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You may be concerned that remote work forces you to choose between being free to travel and having a stable income and benefits. You won’t have to give up any of your benefits just because you want the flexibility of working remotely for any of these 29 companies.

In fact, the businesses listed below rely solely on distributed teams and promote the development of rewarding careers from anywhere in the world. They also offer fantastic benefits and perks to encourage them on their journey.

Some companies even provide their employees with unlimited vacation time, while others host exotic, expense-paid company retreats. Most also include perks like a 401(k) with a company match, money to put toward a coworking space membership, and reimbursement for home office equipment.

See if any of these forward-thinking businesses are hiring if you want a full-time job that pays well and allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Best Work From Home Companies

Best work from home companies

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank, headquartered in Rhode Island, was established in 1889 and is now one of the nation’s 20 largest banks. Citizens Bank, which was established in the 1820s, is a major provider of telecommuting opportunities from its East Coast headquarters. Account executives, mortgage underwriters, and software engineers are just some of the roles that Citizens Bank supports remotely.

Citizens Bank provides generous benefits to their staff. Health insurance, a 401(k) with employer contributions, tuition assistance, and discounts on Citizens Bank products and services are all available to employees.



The services provided by TranscribeMe! are transcription services, as the name implies. These transcription services provide a number of audio files that make it easier to understand what is being said in an audio recording. Getting started is simple with TranscribeMe!. The business values flexible schedules and remote contract workers. Depending on their level of expertise, most freelance remote workers can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $22 per hour.

Since TranscribeMe’s workers are independent contractors, the company does not provide any benefits.


HubSpot provides a flexible and user-friendly CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for companies. The company provides these tools for use in marketing, customer service, content creation, and sales. There are a number of telecommuting opportunities available. In 2022, Glassdoor ranked HubSpot as the second-best company to work for.

HubSpot provides its employees with a benefits package that facilitates work-life harmony. They provide benefits such as paid sabbaticals and time off for parents in addition to the standard vacation policy.


Dell is a popular brand of computers because of its extensive offerings in the personal computer market. More than 150,000 people around the world are employed by the Texas-based company. Dell actively provides the opportunity for its employees to meet both their personal and professional commitments.

Health insurance, discounted Dell products for employees, referral bonuses, and psychological services are all part of Dell’s benefits package. They value work-life balance highly and prioritize it for their staff.


Aha! creates product roadmap software; hiring is not limited to programmers. The company has customer success, marketing, operations, and product divisions in addition to engineering.

As part of its mission to make its employees happy, Aha! provides a competitive compensation package that includes benefits, equity, and profit-sharing bonuses. Extremely content.


Articulate’s suite of e-learning and m-learning tools benefits students all over the world. Articulate provides its employees with medical insurance, a 401(k) with a company match, and a $100 monthly wellness stipend that can be used for anything from a gym membership to yoga classes to massages.


WordPress, Jetpack, and other Automattic services are all part of the company’s larger mission to make it easy for anyone to publish and share their ideas and opinions online.

If you make it past the interview, you might be offered a contract that lasts anywhere from two to six weeks. If you make it to full-time, you’ll spend at least a week each year in customer support to stay connected with them and learn about their needs.

You will be able to work from anywhere and will be provided with health insurance, money to put toward things like a laptop and a shared office space, and possibly even money to put toward business trips. A sabbatical of two to three months is also encouraged every five years at Automattic.


The Doist team spans 20 countries and 18 time zones to “create tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live,” such as a productivity app and a messaging app.

Doist offers a comprehensive compensation package, with benefits such as paid parental leave, reimbursement for coworking expenses and home internet costs, and a stipend for continuing education.


I’ve answered “Groove tickets” at a few different companies where Groove was used for customer service and it seems to be doing well.

We don’t count vacation days, and you’ll be measured by the work you get done, not the time you spend doing it,” is how Groove describes its work environment, in addition to offering competitive salaries and benefits.

Siege Media

Siege Media is a content marketing firm that serves over a million monthly users with search-driven content. Siege Media has locations in Austin and San Diego, but it also uses remote workers.

They have great benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off with no limits, 401(k) matching, and an annual career development stipend of $1,000.

Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland has always provided options for working from afar. The bulk of these openings are in sales and customer service roles. These jobs are for regular, full-time employees and may come with perks. If you’re looking to make the transition out of the traditional workplace but aren’t quite ready to give up the perks (like health insurance) that come with being an employee, this could be a great role for you.


Jobs as an evaluator are very popular where I live. It’s not because there are always hours available to work, because that’s rarely the case, but rather because of the freedom it affords. Your weekly hours may be flexible, depending on the nature of the project. Further, it does not involve any phone interaction.

However, there are more available hours for some projects than others. You might be limited to working one hour per week on certain projects. However, if you feel you can work well with the company, this is a solid opportunity to keep on the back burner.

In addition to ratings, they also have crowd-tasking jobs available. It is seeking to hire evaluators, Internet testers, translators, and more.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a top staffing agency in the United States and has been featured on FlexJobs’ Top 100 list every year since 2014.

KellyConnect is the division responsible for telework. Like most staffing agencies, they facilitate the hiring of remote workers for numerous companies. Virtual assistants, accountants, customer service representatives, and more may be needed.

There are also full-time opportunities available. Some of them are seasonal or short-term. Each client has different needs in terms of salary, experience, and availability. They have a bonus structure and pay every week.


Check out Anthem’s remote work options if you have a healthcare background. Many different kinds of remote work are available there. Most call for advanced education. The most recent vacancies, for instance, were for telephone case managers. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree and three years of clinical experience in addition to a valid RN license in your state are needed for these positions. Employees of Anthem are eligible for paid time off, comprehensive benefits, and rewards programs.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group

As a healthcare, health insurance, and life insurance provider, UnitedHealth Group is a multi-faceted business. Many of the open positions on their team allow for remote work.

Clinical, consulting, sales and marketing, customer service, and technology are all types of work that are represented in the job market.

UnitedHealth Group frequently hires new customer service representatives.

In this full-time role, you’ll be responsible for providing phone support and assisting customers. The ideal candidate will be able to assess the situation, formulate a plan of action, and document the results.

Lionbridge Technologies

Translation and localization services are Lionbridge Technologies’ bread and butter. They have over a hundred thousand employees and use the cloud to help brands interact with their customers.

Many of the jobs posted by Lionbridge Technologies can be done remotely thanks to their use of cloud-based software. Professional fields such as HR, Admin, Transcribers, and Marketers exist.

The position of scheduling assistant is one that occasionally becomes available. This position is clerical in nature and can be done from home. Appointment setting, client tracking, and brand advocacy are all part of the job.


More than a million people are employed by Amazon.com, and many of those jobs allow for telecommuting.

Customer service representatives, software developers, launch engineers, sales associates, and account managers are all common Amazon job titles.

The digital devices and Alexa support associate position is an active example of a virtual Amazon role. This is a high-pressure position in customer service. The chosen candidate will provide customers with technical assistance.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely

Over 4.5 million people visit the We Work Remotely site every month, the site claims. Full-time and contract positions are distinguished on the site, and categories include programming, design, copywriting, and sales and marketing. We Work Remotely also provides information on remote job trends, the top 100 remote companies, and a remote job description template for those looking for work from home.


Jobspresso is a free site dedicated solely to remote jobs. It features a wide variety of positions in various fields, including technology (including developer, designer, UX, and DevOps), content creation (including writing, editing, and product management), and business administration. Jobspresso supposedly updates its listings daily through a process of curation, review, and addition. Staff members at Jobspresso “make sure every job is legitimate and open by reviewing the employer’s website, social media accounts, and general reputation, so you see only the highest quality jobs,” as stated on the site.

Remote Work Hub

The homepage of Remote Work Hub boasts that the site offers users 10 times more jobs and better filters than the leading remote job board, despite the fact that it only advertises full-time remote positions. Cam Woodsum, the site’s creator, claims that being able to work remotely from anywhere “is the fastest shortcut to freedom, and that freedom is the fastest shortcut to happiness and living a great life. You can use Remote Work Hub to look for specific types of work by browsing categories, but the site also features job alerts, a blog, and information on how to become a digital nomad.


This is a basic job board with searchable categories, as well as a community feature that allows users to sign up for email newsletters and webinars on topics of interest to remote job seekers and employees. Use it to find work that suits your experience and preferences, wherever you are. Although remote tech jobs are the focus of the Remotive website, other types of remote work are also listed.


What is a work-from-home job?

Jobs that allow you to work from home are known as WFH jobs or telecommuting jobs. There are openings in fields like IT, marketing, sales, finance, personal assistance, and health care.

Outsourcing firms like Kelly Services focus specifically on connecting job seekers with employers. Employers often post additional opportunities that can be fulfilled remotely.

These jobs frequently utilize cloud-based applications, which are run from remote locations and accessed via the internet. Therefore, a functional computer and access to a fast internet connection are prerequisites.

In most cases, you’ll be expected to work during normal business hours. You need peace and quiet and your own drive to succeed.

Some remote jobs may have strict location requirements, so it’s important to read the fine print. A tech firm in California, for instance, could use the services of a software engineer based in Texas.

Some jobs are a mix between full-time and part-time, while others require only occasional office presence.

What to look for in a work-from-home company

The advantages of work-from-home (WFH) jobs are plain to see. You can take advantage of job opportunities outside of your immediate area without having to endure a lengthy commute. Plus, you’ll have more time for yourself and your loved ones, leading to a more healthy work-life balance.

Saving money on office space and utilities is possible for businesses of all sizes. It also allows for sales representatives to be situated anywhere in the world.

Some people will try to take advantage of people who are actively seeking employment, which is unfortunate. It is important to be aware of the most common scams so that you can avoid falling victim to them.

Something that seems too good to be true probably is.

Keep in mind that legitimate businesses would never expect remote workers to pay them. They will have a transparent payment plan and well-defined procedures in place.

Keep an eye out for a well-written job description and a polished online presence. LinkedIn and Glassdoor profiles can also be researched to verify a company’s legitimacy.

To find telecommuting jobs, visit a specialized website like Jobcase. Ads that appear at the top of your preferred search engine are not always legitimate.


Whether it’s a pandemic, a weather disruption, or anything else, a company can still function if its employees are able to work from home. Staff members may be better able to juggle multiple tasks at once, which could lead to increased output overall.

Although telecommuting had been on the rise prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, few employees actually did so on a regular basis, and even fewer employers had made the adjustments necessary to make it work.

Having a work-from-home policy in place can help employers prepare their staff for success in a WFH role. This sets the bar for employees and facilitates their ability to work autonomously, from the comfort of their own homes, while still maintaining productive lines of communication and collaboration with their teams.

More than just a laptop computer, technology plays a crucial role. Software for working together, managing projects, and sharing files is essential. Regardless of where they happen to be working, employee productivity will increase with the availability of these resources.

After the coronavirus pandemic ends, allowing employees to work from home may become a highly valued perk. A win-win for all parties is possible if workers are given clear instructions and adequate tools to do their jobs.