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Do you operate as a consultant for other businesses? Do you want assistance managing your virtual consulting firm? Then you should look into using web apps for virtual advice.

Running a virtual consulting firm involves a wide range of different responsibilities. Leadership, business consulting, and coaching all have their unique difficulties. You may feel like you need superpowers to get through tough situations. Instead, you can use the emerging, must-have business web apps for virtual advice from the comfort of your own home.

You can maintain your consulting firm’s peak performance with the help of the web apps presented here. Knowledge is power in consulting, but what matters most is how effectively you convey your expertise and convictions to the client.

Using various apps, you can improve the efficiency of your online consulting. You can rely on their assistance with things like expanding your capacity for incoming leads and managing your pipeline of prospective customers. You can use the apps to keep in touch with your team, track the time you spend on tasks, and see what people are saying about your brand on social media.

Best Web Apps For Online Consultation

Best web apps for online consultation



Pipedrive is a leading customer relationship management tool. It gives you a graphical representation of your sales process data. It improves the efficiency and openness of your sales process. An intuitive visual sales pipeline facilitates the management and input of data pertaining to prospects and clients.

The Pipedrive web app is simple to roll out because of its email integration. The software’s many time- and labor-saving automation features are a major selling point. Pipedrive can keep tabs on your project’s calls, emails, and more automatically. Further, the customer relationship management software includes tools for sales analysis and projections. It can sync with Google Calendar and features built-in reminders. In a nutshell, Pipedrive facilitates the development of a well-oiled machine out of your online consulting business.


Consultants in any field will attest that maintaining focus on all of their daily responsibilities is a constant struggle. Hubstaff is one of the best productivity apps because it automates a number of mundane but necessary tasks that can be a burden on your day.

Online tracking is made simple with this program. Your monthly timesheets will be completed before you even realize it with its assistance. With Hubstaff, you can keep track of time on the go, generate reports with ease, and see where you spent your day, all thanks to GPS tracking and other handy business features.

The time-saving features it offers include optimized scheduling, automatic payroll based on time tracking, and electronic invoices. Within the system itself, you’ll be able to manage the finances of your projects. Hubstaff also facilitates integration with other tools used in the workplace to improve efficiency.



For small consulting firms, Xero is one of the best web apps available. You can save a lot of time and money with this accounting software. Xero’s ability to manage invoices and accept payments online is its most valuable feature. Through a secure connection to your bank, Xero processes your daily transactions.

Payments to and from banks aren’t the only thing it can help with; it can also be used to reconcile your bank accounts by comparing your invoices and bills to your bank statements. Aside from keeping tabs on stock levels, Xero can also be used to keep tabs on and recoup business expenditures. Payment processing, reports, quotes, purchase orders, multiple currency support, file storage, and sales tax management are just some of the supplementary features offered by the app.


Brand24 provides insight into when and where online conversations are happening in relation to your company. It supplies you with analytics on mentions of your brand, as well as sentiment analysis, metrics in the form of a discussion volume chart, and mention feeds. It’s much simpler to determine which client to focus on thanks to the software’s identification of the conversation’s influencers.

The analytics provided by the Brand24 tool allow you to quickly identify issues with your brand’s reputation and implement solutions before they become catastrophic. All the information you’ve gathered is easily exportable to PDFs and other file types for use in reports.


Support for Awork’s software suite is provided in a variety of ways, including written materials, webinars, live online sessions, and in-person conferences.

Projects can be organized, as can availability schedules and group efforts. You can organize your tasks by topic or due date with this app.

Because you can add detailed descriptions, sub-tasks, and attachments, you’ll always know what to expect from each project’s next stage.

If you need to send time-stamped data to your billing software or generate adaptable reports, Awork has you covered there, too.


Every virtual consultant should take great care when handling their inbox. You shouldn’t ignore messages just because the computer classifies them as spam.

FollowUp is one of the best web apps for online consulting because it notifies you immediately whenever a client opens one of your messages.

It’s a consultant app that can help you remember to check your inbox, update your website, and post to social media.

To ensure that you never lose track of your contacts, FollowUp also includes a personalized database that can be used as a digital address book.



A home office can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how well you manage your time and the many demands placed upon you.

Working in a team where everyone is geographically dispersed calls for even greater organizational skills.

Hubstaff makes it easy to keep track of time spent on projects by both you and your team, as well as to fill out timesheets at the end of each month.

To guarantee optimal performance, the app provides a number of integrations with other systems and operates seamlessly with them.

You can use its GPS tracking capabilities to report how much time you spend commuting, or you can take advantage of the device’s automatic payroll based on time tracking.


If you are in the consulting business, Qwilr is a must-have addition to your arsenal of proposal management tools.

With the app’s built-in editor, even if you’re not a professional designer, you can make documents that stand out in a matter of minutes.

Since it works well with common CRM programs, it can quickly and easily generate proposals for you. The platform alerts you when your proposal has been viewed, so you never have to wait and wonder if the client has seen your work.

Finally, proposals can be made in the form of web pages. You know how frustrating it is when your laptop’s fan starts to hum uncomfortably loudly because you downloaded too many pdfs? The good news is that you can publish your proposals online in their entirety.


The MFine app, developed by Novocura Tech Health Services Private Limited, is a specialized tool for remote medical exams and diagnostics. The app facilitates communication between patients and medical specialists through text, voice, and video channels.

The cost of a consultation with a doctor through this app begins at Rs. 199 and rises from there depending on the doctor’s area of expertise and level of experience. All in-house medical exams and diagnostics for the patient are discounted by 50%. There is no cost to download the app from either the Play Store or the App Store.

Acne, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, irregular periods, weight gain, etc. are just some of the symptoms that patients can pick from, and doctors can choose patients based on their areas of expertise. The doctor’s appointment will be scheduled immediately, and you’ll be able to schedule a free follow-up appointment within 5 days.

Tata Health

When it comes to online medical advice, you can rely on Tata Health. All of a patient’s medical needs can be met at any time, day or night. In order to ensure that patients only consult with experts, the venture only accepts doctors who have passed a stringent screening process.

General medicine specialists are available by phone or online chat to help with issues like the common cold, the flu, nausea, indigestion, and minor injuries. Additionally, this app provides access to other types of specialist consultants, such as dermatologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, and physicians.

Your choice of health plan will determine how easily you can see a doctor. Make sure the subscription you choose can give you access to the best doctors and provides comprehensive care. You can get all the features by downloading the app from the Play Store or the App Store.


Video conferences are frequently used by online service providers, especially online consultants. This is also a top web app for virtual doctor visits. 3veta is a consultant scheduling tool that helps you book appointments, keep track of your clients’ availability, conduct video conferences, and even take payments. To further personalize and elevate the quality of the conference room experience, you can add your own brand and name.

Consultants and their clients don’t have to worry about installing anything in order to use 3veta; the whole thing happens in the browser. Nonetheless, the iOS and Android apps are available for download at any time.

The 3veta platform is perfect for businesses that want to allow their employees and clients to view and book each other’s schedules. In addition, everything from video to scheduling to payments is handled without ever leaving the site.



When it comes to managing your company’s human resources, FactoHR has you covered for everything. The platform’s automation helps with time and attendance tracking, as well as calculating employee output.

Thanks to the software and specialized application, workers are able to input their responsibilities and the due dates by which they must be completed. Managers use this information as part of their ongoing evaluation of staff performance. This ensures the timesheet is always accurate and up-to-date, which is crucial for monitoring the progress of active projects.

Moreover, as a consultant, you can easily calculate project costs and obtain printable information regarding clients, projects, work schedules, and more.

FactoHR’s pricing is not disclosed because it varies greatly depending on the size and needs of the business. In order to provide you with an estimate that is specific to your requirements. For remote advice and assistance, this is a top web app.


Consultants’ time can be tracked automatically, and the app can help ensure that they bill their clients accurately. Time spent consulting with clients is meticulously recorded, multiple hourly rates are customizable, and in-depth reports can be generated to help you identify your most profitable clientele. Whether you’re at the office, online, on the road, etc., TMetric can be accessed from any web-enabled device to log customer work time.

The free tier only allows for a maximum of 5 users on a team and has a number of restrictions. A monthly paid subscription starts at just $4 per user and grants access to premium features. Among the top web apps, it provides excellent online advice and support.


In the marketing world, email marketing is a must-have due to the massive returns it provides. Speaking of electronic correspondence, high-quality results are impossible to achieve without sophisticated programs. Consider trying out SendX, which is one option.

An extensive online email marketing tool that any consulting firm can use. Email marketing campaigns can be made quickly and easily, with maximum user participation and subscriber growth as a result. You can consult with experts online using this app, which is among the top web services available. In order to improve audience engagement and step up your email game, you can upgrade your email campaigns and choose from 1500 ready-to-use templates. Additionally, you can use the drag-and-drop email editor, perform advanced automated email sequences, and conduct A/B testing.


Do online consultants make a lot of money?

The median annual salary for an online consultant in the US is $54,902, with an expected annual salary of $84,927. Profit sharing, bonuses, commissions, and tips could all contribute to the $30,024 annual total.

What are consulting methodologies?

Data analysis and framework development are consulting specialties.

You should also base your analysis on a set of methods and exercises that have been shown to be effective in dealing with the issues faced by your clientele.


Even before the rise of e-commerce and the internet, the consultancy business was a prosperous one. This is because it continues to encompass a wide range of economic sectors.

No matter the industry (healthcare, accounting, finance, coaching, business, etc.), there will always be a demand for consultants to help companies reach their full potential. Since the advent of the Internet, many businesses have moved their operations online and away from the more traditional methods. The consulting industry is one that has flourished thanks to the expansion of online resources.