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You can get the self-assurance and practical skills you need to make it in the beauty industry by enrolling in a hair school. Excellent preparation for a career in hairstyling by learning the fundamentals of the trade. This is true whether you’re interested in a career as a barber or a hairstylist. For both fields, formal education is the best way to ensure a smooth and satisfying entry.

Hairstyling And Barber Best Schools

After all, a lot of salons and other businesses in the hair care sector give preference to applicants who have formal education in the field. The true benefit lies in the fact that it can help you become aware of marketable skills you had not previously considered. The goal of many barbering and hairstyling programs is to help you recognize your talent and develop it to its fullest potential.

Therefore, you should strive for a degree that will help you in the real world and may lead to a variety of interesting and flexible job opportunities. Learning something new might be the missing piece in your plan to complete a major project.

Hairstyling and barber best schools

The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)

The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)

The Aveda Institute, which was established in 1977 by Horst Rechelbacher, has consistently ranked among the top schools for hairstyling.

The maximum number of first-year students the school accepts each year is 213. Cosmetology, Esthetics, Skin Care, and Salon Management are just a few of the unique offerings at this institution.

To wit, alums of Aveda Fredric’s – Cincinnati can count on a starting salary of $27,100.

However, Aveda School guarantees that its students will receive an excellent education that will fully prepare them for the challenges of the professional world.

A few names to remember: Hans Corbella, David Wagner, Jane Jason, and Roxana Dcosta are all Aveda Institute alums.

Empire Beauty School (WILKES-BARRE, PA)

Since its founding in 1934, this institution has expanded to more than a hundred locations worldwide. In 2023, the university is widely recognized as a top choice for undergraduates interested in cosmetology due to the breadth and depth of its cosmetology curriculum.

However, throughout the course of the year, students can take classes in hair design, color, texture, basic skincare, business/retail training, and makeup at this illustrious institution.

Makeup, aesthetics, and other forms of cosmetic training are also available.

Therefore, the cosmetology courses offered at Empire Beauty School incorporate practical instruction. The business side of the industry is also covered.

Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)

Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)

Paul Mitchell’s school deserves consideration if you’re looking into cosmetology programs. In 2023, this Florida institution will rank among the top programs for hairstyling in the entire United States. It’s a for-profit institution in the Orlando suburb of Oviedo.

Paul Mitchell is a small school offering undergraduate degrees in Cosmetology and Barbering to a total of 135 students.

Interestingly, this institution’s expertise is not limited to the manufacture of Hair products. Graduates of the Paul Mitchell school in Orlando can expect to receive a starting salary of $19,200. In addition, they have received approval from NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences).

Paul Mitchell is not only a household name in the world of hair care, but it also serves as an inspiration to young people, especially those who are interested in pursuing a career in hairstyling but may be hesitant to do so because of societal stigmas.

Keep in mind that the institution has sold more than a hundred hair and beauty products in over eighty different nations, markets, and online. The courses offered cover a wide range of topics, from cotton and nail care to makeup application and texture work.

Hollywood Beauty Institute

In 2023, the Hollywood Beauty Institute is regarded as one of the best hairdressing schools in the United States thanks to its three campuses in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. The reason for this is that it offers courses in a wide range of beauty-related disciplines, such as hairstyling, makeup application, nail technology, massage, skin care, and cosmetics.

This school’s primary focus is on providing a beauty and hairdressing education that spans 1,200 contact hours. A full-time student can finish this in about 10 months during the day, but it takes about 17 months for those who work on it in the evening.

Students are required to put in about 700 hours of service or practical use on top of the 500 hours they spend in the classroom.

Furthermore, it is typically encouraged that “students think and act like designers” during class. Once the program is finished, students can apply for state licensing exams with full confidence.

Please be aware that the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers has received full authorization and accreditation from the Commission for Independent Education (CIE).

College of Central Florida in Ocala, FL

Located in the same metropolitan area as UCF, CCF serves as a satellite campus for UCF. U.S. News & World Report ranked University of Central Florida (UCF) at 165th out of all national universities in 2019.

Certificate programs in cosmetology and barbering are available through the evening hours at the Lorraine Gerrity Personal Service Institute (PSI) and during the day at the Delores Hunt PSI. Both programs are approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Registration. Any of these will require 1,200 clock hours and 40 vocational credit hours to complete. Both online through a media center and on-site at the PSI building, students can take advantage of educational opportunities.

Programs leading to a certificate in the evening typically last 12 months and are offered Monday through Thursday. During the clinic hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will gain hands-on experience working with the public at the 52-station PSI teaching facility. Hair or barber cuts, barber design, facial shaving, color and permanents, scalp treatments, wraps, manicures, facials, and hair removal (tweezing, waxing, etc.) could all be practiced practically.

Bishop State Community College in Mobile, AL

Publicly funded and spread across four locations, Bishop State Community College offers associate’s degrees to its students. Several educators in the Alabama Community College System have been honored with Chancellor’s Awards.

One can earn a certificate in barbering and hairstyling from the Carver Campus in 4 semesters (52 credits) or an associate’s degree in 5 years (61 credits). In this course, you’ll discover the fundamentals of barbering. The program also includes facials and treatments for the scalp. You could minor in cosmetology or business after completing prerequisites in areas such as general education, occupational courses (like sanitation, chemistry, hair processing, marketing, and management), and electives. Aesthetics and hair styling are just two topics covered in the cosmetology minor. Accounting and management theory are also part of the business minor.

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School, (Chicago, Il)

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School, (Chicago, Il)

Leo Passage was an internationally renowned educator in the fields of cosmetology and hairstyling, and he won over a hundred awards and accolades during his lifetime. In 1962, he started the beauty training company Pivot Point International.

Now run by his son Robert Passage, the curriculum covers “13 areas of study, comprising 106 theory lectures and 68 workshops.” The curriculum is broken down into six different modules based on different aspects of the beauty industry, including the fundamentals of the field, sculpture, hair design, color, texture, and salon success and meticulousness.

The program’s online learning platform is called LAB (Learn About Beauty), and it’s designed to look and feel like popular social media sites in order to pique students’ interests and make learning about beauty fun.

Success and the program’s usefulness have led to significant growth. Now taught in over 2,000 schools across 70 countries and 15 languages, Pivot Point has become the industry standard for beauty school curriculum.

The Sassoon Institute (Santa Monica, Ca)

Popular amongst students interested in hair design and barbering. The Sassoon Academy has a comprehensive program for newcomers to the field of cosmetology that does not assume any prior knowledge. This 44-week course will consist of 1600 hours of study and training.

The cost of this program covers everything you need to get started, including the Mildmay Cosmetology textbook, mannequins, a curling iron, wax kits, and a State Board Student Beauty Kit (a $600 value).

In addition to the tuition, students must purchase a Professional Student Beauty Kit that includes items such as instruction manuals, hair dryers, brushes, combs, and clips. This could easily run college students $1,500.

This hairdressing academy has two types of advanced degrees available to working professionals: Salon Comprehensive Diploma. These programs typically last between four and six weeks. Courses can range from 2-5 days in length and cover a wide range of topics, including different coloring and cutting techniques.

Borner’s Barber College

It was formerly known as the American Barber College and has earned the reputation of producing “no-nonsense barbers.” In other words, those who graduate from this barber program mean business and have been widely recognized for their efforts; in fact, the 2002 blockbuster Barber Shop was filmed at this very institution.

The Borner’s Barber College has been providing students in Southern California with the practical training they need to become the barbers of their dreams for over 25 years. In addition, students will have the chance to gain practical experience in a barbershop setting.

American Barber Academy

For many years, the American Barber Academy has been the go-to institution for barbering students everywhere. When students enroll in the barbering program at this prestigious and accredited institution, they will be exposed to and taught the most up-to-date hair styling trends, techniques, and modern barbering.

Students at this institution get a taste of the real world while studying to become barbers, and they also acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to open and operate their own barbershops in the future.

Because of its central location in Pennsylvania, this clinic serves a diverse patient population. Students will be well-prepared to take and pass their state board exams thanks to the extensive training they will receive in hygiene and safety practices as well as the most cutting-edge methods in today’s business world.

Spa Tech Institute

Spa Tech Institute, with a new campus in Westbrook/Portland, Maine, is an excellent school that gives accepted students a wide range of options for their education in the field of cosmetology.

Also, students can earn their barbering certificates after completing a rigorous and accredited eight-month program offered by the prestigious school.

In addition, the institution ensures that all admitted students have access to excellent faculty and can take part in various outreach activities. The school is the best in the country for barbering because it encourages its students to think outside the box.

Central Oklahoma College

Central Oklahoma College

Let’s say you’re interested in enrolling in one of the many excellent and distinctive barbering programs available in the United States. Central Oklahoma College, also located in Oklahoma City, is among the best barbering schools in the country, so you should apply there.

Students have benefited from the school’s many useful degree programs in cosmetology and the medical sciences.

Additionally, Central Oklahoma College provides instruction in barbering, nail technology, massage therapy, and aesthetics. There are a dozen spa-quality massage therapy rooms among the institution’s many clinics, laboratories, and full-service hair and nail salons.

Each student admitted to this school has the option of pursuing a variety of academic concentrations or a more focused degree program.


How Long Does it Take to Become a Qualified Barber?

How long it takes you to complete a barbering program at one of the above-mentioned top schools in the US is entirely up to you and your rate of learning.

While some barbering programs may be shorter than 10 months, the national average is closer to 12 months.

Is Barbering Difficult to Learn?

Once you have the drive, anything can be learned. Having a strong interest in a topic makes it much simpler to study and cope with challenges. All you need is a genuine interest in the subject matter.

Is it worthwhile to become a barber?

Barbering has many benefits, including high earning potential, high job security (let’s face it, people will always need their hair cut), extensive contact with the public, and the opportunity to exercise one’s artistic and business acumen.

What drawbacks are there to being a hairstylist?

Cosmetologists often face low pay, long hours, and difficult clients. As an added caveat, the beauty industry isn’t the best fit for everyone who wants a job in it; other fields of work may be more appropriate for some people.


Although barbering is a practical skill that can be learned without formal education, completing formal training will make you far more competitive in the industry.