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It can get pricey to buy all the comic books you want to read, whether you’re an old pro at collecting or just getting started in the world of comics. Sometimes it’s tough to track down specific issues, especially if they’re old or uncommon.

The best way to get your hands on some comics immediately and without spending a dime is to use one of the many websites that offer digital versions of comics. These are the best places to begin a new series or catch up on an existing one, but they won’t help with your collection.

To get you started right away, I’ve provided links below to some of the best places online to read comics without having to pay a dime.

Best Sites To Read Comic Books Online

Best sites to read comic books online

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Where can I find free digital versions of Marvel comics? The obvious choice is Marvel Unlimited, but that is generally understood to be a subscription service. Through a yearly or monthly membership, you can read any of the more than 28,000 comics available. For comic book aficionados, the corresponding mobile app is among the best available.

However, Unlimited provides a preview of the series and a chance to test out the intuitive control panel. You can learn about a wide variety of Marvel heroes, from the well-known to the relatively unknown.

There will be a lot of first episodes, but if you stick around, you can also find complete miniseries, such as comics based on Marvel’s Hero Project and other Disney shows and movies. You can join Marvel Unlimited on a monthly or yearly basis if you like the app. Digital-only ‘Infinity Comics,’ author/character features, and more are all part of the complete edition.


Libby is the best webcomic reader available today. As a courtesy of your public library, you can check out an abundance of materials for free for a period of 21 days. Further, you can read a sample before actually borrowing the book if you are unsure whether or not you will enjoy it.

You can find graphic novels, magazines, and even audiobooks, and there are specific sections for kids and teenagers.

This app is supported by libraries around the world, so if you don’t already have a library card, you can apply for one at your local branch. If you’re going on vacation and can’t be sure you’ll have access to the internet, this is the best option because you can borrow up to ten titles at once and download them for free.

DriveThru Comics

To put it bluntly, DriveThru is missing the two biggest publishers in the industry: Marvel and DC.

However, there is a sizable library stocked with books featuring comics in a wide range of styles and genres. Valiant Comics, Top Cow, and Aspen Comics are some of Marvel and DC’s larger rivals.

The first issue of most comic books is always free, and if you enjoy the series, you can continue supporting it by purchasing the subsequent issues. Many of the non-free ones have a “pay what you want” option.

The genre, format, publisher, and price filters on DriveThru make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Make use of them to narrow down the available comics and begin your exploration. You never know what you’re going to find on DriveThru, but if you’re looking for free online comics, this is the place to go.

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus, which has been around since 2006, shares an ethos with the Digital Comic Museum in that it celebrates comics from the Golden and Silver Ages that are now in the public domain.

Aside from that, this website remarkably exceeds expectations. The fact that it is an archive dedicated to the entire genre means that it contains content that can’t be found anywhere else. Fanzines, pulp fiction, non-English comics, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, booklets, public information posters, and even coloring books all have their own sections.

Comic Book Plus is an invaluable reference for cartoonists, artists, and scholars of the medium. When you get the exploration bug, it’s nearly impossible to put it down.

Digital Comic Museum 

There are a ton of comics from the Golden Age of comics available here, and they’re all in the public domain and therefore simple to access. Multiple comic book companies mean more options for finding what you want or learning about new titles.

You can either preview the comic online or download it to read offline, at your convenience. The layout of the website makes it simple to find the information you need.



Comixology is a great place to get free comics, graphic novels, and indie comics, among many other types of comics. Although the site’s main goal is to sell comic books, visitors can find hundreds of free comics in the “Free Comics” section.

The free comics you want to read are just an add-on to your shopping cart; you’ll get a digital copy automatically when you check out. Nothing is required of you in terms of payment. Comixology Unlimited is a paid subscription service that grants you access to thousands of additional comics on the site. You could also try out the Comixology mobile app.

Graphite Comics

This site features a wide selection of comics, including both mainstream titles and independent works. If you’re looking for a new series to dive into or have been unsuccessful in your search for a specific series on other free comic sites, this is the place to look.

Browse comics by publisher, artist, or even just by the genre they belong to. For less than two dollars a month, you can subscribe to Graphite’s premium service and read even more comics without being bothered by ads. The website also has a dedicated app for both iOS and Android.

Read Comic Online

Comic books from Marvel, DC, Image, Avatar Press, IDW Publishing, and other publishers are available on Read Comic Online.

Users don’t have to sign up for anything to read comics online. Choose between low and high quality settings. Data can be saved as a result of doing this.

The website’s one and only flaw is that it may lead you astray to other pages on the web. It may not be the best site for free online comics, but it’s still up there with the best of them.



While many websites and apps also host thousands of comics, graphic novels, manga, and manhwa, WEBTOON’s international user base is what truly sets it apart.

Plenty of comics are available in languages other than English, such as Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and many others. The fantastic WEBTOON community has translated many of the originals by international cartoonists and provided us with some of the translations we need.

That more than 50 million people across the globe regularly check WEBTOON is a testament to the quality of the content. In terms of creator-owned comics, it is one of the largest online collections.

There is no cost to join, and once inside, you can search their extensive library of content in any way you like. In total, there are 23 categories, spanning from the fantastical to the comedic to the romantic. You can also do a weekly search based on what’s trending, new, or popular.

You can sign up for WEBTOON at no cost, and once you do, you’ll have access to multiple episodes of your favorite comics every day.

If you want to watch the rest of the episodes before your limit is reset, you’ll need to pay a small fee to unblock them. So, there is a cost to WEBTOON, albeit a pretty reasonable one, if you’re a comic book fan who loves to binge read.


GoComics was launched in 2005 by Andrews McMeel Universal, and it bills itself as the largest online collection of classic comic strips.

If you’re not a fan of long-form comics but enjoy shorter strips, then you should definitely check out GoComics. When you want to read short comics from a wide variety of genres, GoComics is the place to go.

There are two tiers of access to GoComics: free and Premium. Thankfully, you can read comics online without paying anything if you choose the free option. You can create an account at no cost and gain access to many comics.

Internet Archive

Comics can also be read for free on the Internet Archive. Despite the fact that it has a number of well-known comic books, Internet Archive was not established for the sole purpose of providing comics.

It’s easy to find the comics you want to read on this site; you just need to do a search. Those interested can read these comics digitally or online.

Unfortunately, unlike the other top sites where you can read comics online for free, this one doesn’t offer a huge selection.


Amazon launched the digital comics distribution platform ComiXology in July 2007.

Comic books, manga, and graphic novels from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and other major publishers can be found here.

As a paid digital distributor for comics, however, ComiXology is ComiXology’s primary function. While most comic books cost money, some are available for free reading online.


Tapas.io is a wonderful starting point if you want to move away from DC and Marvel and learn about other, less well-known comic book publishers.

There are thousands of webcomics that don’t appear anywhere else online, and they range from obscure classics to the work of today’s rising stars in the comics industry.

There is also plenty of work from well-known authors, and much of it can be read without cost.

Creators use Tapas to promote their work and gain exposure by exposing it to a wider audience. You never know when you might be reading the next big thing in the comic book industry; many up-and-coming creators got their start posting their work on Tapas before becoming household names.

You can browse the Tapas catalog on their website, or you can get the well-designed app for either Android or iOS.

You have the option of searching by genre, recently added items, or current trends. In addition, there is a vast selection of authentic Tapas dishes available.

Access to the vast majority of the library’s contents (including the premium section) is completely free of charge; however, a small fee is required to read certain issues that are restricted to paying subscribers only.

Instead of spending real money, you can earn credits within the app and then use those credits to access the paid comics.



ReadDC is your digital destination for all DC Comics. Comparable to the official Marvel site, you’ll be able to peruse and purchase DC comics directly from the internet. The app features access to a wide variety of comic books, and users can also purchase digital episodes of popular shows like The Flash and Arrow.


An extensive assortment of myth-inspired cartoons and morality tales from the Mahabharata can be found in AmarChitraKatha. a compendium of vintage comics. Tantri the Mantri, Kapish and Kalia, Suppandi, and Shikari Shambhu can all be read for no cost.

Raj comics

Is it your desire to learn Hindi that has led you to this point? If you’re interested in reading Indian comics online, then you should check out Rajcomics, one of the best sites for doing so. RajComics is an Indian magazine that sells humorous comics for a fair price. Popular comics include Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Bhopal, and Doga.


How Do I start Reading Comics?

If you’re just getting into comics, talk to other comic book fans about what you should check out. In addition, you should subscribe to comic book-related weblogs. Magazines like Newsarama are an example. We’ve also recommended some excellent comic books, so get started on them right away.

Where Can I Buy Comic Books?

Comics can be purchased online or in stores like Amazon, ComiXology, Barnes & Noble, Things From Another World, My Comic Shop, and many others. These websites are tops when it comes to purchasing comics digitally. Additionally, comic books may also be found in some book stores.


No longer do comic book fans have to shell out a fortune at the store to satisfy their cravings.

These days, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on fantastic comics, graphic novels, manga, and other forms of sequential art, and you can often do so without spending a dime. Even if you have to pay for a digital comic, the price is typically much lower than it would be for a printed one.

A digital comic book can never replace the experience of reading a physical one. However, these websites are a great place to begin if you enjoy the ease and affordability of reading comics online.