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As an international student interested in studying in Europe, we have compiled a list of the top universities in the Netherlands that you will enjoy attending.

The Netherlands is a country in western Europe with Caribbean territories. Its capital, Amsterdam, is where the Dutch name the country.

The Dutch word for their flat country is “low-lying,” and that description is apt. Waterways such as lakes, rivers, and canals cover a sizable area.

Which allows for cultural exchange and the exploration of beaches, lakes, and forests by those from other cultures. This includes many different cultures, but the German, British, French, Chinese, and others stand out.

It has one of the world’s most advanced economies, despite being home to a population that makes it one of the most populous countries.

This is, without a doubt, an adventurer’s paradise. But there are a number of other significant arguments in favor of selecting the Netherlands.

If you are nonetheless interested in learning more about the experience of studying in the Netherlands, you can do so here.


Best universities in netherland

University of Groningen

Founded in 1614, the University of Groningen is now home to 180 bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English. There are a total of eleven undergraduate departments and nine graduate schools offering these programs.

The city of Groningen, in the Netherlands, is home to the university.

The university has students from more than 120 different countries.

There is a diverse selection of sports teams and clubs available to students. Almost every sport has its own governing body that provides student discounts on membership and facility use.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University

One of the foremost research institutions in the Netherlands, Utrecht University has been around since 1636.

Utrecht University is home to students and faculty from around 118 different countries.

There are over 90 graduate degree programs and 12 undergraduate degree programs available at Utrecht University. All courses are taught in English, and they span many different academic fields like the hard sciences, the arts, the humanities, the social sciences, and the earth sciences.

The university is home to a plethora of student groups and clubs that focus on everything from the arts to sports to academics.

Wageningen University & Research

When it comes to agricultural and environmental research, Wageningen University & Research excels.

About 40 undergraduate and graduate programs are offered exclusively in English, while the vast majority of BSc programs are taught in a Dutch/English combination.

This is a major draw for international students, accounting for about 27% of the total student body at the university.

The university provides 20 unique majors for freshmen to choose from, such as business, international affairs, and health studies. Among the 37 master’s degree options, all instruction is conducted in English. All programs are two years long.

Centrally located Wageningen is still not too far from either Amsterdam or the German border.

University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

UvA, short for the University of Amsterdam, is a public research university consistently ranked among the top 15 in the Netherlands.

It was founded in 1632 and has since been renamed to become one of the city’s largest public research institutes.

With more than 31,186 students and seven faculties (including Behavioral Sciences, Economics, Business, Humanities, Law, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, etc.), it is the third-oldest university in the Netherlands.

Five Dutch prime ministers and six Nobel laureates hail from Amsterdam.

Indeed, it ranks among the finest academic institutions in the country.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

The humanist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (15th century) is honored with the naming of this institution.

It is not only one of the best universities in the Netherlands, but also home to the country’s largest and most prestigious academic medical centers and trauma centers.

This university stands out because it consistently receives high marks in international rankings.

In the end, this school is distinguished by its narrow specialization: its seven departments cover only health, wealth, government, and culture.

Leiden University

Leiden University

Leiden University is a public research institution located in the Netherlands. On February 8, 1575, William, Prince of Orange, founded and established it.

Leiden received it as a reward for its successful defense of the Dutch Republic during the Eighty Year’s War against the Spanish.

It’s widely recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the Netherlands.

This institution has a strong reputation for its rich history and dedication to the study of social sciences.

It has more than 29,542 students and over 7,000 faculty and staff members.

Leiden is very pleased to boast seven faculties and over fifty departments. More than 40 domestic and foreign research institutions are also located there.

When compared to other universities around the world, this one consistently places in the top 100.

spawned 16 Nobel Prize winners, including Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein, and 21 Spinoza Prize winners.

Eindhoven University of Technology

There are more than 13,000 students and around 3,900 faculty and staff at the public Eindhoven University of Technology. Its foundation date is June 23, 1956.

Three of the most prominent university rankings (from 2012 through 2019) place this institution among the top 200 worldwide.

EuroTech Universities Alliance is a consortium of European universities that focus on science and technology, and TU/e is one of them.

Biomedical engineering, architecture and construction, electrical engineering and industrial design, chemistry and chemical engineering, industrial engineering and innovation sciences, physics and mechanical engineering, mathematics and computer science, and physics and chemistry round out the nine departments that make up the school.

Holland International Study Center

The Holland International Study Center (also known as the Dutch International Education Center) is a school that helps international students get accepted to universities in the Netherlands. The Center’s programs can be completed in either Amsterdam or Groningen over the course of 2 or 3 semesters.

Both the International Foundation Year (Business and Management, Science and Technology) and the University of Applied Sciences International Foundation Year provide students with the opportunity to improve their command of the English language, adjust to a new educational environment, and hone their ability to conduct independent research. As part of the University of Applied Sciences International Foundation Year, students can take English Language Preparation to boost their English proficiency for a single semester.

University of Twente

University of Twente

The University of Twente (University of Twente) is the best Dutch university for scientific research. Originally established in 1961 as the Higher Technical School of Twente, it is a public educational establishment. In 1986, the school was granted university status.

The University of Twente was widely regarded as a top research university around the globe. The scientific community greatly benefits from both published articles and the work of university researchers. Among the 20 best universities in its home country, this one ranks highly. And at present they are ranked 242nd in the world. In terms of education quality, he is in the top 400 universities in Europe. This is because of the large influx of highly skilled professionals from other countries.

Companies with a global reputation are eager to hire recent college graduates. Ten Cate, Google, Microsoft, Siemens, and Philips are just some of the companies that have hired recent university graduates.

Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology is the following on our list of the best universities in the Netherlands for foreign students. Programs in Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Life Science and Technology are just a few examples of the many strong offerings at this institution.

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is widely recognized as one of the world’s top technical universities. Over 27,000 students and over 1,000 professors call this place home. One of the largest university campuses in the world is TU Delft. The large number of students attending this school is a direct result of the high quality and breadth of the university’s offerings in the fields of applied science, engineering, and technology. International recognition of the majority of the programs increases their allure to both domestic and foreign students.

Radboud University

The University of Nijmegen, also known as Radboud University, is a public university with a strong Catholic tradition. Catholic University of Nijmegen was its original name. The current name, meanwhile, comes from a sainted former bishop of the Netherlands. Among international universities, arts and humanities fields, graduate employability, impact rankings, and global reputation, Radboud University consistently ranks highly.

Maastricht University

When it comes to academic research, Maastricht University is right up there with the best of them in the Netherlands. It’s distinct teaching approach, known as Problem-Based Learning, gives students more opportunities for collaborative work and practical experience than is typical in a classroom setting. Since the university’s inception, this approach has been in place, and the faculty has been refining it ever since.

Tilburg University

Since its founding in 1927, Tilburg University, formerly known as Roman Catholic Business School, has educated thousands of promising young minds. The university has grown and developed greatly over the years in an effort to become one of the best in the Netherlands. The university has developed into one of the world’s top educational institutions. Its dedication to providing an excellent education has been recognized with a number of awards and accolades on both a national and international scale.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

As a specialized university, Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Latin word for “source” is where the name comes from. Such a design is appropriate for a school that sees itself as a repository of knowledge for its students. Fontys provides an education that is both research-based and practically applicable, allowing students ample room to grow and develop in preparation for the workplace. Fontys offers both undergraduate and graduate level classes taught in English. They could be working full- or part-time.

University of Amsterdam (UvA)

The University of Amsterdam is the largest university in the Netherlands and a public research institution. There are seven schools at this prestigious university in the Netherlands: social sciences, humanities, economics and business, law, science, medicine, and dentistry. When it comes to the social sciences, it is the best European university by far. Over 200 courses are taught in English at UvA, making it one of the most comprehensive educational institutions in Europe for international students.

To name a few, UvA is known for its innovative studies of Europe, the brain and cognition, digital cultures around the world, and humane artificial intelligence. The University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) extensive library and museums house unique collections on European and global history in addition to the university’s renowned academic offerings. Studying at UvA in picturesque Amsterdam is the cherry on top of a successful academic journey.

Breda University of Applied Sciences

The undergraduate and graduate levels of education are both available at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor’s, Master’s, Pre-Master’s, Executive, Professional, Academic, and Part-Time Programs are all offered at this vocational school. They could be taught in either English or Dutch. BUAS provides courses in a wide variety of fields, including data science, gaming, hospitality, and tourism. Their 26th-ranked QS Top Universities program is in the field of hospitality and leisure management.

Nyenrode Business University

One of the five private universities in the Netherlands, Nyenrode Business University focuses on business education.

On the other hand, it is considered one of the top 15 universities in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Training Institute for Abroad was established in 1946 as an educational institution. However, it went through a name change soon after its 1946 founding.

This school offers both full-time and part-time study options, allowing students to balance their academic and professional lives.

However, there are many options for both advanced and beginning students. The Association of MBAs and many others recognize this university’s high standards.

Nyenrode Business University attracts a diverse student body from around the world. In addition, there are numerous administrative and academic faculty and staff members.


Is the Netherlands Good for International Students to Study in?

Students from other countries rave about the quality of education they receive, the quality of research opportunities, and the high standard of living in the Netherlands. Whether it be for subject leadership or for research recognition, nearly every university in the country can be found in at least one international ranking.

95% of the population speaks English, making this a very accessible country where people are comfortable speaking their minds and sharing what they’ve learned. There are a number of prestigious degree programs that provide instruction in English. Furthermore, the government of the Netherlands subsidizes higher education, making tuition at Dutch universities relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking to visit one of the world’s most beautiful and secure countries without breaking the bank, look no further than Holland.

Can International Students Stay in the Netherlands After Graduation?

Applying for an orientation year after graduation allows international students to remain in the Netherlands. Employers in the Netherlands are not required to apply for a work visa if they hire someone with a zoekjaar, which is a search permit valid for one year. The target is to gain employment as a Highly Qualified Immigrant.

Finding work as a Highly Skilled Migrant qualifies you to apply for permanent residency. The website of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) contains additional details, such as the necessity of proper travel documents and the importance of passing a medical examination. After a year of looking, you can switch to a different type of work visa if you still haven’t found a job.


Each of these schools is different from the others in its own way. Please see the link for more specifics on each of these schools, most of which are public research universities.

You can access the application procedures for any of the aforementioned schools by clicking on the institution’s name, which will take you directly to the school’s main website. There’s also Studielink.

If you want to learn more about the Netherlands, have a look at study abroad in the Netherlands.

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