensures a simple hiring process by providing customized suggestions and adaptable hourly rates. By providing timely assistance, we can keep our procedures focused on the success of your project.

Hubstaff Talent

The relatively new Hubstaff Talent provides a free service for businesses to find and hire independent developers and agencies. There is no human vetting process to ensure quality as more and more software is used to match freelancers with projects.

It is an open marketplace where customers can view the profiles of independent developers and communicate with them directly. Hubstaff Talent is more of a database of independent contractors who have signed up to work through the site. It lacks any supplementary tools that might aid you in finding the most suitable candidates for your open positions.


Where can I freelance as a programmer?

Programmers can use a plethora of helpful platforms to advance their independent career. Upwork and Fiverr, two of the largest freelance marketplaces, are excellent places to start out. Toptal and Upstack are two other examples of such platforms. These platforms only hire the most talented programmers. Although this makes it more challenging to gain acceptance, it can lead to more desirable employment and higher pay once you’ve been accepted.

How do I find a good freelance developer?

A combination of time, patience, and luck is required to find a competent freelance programmer. Although it helps to know where to look, not all freelancer websites are created equal. You need a rigorous screening procedure to make sure the programmer you hire is competent and a good fit for your project. It can be challenging to find reliable freelance developers. Pay them well, keep them inspired to work on your projects, and keep them around for as long as possible once you do.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Freelance Developer?

The average annual salary for a web developer ranges from $65,000 to $110,000. The complexity and special requirements of your project will also play a major role in determining the final cost.

For instance, according to Upwork, the minimum wage for a freelance web developer who can create a fully functional, custom-coded website is $75 per hour. Meanwhile, an entry-level web developer will cost you $15 an hour.

How much does a freelance developer charge per hour? 

Countless variables, such as location, technological requirements, and time constraints, can greatly affect the final tally. The average cost of having a website designed is $35 to $40. The true cost of having a website built is more on the order of $50-$70 per hour.


This is by no means an all-inclusive list of resources for hiring freelance developers, but it does include some of the best options we were able to locate.

Once you have a firm grasp on your financial constraints and individual needs, you can begin using the aforementioned resources to locate the ideal employee for your company right away.