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Due to the high demand for nursing applicants and the limited number of spots available in each class, nursing schools frequently have a waiting list for their programs. Prospective students who are eager to begin their nursing careers may find this discouraging.

Prospective students who are eager to begin their nursing education should give serious consideration to RN programs that do not maintain waiting lists. The lack of a waiting list for applicants means that students at these institutions may be able to begin their studies immediately, which could be useful if you are trying to meet a particular deadline for completing your degree.

Stress and anxiety can be reduced if one does not have to worry about being accepted into a nursing program. Knowing that you can start your studies as soon as possible is helpful if you have other responsibilities, like a job or family obligations, that must be met simultaneously with your academic pursuits.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of some of the best Texas nursing schools that accept new students year-round.

Nursing Schools In Texas With No Waiting

Nursing schools in texas with no waiting

Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing

Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing

Abilene Christian University’s Patty Hanks School of Nursing is among those in the state of Texas that does not maintain a waiting list for new students.

Students accepted into the PHSSN nursing program will spend their final two years of college at either Hardin-Simmons or McMurry.

Students at this institution can get a taste of working in some of the region’s most prestigious hospitals as part of their nursing education.

They gain a well-rounded education because the school collaborates with numerous healthcare organizations and stakeholder groups.

Houston Community College Nursing School 

Houston Community College Nursing School 

Nursing students in Houston, Texas, have a lot of options at the Houston Community College Nursing School, and there is no waiting list to get in. They are also ridiculously cheap.

Since its founding in 1975, Houston Community College’s Nursing School has trained nurses for hospitals and clinics across Texas. Sugarland is their fourth campus in addition to two in Houston and one in Clear Lake City. These campuses provide a vast array of academic options, from nursing to business administration to psychology degrees and beyond.

Classes range from the fundamentals of nursing to advanced topics such as pediatrics, surgery, and rehabilitation. Students have the option of attending classes either on campus or remotely through online platforms.

Because of the school’s low tuition, it is a great option for those seeking a bachelor’s degree program that will not require them to take on any significant debt in order to complete it.

You can expect to finish the program in two years or less, giving you a head start on your professional life. You’ll get a solid grounding in clinical practice and patient care, and you’ll also have the flexibility to pursue your personal academic interests by enrolling in electives like anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and nutrition.

Covenant School of Nursing

More than 5,200 nurses have graduated from Covenant School of Nursing since its founding in 1918, making it one of the oldest nursing schools in Texas.

When it comes to patient care and the nursing profession as a whole, this nursing school has a stellar reputation.

Students enrolled in the approved full-time diploma program receive both classroom and clinical instruction, including supervised laboratory and clinical practice, at this institution.

This supportive environment equips each student with the knowledge, skills, and drive necessary to succeed as a registered nurse. There is currently no waiting list at Covenant School of Nursing, unlike many other Texas nursing schools.

McLennan Community College Nursing School

McLennan Community College Nursing School

McLennan Community College is one of the best nursing schools in Texas. Over 13,000 students call McLennan Community College, which is located in Waco, home. They provide certificates and associate degrees in many fields, including nursing.

The National Center for Education Statistics has named McLennan Community College as a top U.S. community college. They have a well-deserved reputation for the quality of their nursing program and the dedication of its faculty. There are a few different specializations available to nursing students, including licensed vocational nurse (LVN), registered nurse (RN), and practical nurse.

McLennan Community College offers a program for those interested in becoming registered nurses. Working with actual patients in a clinical setting is the best way to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary for patient care. You will also have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tools and machinery.

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a standardized test that all states require prospective RNs to pass before they can legally practice in those jurisdictions. The program encourages students to think critically and solve problems without consulting an authority figure.

West Coast University Texas 

West Coast University Texas 

There is currently no waiting list for the ADN program at West Coast University Texas. In as little as 20 months, you can begin your studies and graduate with an Associate of Science in Nursing.

Earning an associate’s degree in nursing is the first step toward a career as a registered nurse. Graduates of an accredited ADN program are qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and, if they pass, can work as registered nurses in a variety of institutional settings.


What is Waiting List?

Waiting list is a term used in the United States and other countries to describe a situation in which a college or university has not formally accepted a particular student for admission but may do so in the coming months if seats become available.

Waitlisted applicants are those who otherwise would have been accepted into the institution, but who were not due to a lack of space.

Just because your application was moved to a waiting list does not mean it was rejected. Those who are currently on the waiting list may still be admitted.

According to information provided to U.S. News by 98 National Universities with waitlisted students, some universities did not admit anyone from their waitlist in the fall of 2020, with the exception of transfer students. Typically, 39% of those people on the waiting list were ultimately accepted.

How do I enter the nursing field without a degree?

If you have earned a grade of C or higher on all of your GCSEs, you may be eligible to enroll in college without completing A Levels by pursuing the Access to HE Diploma. The Access to HE Diploma in Nursing requires students to complete three study skills courses. There are 16 distinct units, each of which focuses on a different aspect of health and medicine.

Are nursing schools with no waiting list less competitive?

In most cases, no. Even if there is no waiting list, admission to a good nursing school may still be competitive and require a high grade point average and strong letters of recommendation. On the other hand, these institutions may have a more lenient admissions policy and be able to accept more students.

Are nursing schools with no waiting list less reputable or lower quality?

The opposite is true. The demand for nursing programs and the availability of resources may mean that some highly regarded institutions do not maintain a waiting list. Even if a nursing school has a waiting list, you should still do your homework and compare programs to find the one that’s right for you.


Waitlists and deferrals are similar but distinct processes. It’s not an outright denial, but it does mean you’ll have to hang tight for a bit longer before learning your fate.

Think about whether or not the requirements of the program meet your needs before making a final decision.

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