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When you’re running your own company, every minute counts, but YouTube is a great resource for picking up new skills, finding creative inspiration, and solving perplexing problems. Fortunately, there is a growing number of YouTube channels devoted to providing useful information for those interested in launching, managing, and expanding their own businesses.

YouTube also features a wide range of video content created to provide practical step-by-step guidance on how to run many aspects of a business, from marketing tips to ways to better target your social media campaigns. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite channels on YouTube that will aid in the development of your business.

Best Youtube Channels For Business

Best youtube channels for business

The Google Business Channel

The Google Channel comes in at number one on the list. If you’re looking for advice and guidance from the search engine giant, look no further than this popular YouTube channel.

However, the channel’s videos do more than just instruct viewers on how to use the channel’s tools to run a small business. It also features excellent contributions from legitimate local establishments.

The tales are not just interesting anecdotes, but also provide sound advice on how similar people can achieve financial success on a shoestring. The other perk is that even minor brands can get a lot of exposure by being featured on the channel.

Marie Forleo – Marie TV

Marie Forleo – Marie TV

It’s likely that most leaders who regularly consume YouTube business videos are already familiar with Marie Forleo and her Marie TV channel. She has amassed a sizable fanbase thanks to the genuineness, warmth, and humor that permeate her content creation.

There is a wealth of information about business management and developing a leadership mindset in her videos. Marie also gives advice on how to be more productive and conducts interviews. Her videos are excellent because they motivate you to create a life you love as well as a business you can be proud of.

Bryan Elliott – Behind the Brand

Successful business branding can be learned by looking to the experiences of others. From chief executive officers to seasoned business owners, Bryan Elliot talks to them all. You can get an inside look at the processes put into place behind the scenes to guarantee the brand’s success by reading the interviews.

There are many specifics in each interview, such as the truths about what helped the entrepreneur build their brand and their career. Despite popular belief, Bryant Elliott does not have the most fans here. A sizable portion of his audience, however, is extremely devoted to him and his work.

Noah Kagan

Some people may recognize Noah Kagan as the head honcho at AppSumo. Using the knowledge he gained from that experience and others, he has created a YouTube channel filled with materials designed to improve the effectiveness of business owners and managers.

The videos include both instructional content and motivational speaking. Noah uses humor and lightheartedness to make his points in each video, which makes them enjoyable to watch in addition to being informative. He’s not the most prolific YouTuber, with only a couple of new uploads per month, but when he does, you know it’s going to be good.

David Siteman Garland/The Rise to the Top

David Siteman GarlandThe Rise to the Top

To those who need and want to expand their online visibility, this channel is dedicated. This channel is full of useful information for anyone who creates or sells digital products or services online. It’s also helpful for anyone who’d like to see more attention paid to their online presence generally.

Roberto Blake – Always Be Creating

Roberto Blake’s “Always be Creating” channel is more than just a name; it’s his mission and guiding principle, and a quick look at his channel will show you that he publishes a daily list of his videos in accordance with that principle. As a Creative Entrepreneur is at the heart of Blake’s mission, these are the areas in which he most frequently engages with his audience. The truth is, though, that his work is incredibly helpful for any creative entrepreneur, especially those who are looking to take actionable steps toward monetizing their creations.

Blake observes, “It’s not the same thing being a regular entrepreneur; you have to juggle the demands of your art and craft with those of your business.” I aid in enabling others by teaching or reinforcing technical skills, creative thinking, and the pragmatic methods by which a creative can approach business and interact with clients and customers. Everything from technology and tools to strategies and tactics is discussed on the channel, and viewers are also offered words of encouragement and advice. Blake believes that providing others with a mentor is essential for their own entrepreneurial success.

Follow along with Blake’s approximately 259,000 subscribers on YouTube for helpful tips on a wide range of enterprise-related topics.


This online learning community is ideal for those of us with side hustles and aspirations to learn more and broaden our skill sets, as it is “home to an abundance of talented and accomplished teachers, as well as over 3 million students.” Because it lets you be a solopreneur while still linking up with a community of mentors, it’s also great for people who are dedicated to starting a new business and seeing it through to success.

With a “mission to unlock universal access to learning,” Skillshare offers $8 monthly subscriptions to creators. After that, you can take any of the tens of thousands of available courses whenever you like, whether you want to learn about business, design, photography, or something else entirely. You can increase your credibility and fan base by offering your own courses.

The Skillshare YouTube channel showcases the platform’s best features, such as the fact that “Skillshare students produce great work as well,” and that many of them have gone on to teach on Skillshare or made their passion into a career. We feature some of these incredible achievements on YouTube.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi

When it comes to appearing “natural” in front of the camera (or an audience), Sunny Lenarduzzi succeeds where the rest of us fail. Any entrepreneur could benefit from her knowledge and humorous advice on marketing in general and video in particular. “My goal with my channel is to make marketing, business, and branding easier for entrepreneurs of all levels,” says Lenarduzzi. I started my channel for the sole purpose of responding to the social media questions of my clients. The demand for this type of material became apparent to me when I saw that my videos were rising in the search engine rankings and being discovered by a completely new audience every week.

Connecting with your intended audience through your genuine self is a central theme in all of her videos and a great lesson to take away. “I believe if you have an intention to help, your content will reach more people than you ever imagined,” Lenarduzzi told 99designs. What difference do you hope to make in people’s lives, and why are you taking these actions? Just make sure you’re answering those two questions every day.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is well-known in the online marketing world as a blogger, podcaster, and affiliate marketer. His most well-known works are the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast. Pat Flynn has been creating and publicly sharing his knowledge of multiple new passive income businesses since 2008. It goes without saying that he is a role model for aspiring writers and online entrepreneurs everywhere.

Pat Flynn’s YouTube channel has over 385,000 subscribers, making it one of the fastest-growing business channels on YouTube.

His channel has always been about teaching others how to make money while you sleep. As a result, his channel is loaded with tips and tricks that have helped him earn over $5 million through various means (including affiliate marketing, writing books, and giving speeches).


HubSpot is a customer acquisition and lead management system built for the inbound marketing and sales methodology.

The HubSpot YouTube channel has evolved significantly since its inception over a decade ago. In its early years, the channel catered primarily to its intended audience of inbound marketing agencies with a focus on customer success stories and keynote presentations.

However, in recent years, the channel has developed into more of an informational resource for business owners and advertising professionals. Their videos cover a wide range of topics, including social media marketing, productivity, and cutting-edge technology, though they still upload plenty of videos featuring customer testimonials and keynote speeches.

HubSpot’s YouTube channel has over 260,000 subscribers and is a valuable resource for business owners, bloggers, and those who run their own agencies.

TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks

Since its inception in 1984, TED has broadcast hundreds of talks covering a wide range of scholarly, cultural, and scientific disciplines. TED talks have been available for free online viewing on their website and distribution via two YouTube channels, TED and TEDx Talks, since June 2006.

In contrast to TED, which aims to inspire change on a global scale, TEDx conferences are organized independently all over the world with the goal of bringing innovative ideas to a wider audience. After watching a few TEDx videos, you’ll agree with Lara Stein, the founder of TEDx, that the videos adhere closely to the TED philosophy of “simplified, authentic storytelling.”

Expect a wide range of topics, from business and productivity to innovation, in TEDx talks. As you watch the TEDx speakers, you’ll not only be inspired and educated, but you’ll also come to appreciate the power of storytelling.

More than 37 million people are subscribed to TEDx Talks, and the channel has more than 118,000 videos.

Video Influencers

Young businessmen Sean Cannell and Benji Travis help companies learn how to use video to expand their customer base and boost sales. The most popular videos on the channel come directly from the most popular video makers on YouTube. Spend a few hours immersed in their world, and you’ll thank me later.

The channel is one of the most underappreciated despite having 53 thousand subscribers. The pair are entertaining and informative, so you can expect to gain knowledge while having a good time.

Tony Robbins

About Tony Robbins, not much can be said that hasn’t already been said. However, we get even more from his channel on YouTube. His videos are inspiring and informative regarding personal finance and business. If you have the time and patience to binge watch his channel’s content, there’s no need to attend his live events.

With over 210,000 subscribers, it’s clear that Robbins is using his own Web TV channel to promote and monetize his business. It’s a model of how to combine informative and persuasive elements effectively.

Robin Sharma

15 of Robin Sharma’s books on leadership have been New York Times bestsellers, and he has now successfully transitioned to Web TV. Sharma has consulted for major corporations like GE, Nike, and Microsoft, and he also founded Sharma Leadership International Inc. Both Forleo and Robin Sharma advocate for the application of self-help principles in the workplace.

Sharma’s 190,000 subscribers can be attributed to his personability, expertise, and experience. proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Sharma is reaching his intended audience with his video productions aimed at the business world. His channel’s overarching message was this: do what you love, and you’ll be successful and famous.

Moz with Rand Fishkin

Moz’s CEO, Rand Fishkin, has been a regular contributor to YouTube with videos covering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing. His ability to condense multiple complex SEO concepts onto a single whiteboard is particularly impressive. This is not a major production; it’s just Rand doing what Rand does. The Moz channel shows that a successful business channel doesn’t require expensive tools or production.

Fishkin and his team have over 21,000 subscribers, and while they have slowed down their video releases as of late (the last one was 2 months ago), we still highly recommend the channel for its useful and informative content.


I trust you found this overview of the best YouTube channels useful for running a business helpful. Every one of these channels has something special to offer its audience of aspiring business owners, and it continues to do so over and over again. These channels for entrepreneurs provide useful advice and direction at a time when new businesses are constantly popping up but where expert advice for owners can be hard to come by. Maybe you’ll be so moved to create your own channel that it will be included the next time we compile a list like this.