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The book “Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World” compiles a carefully vetted list of institutions where students can live and learn at a low cost.

Some of the cheapest boarding schools in the world also provide quality education to day students who commute from all over the world.

However, if you really think about it, the daily cost of transportation to get to and from campus could make being a day student difficult and expensive.

In addition, day students face the danger of being involved in roadside accidents, which can have a real impact on their schoolwork if not prevented.

Day students, despite their best intentions, often struggle with a lack of concentration. This is true for students at all academic levels.

Sixty-five percent of day students who study on campus are susceptible to distraction from activities and jingles in their environments, according to a recent study.

In light of the foregoing, I am confident that you will agree with me that attending one of the Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World is your best, cheapest, and safest option for a successful academic career.

This is due to the fact that students at the world’s best boarding schools can feel safe studying and living in the same environment as their fellow students.

Surprisingly, these low-cost boarding schools have all the cutting-edge academic resources necessary to maximize students’ potential for learning and minimize their propensity for distraction.

Among the many advantages of attending one of the Cheapest Boarding Schools In The World is the chance to develop your self-reliance and time management skills.

Additionally, statistics have shown conclusively that boarding school is an excellent center for individual development, with a higher percentage of boarding students being polite and cultured compared to day students.

Taking into account the foregoing, I can only assume that you are eager and interested in learning more about the Cheapest Boarding Schools In The World.

These cheapest boarding schools in the world provide comfortable lodging and a high quality education for a reasonable price.

If you are interested in learning about some of the most affordable boarding schools in the world, this article will provide you with that information.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best boarding schools in the world that also happen to have some of the lowest tuition rates. We’ve got all of your bases covered.

Most Affordable Boarding Schools In The World

Most affordable boarding schools in the world

Oneida Baptist Institute

The United States are home to the reasonably priced boarding school known as Oneida Baptist Institute. Founded in 1899, this institution is a Southern Baptist, coeducational school. The campus is designed to be a comfortable and standard setting for students to study, live, and work.

However, the school offers a rigorous academic program, a Christian worldview, and the chance to develop personal discipline and leadership skills. The curriculum at Oneida is developed to accommodate students of varying skill levels.

The four main pillars of OBI are education, worship, the work program, and co-curriculars.

Sunshine Bible Academy

Sunshine Bible Academy

The Sunshine Bible School first opened its doors in 1951. K-12 students can attend this private, Christian boarding school at an affordable cost. Students at Sunshine Bible Academy are given the tools they need to succeed in any field of study.

The school, however, provides a positive atmosphere where students can learn the fundamentals, grow as leaders, and achieve academic success.

Furthermore, SBA affords students the chance to both serve God and study His Word.

Colchester Royal Grammar School

Colchester Royal Grammar School is a boarding school in the United Kingdom that is free of charge thanks to funding from the government. Boarding at this school costs 4,725 EUR per semester for students in the sixth form.

On the other hand, students have the opportunity to participate in both required coursework and electives. CRGS is committed to the growth of its students’ self-esteem as well as their abilities.

Students in grades 7 and 8 are required to attend a religious class as part of the school’s emphasis on character education.

Mercyhurst Preparatory School

Mercyhurst Preparatory School

In 1926, Mercyhurst College Preparatory School opened its doors. It’s a catholic, private, secondary school in Pennsylvania that accepts both genders.

The institution has been recognized by both the Middle States Association for Growth and the International Baccalaureate.

Further, MPS seeks to educate and develop its students by providing a curriculum that develops an individual educational plan for each student.

Bond Academy

If you’re looking for a boarding school with modern facilities and a reasonable tuition, Bond Academy is a great option.

Bond Academy is one of the most reasonably priced boarding schools in the world, with annual tuition of $13,000 for day students and $16,000 for boarders (including full board and lodging).

Located in Ontario, Canada, Bond Academy is a non-public school that is privately owned. This boarding school allows international students to participate in courses based on the curriculum used in Ontario, Canada.

This school is truly a tech-based school, as evidenced by its high-speed wireless internet and other cutting-edge facilities.

Additionally, Bond Academy’s excellent basketball program and well-maintained gymnasium contribute to the development of its students’ athletic abilities.

Alma Mater International School

Alma Mater International School

The Alma Mater International School in Johannesburg, South Africa, is one of the cheapest boarding schools in the world.

This South African boarding school is open to students from all over the world, and its mission is to prepare students to succeed academically in secondary school and beyond.

Although it is privately owned, the boarding facilities at Alma Mater International School are among the best in the world. Elementary and secondary programs are offered at the institution.

This South African school is extremely safe, and its teachers all have extensive experience in their fields after living abroad.

The courses or subjects offered at Alma Mater international school are well structured by the Cambridge international curriculum, thus making it’s students fit for any Cambridge entrance exam been used by most university as a yardstick in offering students admission. This makes it one of the Cheapest Boarding Schools In The World.

Bronte College-Cheapest Boarding Schools In The World

If you want to attend one of the best boarding schools in the world, I recommend Bronte College, which is ranked in the top 20 in Ontario, Canada.

Students who are serious about their education and want to make the most of their time at one of Canada’s “Cheapest Boarding Schools in the World” will find that they have access to state-of-the-art resources.

Bronte College is a highly organized private IB World School for grades 9–12, with both day and boarding options available.

However, this school aids in creating an academically welcoming atmosphere that emphasizes inquiry-based learning over rote memorization of information.

Students who graduate from Bronte College are guaranteed admission to any accredited international institution they apply to, so long as they meet the minimum entry standards.

Nearly 350 international students can be housed in Bronte College’s boarding facilities, and any of these options is open to international students who are interested in attending Bronte College.

Students from abroad have the option of staying in either a single or double room, or a larger room that can accommodate up to four (4) boarders.

Bronte College

Bronte College

This is the most affordable boarding school in the world, ranking first out of the top 20. Bronte College is a university in Canada that accepts both men and women as students. Standards from younger and older age ranges are encouraged. The campus covers an area of 5 acres. The information they impart to students is meant to be both foundational and crucial.

Kids are encouraged to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities to help them develop the skills they’ll need to thrive in the real world. The average monthly tuition here is approximately $14560. In addition, there are merit-based financial aid opportunities available.

New Mexico Military Institute:

Roswell, New Mexico, in the United States, is also abbreviated as NMMI. It offers two years of junior college after four years of high school preparation. Among the other four military academies for juniors, it stands alone as the only credible state-supported military institution. It’s a school that welcomes both genders equally. There are fewer than twenty boarding schools in the world that are as cheap as this one.

The cadets are given the best possible opportunities in terms of education, physical training, and discipline. Participation in extracurricular activities such as music, poetry, theater, etc. is also encouraged. The cost of tuition is approximately $11732 per month.

Mount Michael Benedictine School:

Elkhorn, Nebraska, United States, to be precise. This is a Christian-oriented school for young men. Mount Michael is one of the most reasonably priced boarding schools in the world, ranking among the top 20. Football, bowling, trapshooting, baseball, wrestling, golf, and many more sports and extracurricular activities are encouraged at The Mount Michael School.

The children are taught well and encouraged to grow spiritually. The tuition-free monthly fee is approximately $9495.

Adams’ Grammar School:

Located in Newport, Shropshire, Haberdashers’ Adams is a coed boarding and day grammar school for students ages 11 to 18. In 2021, the boarding school will charge domestic students £12,144 and international students £13,644. In 1656, it was established by William Adams, a wealthy merchant and a member of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers. (Among the City of London’s Great Twelve Livery Companies). In January of 2018, the school’s previous name of Adams’ Grammar School (AGS) was officially changed to Haberdashers’ Adams.

Fieldstone Academy

The Fieldstone Academy in the United States is the least expensive boarding school in the world. It accepts students of all faiths and welcomes both genders. There is no reason to doubt the caliber of education provided by this institution, with its 12-acre campus and teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5.

The event is casual attire only. The monthly rate at this location is $3600. There is a merit-based financial award. Both academic readiness and disobedience among students are high.

You should feel confident selecting one of the recommended boarding schools from the list above. The educational, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities available at these boarding schools are unparalleled. You know perfectly well that one need not go to expensive schools to get a good education.

Red Bird Christian School

There is a Christian school in Kentucky called Red Bird. Twenty acres are used for the school’s grounds. It is non-sectarian and held in private. For the sake of mutual comprehension, class sizes are capped at 1 teacher for every 8 students.

Monthly tuition averages around $8500. Sports and extracurricular activities complement academic offerings to foster creative thinking.


Wolfeboro is a summer training boarding school in the United States. There is only one teacher for every five students, and students are not required to purchase a uniform because of the relaxed dress policy.

The academy promotes extracurricular activities and hosts interscholastic competitions. The monthly tuition fee at this school is $14,150.


Can Boarding School Be Free?

Since only a small number of the best boarding schools provide scholarship slots for international students interested in pursuing an academic career for free in these boarding schools, attending a boarding school may be free, but it may also be more competitive in terms of the requirements or criteria needed to qualify.

What age is best for boarding school?

The range of ages 12-18. There are stipulations regarding entry into boarding schools by students of a certain age at some institutions. However, most boarding schools admit students in grades 9 through 12, on average. The average age of a 9th-12th grader is between 12 and 18 years old.

Are phones allowed in boarding schools in India?

Because they can be a disruptive learning tool, most Indian boarding schools ban students from bringing cell phones to class. However, students may have access to technological tools that can improve their education.

Is it okay to send my troubled kid to a boarding school

It’s not a bad idea to enroll your troubled child in a boarding school. However, they should be sent to a therapeutic boarding school so that they can receive both academic instruction and therapy for their problematic behavior.


Most families who are thinking about sending their kid(s) to boarding school have been thinking primarily about the cost. An analysis of boarding schools reveals an average annual tuition cost of around $57,000 for one student.

Parents who can’t afford this exorbitant cost look for ways to start saving early or apply for grants and scholarships.

However, if you’re looking for a cheap or free boarding school for your kid, this article has you covered.