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Since mathematics is a skill-based field, one must put in considerable effort to not only refine but also fully internalize the subject’s concepts. Have you ever been stumped by a difficult mathematical problem? If so, you’re certainly not alone. All of us have experienced the frustration of spending too much time trying to solve a problem or master a new idea. There are times when we feel like we’ve hit a wall and need outside help to find a solution.

What if you don’t need a math teacher or tutor to help you out with your homework or explain things in greater depth? This, you might think, would be fantastic. The good news is that you can do so now, thanks to math problem solvers available online and on smartphones. You can now use websites and apps on your smartphone to find the solution to a difficult math problem, whether you’re a teacher or a student. In fact, educators can use these resources to create their own math assessments.

This article contains a list of excellent resources that can be used to solve any mathematical problem.

Websites That Answer Math Problems

Websites that answer math problems


Scholars can use Math Way, an automated math problem solver, by simply typing in their math problem on a keyboard equipped with the scientific calculator features offered by Math Way, and receiving a detailed, step-by-step solution to their problem.

Calculus, pre-calculus, trigonometry, pre-algebra, basic mathematics, statistics, finite mathematics, linear algebra, and algebra are all covered by Mathway’s solutions.

By creating a free account on Mathway, users can see the displayed math problem, solution, and work. An additional perk available to users who pay for a premium account is a detailed walkthrough of how to solve any problem.

Mathway also provides users with solutions to previously asked math questions.

The Mathway app provides a more intuitive interface for the popular online math help service.

Online Math Problem Solver

Online Math Problem Solver

The chemistry problems are just one more type of problem that can be solved by an online math problem solver. For those interested in science, I can think of nothing better than this website.

In addition to solving problems in calculus, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, polynomial division, and matrices, this online math problem solver has a very intuitive interface.

You can get your math questions answered by an online problem solver without creating an account. If you need help and don’t know where to turn, you can quickly find a tutor here.



We math is a website that provides customized solutions to any mathematical question typed in by the user.

Like other leading math-answering websites, Webmath allows you to specify the specific area of mathematics to which your question pertains.

Calculus, combinations, complex numbers, conversions, data analysis, electricity, factors, integers, fractions, geometry, graphs, inequalities, simple and compound interest, trigonometry, simplification, and polynomials are just some of the many mathematical topics that Webmath can accurately solve.

Webmath also provides users with detailed solutions to their problems.

Math Word Problems Questions and Answers

This online resource focuses specifically on providing solutions to math word problems.

There are over 30,000 math questions and over 2,000,000 solutions to math word problems on the site.

You can rest assured that a question very similar to the one you have been trying to answer has already been answered on the site.

Sign up for a plan of study and attend classes on the site to learn how to solve math word problems.

If you want a more fruitful educational experience, you should download the app from the Google Play store.

Quick Math

Quick Math

Quick math is the second-best rated site that provides solutions to math problems. Quick Math is one of the best websites that answer math problems because it has a simple interface and can solve almost any problem in algebra, calculus, or inequality automatically and in steps.

Quick Math can also solve polynomials and draw graphs of equations. The seven sections of the quick math website each provide guidance and calculations tailored to the unique types of math questions they were designed to answer.

The accelerated math sections include work with algebra, equations, inequalities, calculus, matrices, graphs, and integers. Users can find more accurate and user-friendly step-by-step calculators in this website’s solutions area for arithmetic problems.

Microsoft Math Solver

This is the fourth site on our list that provides solutions to mathematical puzzles. Microsoft Solver is a website that offers answers to math problems, primarily in the areas of algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

A space for users to enter the math problem to be solved is made available. After inputting the problem, the online math solver displays a detailed explanation of how to solve it. Download the Microsoft App Solver from the Google Play or Apple App Store for an enhanced learning experience with Microsoft Math Solver.

Basic Mathematics

Our seventh best site for solving math problems is BasicMath.com. Perhaps more than 30,000 math word problems can be found, and more than 2,000,000 have been solved.

You can be confident that the site has previously answered a question very similar to the one you have.

Sign up for an account on the site to gain access to a study plan and lessons on how to solve math word problems.



Cymath is one of the best websites that provide solutions to math problems, and it allows users to study mathematics in four different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese).

The calculator has an intuitive interface that allows you to type in your math problem and immediately see an explanation of how to solve it.

If you’d like to receive referral materials and take advantage of other premium features, you can sign up for a Cymath account and upgrade to premium.

Cymath recommends the math problem solver app available on the Google Play store for enhanced learning.

Chegg Math Questions and Answers

Chegg Math is one of the best websites that provide solutions to math problems because it covers a wide range of math topics, from basic arithmetic to calculus, statistics, probability, geometry, trigonometry, and beyond.

If you have a math question, you can get a detailed, step-by-step answer by typing it into the box on the Chegg website.

Selecting the appropriate section for your math problem will make the site easier to use.

Calculator School

Calculator University comes in at number one. Because of its adaptable design and generous proportions, this website has earned top billing.

It will be open to use by any student and is not limited to just Math homework.

It will help you solve problems in your field, whether you’re an expert in engineering or chemistry.

For the user’s convenience, the program is broken down into distinct sections. You’ll need to think about where you filed your inquiry and then locate that file among the many options.

You need only at this point to enter information about your problem in the appropriate format. No matter how complicated your issues are, you’ll be able to resolve them quickly and easily thanks to this method.

The procedure will be very easy, and the outcomes will be precise.

This tool’s most impressive function is its ability to help you with Rational or Irrational Calculations. It can be challenging for a student to do the necessary long calculations to determine if a number is rational or not.

It only takes a few mouse clicks using this application. The students will be able to quickly and accurately complete their assignments with this tool.

You can also work out problems involving this mathematical concept. To sum up. It’s the best tool on the market for solving issues like these.

By using this tool, you can get where you need to go faster and with less room for error.

In a nutshell, you can easily generate a solution from your data using this program.


Different branches of mathematics are brought together to form AllMath. It’s a pure mathematical tool that can be applied to any mathematical problem. More than 300 distinct subsections provide quick access to the desired outcome.

You’ll be able to pick your niche very specifically from a long list thanks to this helpful tool. That way, you can skip straight to the area you’re interested in without having to backtrack.

We all know that Math is an integral part of any study of Physics. That’s why there are sections tailored specifically to Physics conundrums within the tool.

Simply entering your data will allow you to solve your most fundamental issues with the subject. Additionally, the program can help you with complex mathematical calculations.

If you’re having difficulty with some mathematical or physical problem, you might want to use an nth term calculator.

As a student of Statistics, you can also use this tool to find the nth term. You can use it to quickly and easily determine the nth term of any sequence or series without needing a pencil or paper.

With this new device, you’ll never be late or make a mistake again. If you don’t have the time to figure out complicated math problems, use it!

You can get your answer quickly and easily with just a few mouse clicks and some basic information. To the right, you’ll find a set of tools for transforming the numbers you’ve typed into a different format for use in your math problem.

It is accurate to say that this program contains everything one needs to resolve mathematical issues.


The user simply takes a picture of the problem, and the app immediately provides an intuitive solution and displays the result on the screen. From elementary algebra to calculus, this app has you covered. This app’s best feature is its ability to read and solve handwritten math problems. Isn’t that neat?


Symbolab is another fantastic online resource for finding thorough answers to any algebra, trigonometry, or calculus problem.

Chegg Math Solver 

You can type in any math problem at any time and get an answer and thorough explanation, just like you would with a traditional calculator.


If you’re having trouble keeping up in math class or just want some extra practice with your homework, TutorVista is for you. If a student is having trouble with their math homework or just needs some clarification on a topic, they can get in touch with a live tutor right here on the site. TutorVista also has a number of other useful features.

  • Talking to online math teachers in real time via chat
  • A digital whiteboard where the instructor and the student can both write and draw together.
  • A simple menu that students can use to zero in on the specific section of the lesson in which they are struggling.

TutorVista’s rates are hourly. Packages of one month or three months of unlimited tutoring are available, and students can save money by purchasing them.


Almost two thousand online math experts are standing by to help you with your math problems. More than half of questions submitted to tutors are resolved, as stated on the website. The fact that both asking and answering questions does not cost anything adds significantly to the fun factor. Before posing a question, students can look it up in a database of previously asked and answered questions.

Topics related to algebra and presented on Algebra.com include:

  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Calculus II
  • Geometry
  • Confusing words

It doesn’t matter how well teachers present material in class, there will always be times when students need extra support with their work. Students can simulate the in-class learning environment and fill in any knowledge gaps by accessing this website and posing questions to a qualified math expert or tutor.


The aforementioned resources are top-notch options for figuring out mathematical issues. If you have any complicated problems, you will look them up. With these resources, you can quickly and easily find solutions to any issue.

You need only collect all relevant information regarding your issue before using the tool.