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College students often find it difficult to adjust to their newfound freedom and independence at first.

Now that you’ve entered a new phase of your life, you might find that you need some help keeping track of everything you’re responsible for. We’ve got your back whether you need help budgeting your money or creating a workable daily schedule.

The college experience will be easier to manage with the help of these top apps.

Best Student Apps You Shouldn't Live

Best student apps you shouldn’t live


Any.Do is used by millions of people every day. If you’re a student in need of a to-do list app, look no further. All tasks are synchronized across devices, making the list available from any computer. You can create new items on the list either by speaking or touching the interface.

Prioritizing entries, marking tasks as completed, and even shaking your device to clear the list of completed tasks are all options. You can put the Any.Do widget on your home screen so that you can access it quickly and easily.



Now, no student need worry about misplacing important class materials. Dropbox allows you to store a wide variety of files (including text documents, images, and video) in the cloud, making them accessible from any internet-connected device, even if you leave your phone at home. A connection to the Internet is all that’s required to access the stored data.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to safely store and share your files with others.


You have just entered the largest digital library in existence. The millions of documents and books available on Scribd are invaluable resources for students. All of these data are contributed by users all over the world, and can be categorized and sorted with ease.

Gather all the papers, textbooks, and books you’ll need and organize them into your own personal library. Scribd makes it easy to find resources and share them with others.


Your math homework or test could be very difficult. It’s simple to get stuck looking for an answer. If you need help with algebra, geometry, or any other type of math, try out Mathway, a mobile app that will walk you through the process, step by step. Simply type in your problem and see if the app returns a matching solution.



How often do you miss a test because you forgot when it was? Do you always remember when assignments are due, when classes meet, and what you’ll be learning? Studious provides a permanent solution to the issue at hand. Simply input the details of your classes (time, day, instructor, location, etc.) and this handy app will notify you when it’s time to go.


Scanbot is an app that allows you to take a picture of text from a book or other document without the need for any other software. But what if you need to photograph dozens of pages from various books?

A scanner and some software on a computer can save the day. If you don’t have access to these tools, though, a pocket-sized Scanbot comes into play.

With this app, snapping a picture of the required text is as simple as pointing and clicking. The newly created images can be quickly organized into albums with its assistance.

The software also has an automatic image-to-PDF converter. Taking pictures of a textbook or journal allows you to convert it to a digital format that you can carry with you at all times.

Memorado (GEIST)

Considering the sheer volume of information that today’s students are expected to retain, it’s clear that doing so is no easy feat. In a fun, game-like format, Memorando (GEIST) helps players sharpen their memories, increase their brain power, and sharpen their reasoning skills.

Your memory will improve dramatically as you progress through the game and complete increasingly difficult challenges. The software can improve focus and reaction time.

Despite your busy schedule, we’ve included some fun gaming elements in some of our brain training sessions. This app’s numerous pop-up advertisements are its sole drawback. Buying the full version of the app will fix this problem.

Weekly Timetable

Weekly Timetable

The Weekly Timetable app is essential for any student who needs to keep track of their schedule. This program centralizes all of your upcoming lecture details, including who will be in attendance, who will be teaching, and any relevant notes you may have taken. Apple Watch and a widget can both access the digital agenda. You can view the next class’s details without even unlocking your screen.

In addition, the app makes it simple to record your assignments. Pictures of the assignments or other materials can be uploaded. It’s never been simpler to let your pals in on your schedule. You can quickly and easily communicate with your team by sending out a secret code. You’ll never forget a class or assignment again thanks to Weekly Timetable.

Revision of the Material

There is a current need for applications that facilitate the process of reviewing previously learned content, and technological advancements have seemingly made this process enjoyable.

StudyBlue is a great option if you like using flashcards. It’s a program that helps students make flashcards based on material from their classes. Self-testing cues can also be created.

GoConqr is another helpful app for practicing repetitions. It gives you the tools you need to collaborate and communicate with other students all over the world and make your own test tables, association cards, flashcards, notes, and questionnaires. Exam Countdown is an alternative that keeps track of the number of days until each of your tests.


A budgeting app is an absolute necessity for a student’s life. Let’s pretend you have no idea where your money has gone. CoinKeeper is a useful app for keeping track of your finances in general.

CoinKeeper syncs across devices and integrates with web-based banking services. You can use analytics to track your progress toward your monetary objectives. If you worry that you’ll end up spending more than you intended, the app can help you rein in your spending. Set aside a specific amount of your monthly income to cover the basics.

These are probably things like getting around, eating, and sleeping. You should try not to go over your weekly budget and distribute the remaining funds. Don’t give up if it doesn’t click the first time; getting used to it could take a few months. Use this app to evaluate your current financial habits and learn how to cut costs.


With Mint, you can see your entire financial picture because it consolidates your credit, debit, and savings accounts. It keeps tabs on all of your purchases, classifying them into convenient pie charts. When you see how much of your paycheck is going toward those 3 a.m. McDonald’s runs, that pie chart can be quite the wake-up call.

My organization, 1000 Dreams Fund, found that over a quarter of young women have no idea how much debt they are in. Using Mint, you can either keep from falling into debt in the first place or figure out how to get out of it. The app is a great resource for those looking to create a budget or establish some long-term objectives. In case you go over your allotted funds or reach your target, you can set an alert to go off. You can rest assured that you will never be caught off guard by the balance in your bank account thanks to these easy-to-implement alerts. Not a good sensation at all.



Students dealing with stress and anxiety will benefit greatly from using this meditation app. Not only do students worry about their grades and relationships, but nearly all millennials who have credit card debt worry about it occasionally or daily, according to research from my nonprofit. Whatever the cause, taking a deep breath can help. Headspace is great for those who are new to meditation because it provides short, ten-minute sessions that can be done whenever you feel the need.

According to the experts, you shouldn’t meditate only when you’re feeling stressed. Once you make meditation a regular part of your routine, you may find that you experience less stress overall. Instead, you might find that you respond to challenges with greater composure.


This app is great for college students because it is simple to use and has a low learning curve. Once installed, you can share your GPS location with up to five people. (You can also, and should!) do this with an unlimited number of contacts using the Find My Friends app on your iPhone. You’ll then be able to specify which of your contacts should be notified in what ways. Check-ins indicate that nothing serious has occurred; yellow alerts indicate that something may be wrong; and red alerts mean “Call the police.”

This straightforward procedure is perfect for students, especially women who may have to walk home late at night. A yellow alert can be triggered if you find something to be highly suspicious. Going completely red indicates an extremely dangerous circumstance.


Distractions while studying is a major issue for all students. When someone sends you a message on Facebook or Instagram, it can be difficult to resist the urge to check your account and read the message. Practicing self-restraint can help you avoid getting distracted while on social media. For a predetermined duration, this program will prevent access to the selected websites.

We suggest downloading this app to your computer and mobile device. The browser on your laptop won’t let you go to Facebook, so you won’t be tempted to check it, and you won’t be checking your phone as often.


TED is the place to go if you have no idea how to write a literature review, how to study for tests, or how to deal with the anxiety of public speaking. From the study of languages to the appreciation of music, you’ll find tens of thousands of lectures here. Speakers from all over the world discuss their work, offer advice, and break down seemingly incomprehensible topics for the audience.

You can improve your language skills as well as your knowledge base by watching TED talks, as they are produced in a variety of languages.


If you’re looking for online classes and lectures, look no further than Coursera. Courses from the world’s best-known universities are available here. Anyone who values their own success enough to invest in their own education uses this hub.

The lessons in each course are broken up into sections. You can choose to merely listen to the lectures, or you can opt to complete the assignments in order to test your comprehension. If you complete a course in its entirety, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


What app do most teenagers use?

Learn with YouTube. Roughly eighty-five percent of young people today use YouTube, making it the most popular social media app. In addition to providing a pleasant environment in which to consume content, it also serves as a learning resource.

What is the most useful website for students?

If you’re a student, you should definitely check out Studyfy. Sample essays, articles, and guides on writing, editing, and other paper-related topics are all available here.


If you’re not already using any of these apps, you should start right away. You will notice an increase in your overall performance, a broadening of your knowledge, and a more relaxed grasp on your workload. Knowing how to manage and organize your knowledge and time will help you become a better student quickly.