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Find out where you should look to study abroad in 2023. Determine which country is the best fit for your future studies based on average tuition costs, cost of living, and other factors.

New adventures await you in the coming year. In 2023, studying abroad is a great opportunity to see the world without sacrificing academic progress. This article will help you realize your goal of studying abroad in 2023 by providing a list of the top study abroad destinations and programs to look into.

Choosing just one of these countries can be challenging, so we’ve included helpful information about the average cost of living, tuition, and popular subjects in each country. The top universities in each country are highlighted, along with their 2023 position in the QS World University Rankings.

Explore these exciting opportunities to further your education and find the motivation you need to study abroad!

Best Countries To Study Abroad

Best countries to study abroad

South Korea

South Korea is one of the top destinations in the world for students from all over the globe. Pack your hiking boots just in case! It doesn’t matter if the trees are displaying vibrant autumn leaves or delicate cherry blossoms, the Korean countryside is always a sight to behold. For those who enjoy urban environments, Seoul provides nonstop fun. Visit world-class museums dedicated to the Joseon dynasty and traditional Korean culture, indulge in bibimbap and kimchi, and end your day with a night out in either Gangnam or Hongdae. Busan is Korea’s hilly and colorful summer capital, and Jeju Island is a tropical volcanic getaway with stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery.



Interested in the splendor of nature? Stop looking now. Panoramas of Switzerland’s lakes, forests, and lush mountains are so breathtaking that visitors often have trouble believing they are for real. In addition to its well-known exports of chocolate, cheese, and knives, Switzerland is perhaps best known for its breathtaking mountain range, the Swiss Alps. But urban areas have all their own charm. Experience the modernity of Zurich, the thrill of hang gliding over Interlaken, and the charm of medieval Bern. If you’re a language nerd, you’ll love strolling around the city and hearing people speak in Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian, Swiss-German, and maybe even Romansh. Reasonable justification for its inclusion on our list of top international study destinations.


For many reasons, Germany is in third place on our list of the best countries for international students. Germany seems to have almost every type of European landscape imaginable, from the beaches of the Baltic coast to the mountains of Bavaria. From the Berlin Wall to Neuschwanstein Castle, you can see remnants of the country’s history all over the place. Get your fairytale fix in the Black Forest, get lost in Hamburg’s picturesque canals, and relax in the biergartens of Munich during Oktoberfest. You’ll discover that Germans are among Europe’s biggest fans of bread and that their currywurst, schnitzel, and döner kebab have much to be proud of. Spend some time in school getting an education in Germany.

The United States

You can never get tired of discovering new landscapes, subcultures, and histories in the United States, which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In the course of a single road trip, you can see forested mountains, rolling plains, sparkling coastline, and majestic canyons. The entertainment options in Las Vegas, Miami, and Honolulu are practically limitless. If you enjoy eating, you will adore this place. Find the best tacos in California, chow down on some fried chicken in the South, and weigh in on the Chicago vs. New York pizza war. Universities, too, are a cultural melting pot, with both domestic and international students representing a wide range of ethnicities and nationalities. Seem like a top destination for international students? American universities are among the best in the world.



Students with a passion for animals and exotic places often find themselves drawn to Australia. Australia has some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, as well as a plethora of unique animals and plant life. Geology and biology majors who want to study abroad in 2023 will have their pick of a wide variety of courses that will take them to places like the Great Barrier Reef and allow them to pet kangaroos.

In addition, Australia is home to many unique cities that attract international students, such as the hip Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Imagine being a music or architecture student with the iconic Sydney Opera House right outside your door.

The fields of communication, anthropology, and physical education are also quite popular among Oz students. Australia is a great place to get some exercise because you can go kayaking, scuba diving, or bushwalking.


There is no shortage of fascinating past events, exciting adventures, or breathtaking landscapes in Ireland. Unique cultural artifacts such as Viking ruins, enormous green cliffs, castles, and the Gaelic language can be studied by students. English majors looking to study abroad can wander the same streets as Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, while geology majors can visit Giant’s Causeway. The Emerald Isle is also a major center for scientific study in a variety of disciplines around the world.

You will have a long list of things to do besides schoolwork. Visit the Cliffs of Moher or the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. During your time in Ireland, you must go to a Gaelic football or hurling game with your new friends.

New Zealand

In 2023, students interested in studying abroad will find that New Zealand offers awe-inspiring landscapes in addition to a wide selection of vibrant cities and quaint college towns. Paragliding, bungee jumping, and even hiking on a glacier can be part of a student’s curriculum in a country with breathtaking natural scenery.

Maori studies and zoology are two other unique fields of study available in New Zealand. Students who have previously studied in New Zealand have nothing but praise for the country’s people. The fact that English is widely spoken and used throughout the country also contributes to New Zealand’s attractiveness as a study abroad destination.

White water rafting, hiking in snow-capped mountains, and studying indigenous cultures are just a few of the ways that students can become fully immersed in the local culture. Any student who values time spent in nature will find New Zealand irresistible, thanks to the country’s stunning landscapes and abundance of national parks.



Sweden’s universities are consistently ranked among the best in the world, thanks to factors like the country’s high standard of living, low crime rate, and flexible work schedules. Sweden’s dedication to innovation and high quality of life also earn high marks.

Sweden is the perfect place to study if you care about the environment, want to learn how to live sustainably, or just want to study in a place known for its high academic standards.

Sweden is a great place to see the northern lights and spend time outdoors in other ways as well, such as hiking, camping, and mountain biking. Sweden is a great place to study abroad because it has a long summer and students can immerse themselves in Viking culture.

Studying in Sweden, whether in a large city like Stockholm or a smaller town like Växjö, will allow you to experience the beauty of the country and the friendliness of its people.


There are over 500,000 non-British students studying in the UK. They want to take advantage of the opportunities that a degree from one of the UK’s world-famous universities can open up for them, as well as the country’s rich culture and history.

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to study abroad because it has so much to offer, from historic castles in Nottingham and York to vibrant multiethnic neighborhoods in London. You won’t just have the United Kingdom to discover; with the rest of Europe so close by, you’ll be able to cross items off your travel bucket list quickly.

Many of the world’s highest-paying companies have their headquarters in the United Kingdom, contributing to the country’s well-deserved reputation as an economic powerhouse. Because of their close proximity, many UK universities have established ties to these businesses, increasing the opportunities for their students to gain internships and launch careers there.

The opportunity to stay in the UK for two years after finishing university thanks to the Graduate Route Visa is another great perk.



Canadian universities are widely regarded as among the best in the world, drawing students from all over the world. Canada has a world-class system of higher education, and many of its universities are consistently ranked among the best in the world.

You’ll have a great time outside of class discovering the country’s beautiful landscapes. Students have no shortage of travel options, from snowy mountains and sandy beaches to renowned student cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

When it comes to quality of life, Canada is also among the top countries in the world. It’s no wonder your fellow international students are drawn to the country, with its high standard of living, low crime rate, welcoming communities, excellent healthcare system, and robust job market.


China has been rapidly gaining ground on the United Kingdom in terms of academic prestige. You can get a world-class education at a fraction of the cost at one of China’s rapidly improving universities.

The Chinese economy is booming and expected to surpass the United States’ in the near future. You can greatly increase your employment prospects by attending school in the center of this economic powerhouse.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is best accomplished through total immersion in Chinese culture. The importance of Mandarin in international trade and politics is growing as the language gains in popularity. Learning the language will greatly increase your chances of finding work.


If you want to get a top-notch education without breaking the bank, France is a fantastic choice.

France has some of Europe’s most affordable tuition rates, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a subpar education there. In the fields of science, art, philosophy, and design, France has a long history of producing some of the world’s most influential figures.

France is a great starting point for exploring the rest of Europe and getting to great student cities like Paris, Toulouse, and Lyon.


The math and science departments at Japanese universities are widely recognized as among the best in the world.

Japan’s rising popularity abroad can be attributed to the country’s affordable tuition and living costs, as well as its growing number of English-taught programs.

The efforts of the Japanese government to entice more international students appear to have been fruitful as well. Many universities in the country offer international student support services and scholarship opportunities for international students.

Costa Rica

A unique study abroad experience can only be had in Costa Rica, with its combination of wild outdoor adventure and cultural urban flair. And once you’ve cracked South America, use this country as a springboard to explore other, less well-known nations. That is, if you can tear yourself away from the pura vida long enough.

Pros: It’s easy and inexpensive to travel there because of the combination of American tourists and Latin American culture. This is the best place to learn Spanish!

Negatives include high prices in popular tourist areas due to an influx of international visitors. Don’t fall for tourist traps by not knowing the going rate for basic items or learning how to haggle (it’s all about the cultural immersion, yo!).


The best places for education and employment are now at your fingertips. Opportunities to earn money while studying abroad are plentiful and can be found through a variety of channels, including job fairs, on-campus employment, online job boards, etc. Fulfill your ambitions while gaining valuable work experience in a foreign country. Take advantage of the chance to earn money while you’re away at school.