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High school is often viewed as the final low-stakes time in a person’s life when they can explore their interests and try out new things like classes and extracurriculars before the pressures and expectations of college life begin to weigh heavily on their shoulders. These days, it appears to be difficult to gain admission to prestigious high schools, both public and private.

Many of the world’s top high schools, both public and private, claim to provide an excellent education, but do they all? There is a negative reaction, or “No.”

It is the responsibility of every caring adult to ensure that their ward attends a reputable secondary institution that will instill good character and morals in its students. If they struggle at this level, they could have problems moving on to the next. Learn more about the top international high schools, both public and private, in this article updated for 2023.

Best Private And Public High Schools

Best private and public high schools

Phillips Academy In Andover

Phillips Academy, which opened its doors in 1778, is a private, coeducational secondary school that serves both day and boarding students.

Phillips Academy, which had been a school exclusively for boys, merged with Abbot Academy to become a coeducational institution in 1973.

The acceptance rate at Phillips Academy is low because it is such a competitive school.

Sydney Grammar School (SGS)

Sydney Grammar School (SGS)

The Sydney Grammar Institution is a public, private school for male students only. In 1854, an act of parliament officially established Sydney Grammar School, and the school opened to students in 1857. The Sydney Grammar School was among the earliest educational institutions in the country.

SGS requires all prospective students to demonstrate proficiency on an entrance exam. Preferential treatment is given to students who attended St. Ives or Edgecliff College Prep.

Notre Dame International High School

Notre Dame International High School is an American international high school located in France and was founded in 1929.

Students in grades 10-12 can take advantage of the program’s college-preparatory, multilingual curriculum.

The school offers classes in French language and culture to those who are not native speakers. The students are taught using a curriculum developed in the United States.

Grey College

Grey College has been educating young men for over 165 years as a semi-private, boys-only institution offering instruction in both English and Afrikaans.

It is the best school in the province of Free State. Grey College is widely recognized as one of the top secondary institutions in South Africa, both in terms of public and private education.

The Rift Valley School (Rva)

Established in 1906, Rift Valley Academy is a Christian residential school supported by the African Inland Mission.

RVA uses a global curriculum that has its roots in the North American educational system.

Rift Valley Academy accepts only students who are African citizens.

School for Advanced Studies (SAS)

School for Advanced Studies (SAS)

The School of Advanced Studies is a joint venture between Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Miami Dade College. SAS is a two-year program that allows students to finish their senior year of high school and earn an Associate in Arts from Miami Dade College.

St. John’s College

St. John’s College is a Christian boarding and day school in Africa, and it is among the best in the world. The Pre-preparatory and Preparatory Schools accept only boys in Grades 0 through 12, while the College admits both boys and girls into its Bridge Nursery School and Sixth form.

Chavagnes International College

This French institution, Chavagnes International College, is a Roman Catholic boarding school for boys. Chavagnes International College admits students based on their academic records and teacher recommendations. The classical curriculum at Chavagnes International College combines British and French education to foster the boys’ intellectual, moral, and spiritual development.

St. George’s College

St. George’s College

When it comes to schools for young men in Zimbabwe, no one compares to St. George’s College. St. George’s College requires an entrance exam for students entering Form 1. As an Ordinary (O) level student, you must have achieved an ‘A’ in order to progress to the lower sixth form. Curriculum for IGCSE, AP, and A-level courses at St. George’s College is based on that of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Ascham School

The Ascham School is a coeducational, nonsectarian, all-girls day and boarding institution. The Dalton Plan, an individual-focused approach to secondary education, is implemented at Ascham School. Ascham University is the sole institution in Australia to implement the Dalton Plan at this time.

Geelong Grammar School (GGS)

The Geelong Grammar School is an Anglican, private, day and boarding institution for both sexes. Secondary school students at GGS can choose between the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

Tonbridge School

If you’re looking for a top-notch boarding school for boys in the UK, look no further than Tonbridge School. Standard British education through the end of the GCSE and A-levels is provided. Admission to Tonbridge School is determined by scores on a standardized test.

Geelong Grammar School (GGS)

Founded in 1855, Geelong Grammar School is an Anglican, coeducational, boarding and day institution.

GGS’s upperclassmen can choose between the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

Leysin American School (LAS)

Leysin American School (LAS)

Founded in 1960, Leysin American School is a coeducational, independent boarding school in Switzerland with a primary focus on preparing students in Grades 7 through 12 for university.

The International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Diploma Programs are all offered to students at LAS.

Chavagnes International College

Originally established in 1802, Chavagnes International College was reestablished in 2002 as a Roman Catholic boarding school for boys.

Chavagnes International College accepts students based on their academic performance and positive teacher recommendations.

By combining the best of British and French education, Chavagnes International College provides a classical education for boys that fosters their intellectual, moral, and spiritual development.

International School of Kenya (ISK)

The International School of Kenya opened its doors to students in preschool all the way through high school in 1976. The governments of the United States and Canada collaborated to create ISK.

There are International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programs available to students in both the 11th and 12th grades at International School of Kenya.

The Davidson Academy of Nevada

The Davidson Academy of Nevada was founded in 2006 to serve the state’s exceptionally talented middle and high school students.

There is a choice between in-person and online courses at the Academy. At the Academy, students are placed in classes based on their individual aptitudes rather than their chronological ages.

Davidson Academy High School is the only secondary institution in the Davidson Academy School District in Nevada.

North Sydney Boys High School (NSBHS)

The boys of North Sydney attend North Sydney Boys High School, a highly competitive secondary school.

North Sydney Boys High School dates back to 1915, when it was founded out of North Sydney Public School.

Overcrowding forced the division of North Sydney Public School. In 1914, North Sydney Girls High School opened, and in 1915, North Sydney Boys School did the same.

The State Department of Education’s High Performing Students units administers the entrance exams used to determine who will be admitted to Grade 7.

Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, New Zealand, or Norfolk Island. New South Wales residency is required for parents or guardians as well.

James Ruse Agricultural High School

James Ruse Agricultural High School was established in 1959 and is one of four agricultural high schools in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Before 1977, only boys were able to enroll at this high school. It has recently come to light that James Ruse High School in Australia is the best high school in the country.

Since James Ruse is so academically demanding, getting in is tough. Anyone interested must either be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or a permanent resident of New South Wales.

Merrol Hyde Magnet School (MHMS)

Merrol Hyde Magnet School, founded in 2003, is the only magnet institution in Sumner County.

In contrast to more traditional schools, Merrol Hyde Magnet adheres to the Paideia school philosophy. Paideia is not so much a pedagogical approach as it is a philosophical framework for educating the whole child.

The minimum required score for admission to MHMS is the 85th percentile on a nationally normed test of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Brearley School

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the all-female, non-denominational Brearley School is a leader in promoting tolerance and acceptance of all faiths and backgrounds among its student body. Students of color make up 44% of the total student body.

Brearley’s high placement rate (37% to Ivy League, MIT, and Stanford universities) is evidence of the school’s dedication to education.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the institution’s many study abroad and exchange programs, which not only include the more common European study abroad destinations, but also India, China, and Vietnam.

Winsor School

Established in 1886, the Winsor School has grown to become a preeminent institution for young women. Its 35% matriculation rate to top universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton is indicative of its academic rigor, as is its average combined SAT score of 2100.

About 430 students representing a wide range of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds attend Winsor. Students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, study abroad in China and France, or spend a semester at Vermont’s Mountain School.

Collegiate School

Collegiate School is one of the oldest schools in the United States, having been in continuous operation since 1628. It is a private, all-male institution located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Aside from having the best soccer team in the state among private schools, Collegiate also has a stellar average combined SAT score (2195) and an Ivy League/MIT/Stanford acceptance rate (41%).

Students are also encouraged to sign up for CITYterm, which makes use of the surrounding Manhattan environment as a learning resource.

Chapin School

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is the all-female Chapin School. To foster a sense of unity and togetherness among its student body, the school operates as a single, unified entity.

An example of the many organizations with which Chapin collaborates to provide students with summer internship opportunities is the Foreign Policy Association, with which the school has a formal partnership.

Students also have the option to enroll in a service-learning course, which integrates real-world community service with the study of civic engagement and social issues.

Easton Country Day

There are fewer than 200 students enrolled in grades K-12 at this highly regarded private school in the Danbury area. Of those, 95% go on to study at a four-year institution. Easton Country Day, one of the best high schools in Connecticut, has a student-teacher ratio of 7:1 and an average SAT score of over 1100. Parents who have given Easton Country Day five stars often comment on how much their children have flourished there and how much they appreciate how much the teachers and administrators care about them as individuals. This prestigious private high school is conveniently located near Danbury, and it is known for its many outstanding academic and extracurricular offerings.

John F Kennedy Catholic Prepartory Sc.

It’s not a private high school in Danbury, but over 160 parents and students have given the Catholic high school near you in Somers, NY, a solid 4-star rating. The student-teacher ratio is higher than average at 20-to-1, but the school is proud of its graduates’ attendance at top-tier institutions and the high SAT and ACT averages (1280 and 30, respectively). All the hallmarks of the top private high schools in the Danbury area can be found there. Students benefit from a well-rounded educational experience that incorporates academics, the arts, athletics, and mass for their physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Longview School

The Longview School in New York is a highly regarded private institution that serves students from the Danbury, Connecticut area. Parents and former students consistently give Longview High School high marks, and one former student even said, “I learned more in my two years at Longview than in my previous ten years at public school.” Students receive one-on-one guidance in classes with as few as two and as many as eight participants so that they can focus on topics that particularly pique their interest and put what they’ve learned to practical use. Here, kids’ extracurriculars are designed to foster development in all areas, including critical thinking, physical fitness, and teamwork. Topics like debate, Japanese, building, and business management are just some of the electives available.


What makes a Good School?

The following characteristics are essential in a high-quality educational institution: Educators who are both qualified and dedicated A conducive setting for learning Efficient administration of the school Proven track record of success on standardized tests It is important to promote extracurricular activities.

Which country in Africa has the best high schools?

South Africa has the best education system in Africa and is home to many of the continent’s top high schools.

Does High Schools provide scholarships?

Scholarships are available at many high schools for students who are both academically qualified and demonstrate financial need.


When deciding between a private and public high school, it’s important to think about whether you want your child to be in an environment that encourages independence and self-reliance, or one that caters to a specific type of student and is driven by a specific philosophy.

It’s easy to find advocates of both models, as well as examples of schools of both types that have achieved great success, if you take the time to look. Your child and your family are unique, and only you can determine the best course of action after considering all of the information we’ve provided. Making the best decision for your child’s education begins with having a long-term plan that includes college and beyond.