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Do you know the feeling of elation and self-assurance that comes when your hair is styled to perfection or your eyes are accentuated just so? Changes to one’s appearance, such as a new hairdo, makeup, or nail polish, have deeper meanings than superficial beauty. Sometimes, focusing on your physical appearance can help you feel more comfortable revealing your inner beauty. If you’ve experienced firsthand the confidence boost that can come from a little TLC, maybe it’s time to think about a career in the beauty industry.

Like any other career choice, choosing the right cosmetology school is crucial to your future success in the field. Beauty school is exciting but challenging. Since you intend to devote a significant amount of time to your cosmetology education, selecting the most suitable institution is crucial. Think about the following concerns as you weigh your choices:

  • Do you plan to attend full-time or part-time, and what sort of schedule does the university provide?
  • Will you actually get to work with people, or just wigs, during your training?
  • Exactly how much will it cost to implement this plan?
  • I was wondering if any kind of financial assistance was offered.
  • Could you tell me if this is a recognized institution?
  • What sort of continuing education options does the university provide?
  • Will they assist you in finding a job after you graduate?

There are many options for finding a beauty school close to you, from local franchises and community colleges to nationally recognized institutions. Yet, it is crucial to choose a school that has a solid reputation in the field and high marks from graduates. As with any multi-campus school, there will be differences between the overall reputation and what you get at the individual school, so it’s worth asking around at local salons for word of mouth recommendations. In a similar vein, it is recommended that prospective students request a tour of the campus, meet with current students, and faculty members before committing to any one institution.

Although there seems to be an endless supply of cosmetology schools in the United States, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. We believe that any of the cosmetology schools listed below would provide you with a solid educational foundation upon which to build a successful career in the beauty industry due to their excellent reputations, diverse range of available courses, and convenient locations.

Best Cosmetology Schools In The Us

Best cosmetology schools in the us

Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute, established by Horst Rechelbacher in 1977, is one of the world’s oldest schools of its kind. His work was influenced by the Ayurvedic philosophy that one’s own attractiveness is proportional to the attractiveness of their surroundings.

Aveda Institute is a well-known U.S. beauty school with locations in California, Florida, and Texas. Aveda Institute teaches its students to use only organic products in their treatments.

Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania was one of the few institutions providing a comprehensive cosmetology education when it first opened its doors.

Empire’s involvement in the beauty industry began early on, as the school was the first to provide a cosmetology program that was approved by a state.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences has recognized the institution’s 109 campuses across the United States.

The institution has served as a place of education and guidance for countless people over the course of its 80-year history. The ultimate purpose of the program is to educate and train highly skilled individuals to provide groundbreaking services to the beauty industry.

Sassoon Academy

In the 1970s, Vidal Sassoon opened the Sassoon Academy to teach beauty techniques to newcomers.

Courses in hair coloring, design, and styling are also provided. Hollywood stars like Farrah Fawcett and Jennifer Aniston are product of the institution.

In addition to the program fee, the State Board includes a Student Beauty Kit in the cost. Worth $600 in total are the mannequins, wax kits, makeup, and curling irons. You also get the Milady Cosmetology textbook.

Ogle School

Ogle School

The school was established by Shelton Ogle, who is known all over the world as a talented hairstylist. Since 1973, students have been able to receive their beauty education from the Ogle School, which takes great pride in its professional and efficient training.

Over the course of the Lone Star State, you can choose from one of nearly eight NACCAS-approved schools. When they leave Ogle, students are prepared for careers as stylists, salon managers, and even product developers in the beauty industry.

The Ogle School is among the best beauty schools in the state due to its excellent facilities. The facility is cutting-edge, featuring high-tech tools and knowledgeable staff. The school has a spa where students can practice their newfound knowledge.

Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, FL)

Paul Mitchell co-founded the John Paul Mitchell Systems with John Paul DeJoria, making him more than just a household name in the world of professional hair care products. More than 100 cosmetics sold in over 80 countries, over 50,000 hair and nail salons in 81 countries, and more than 100 educational institutions are all part of this System.

While specific job openings in the field may vary by region, a well-rounded Cosmetology education should include everything from manicures and pedicures to foiling techniques and the art of hair styling. In 1980, Paul Mitchell and his company were lauded for being “publicly against animal testing,” a first for the cosmetics industry. Scott Cole, Diana Schmidtke, Stephanie Kocielski, and Craig “The Barber” are just a few of the well-known educators and former students who have been associated with these institutions.

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (Chicago, IL)

Leo Passage, who recently passed away, was a renowned hairstylist and cosmetology educator who won over a hundred awards and accolades on a global scale. In 1962, he started the company Pivot Point International to provide beauty training. Now under the direction of his son, Robert Passage, the program consists of ’13 areas of study, containing 106 theory lessons and 68 workshops’. Cosmetology fundamentals, sculpture, hair design, color, texture, and salon success and meta are the six pillars of the course structure.

The curriculum’s digital platform, LAB (Learn About Beauty), is described as having “the look and feel of social media,” making it appealing to students because of its potential for engagement. Due to the program’s efficacy and success, tremendous expansion has occurred. Pivot Point is now more than just a school; its beauty school curriculum is taught in over 2,000 locations in 70 countries and translated into 15 languages.

Tricoci University (Bridgeview, IL)

Tricoci University (Bridgeview, IL)

Mario Tricoci’s career in the beauty industry began in the 1950s, but he and his brother Franco didn’t open their own salon until the 1970s. Mario Tricoci founded Tricoci University in 2004 to fulfill his lifelong ambition to serve as a role model for aspiring cosmetologists all over the world through his extensive experience in the industry. Tricoci University’s 1500-hour cosmetology program has recently been approved by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

Students who enroll full time can finish in 12 months, while those who study part time need 20 months. The Apple iPad is included in the mandatory student kit and is the property of the student. Practical Chemical Application, Hair Treatment, Hair Styling, Hair Dressing, Salon Management, Esthetics, and Nail Technology are just some of the topics covered in these courses.

CEI Hair Schools

CEI Hair Schools’ courses are recognized by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and are among the most reasonably priced available in the Atlanta area. You won’t find a better cosmetology program anywhere else in the United States than at this institution. Additionally, there are no-cost GED preparation courses available. consequently appropriate for those who did not complete high school or receive a General Equivalency Diploma. Learners will acquire the knowledge and practice needed to qualify for professional certification.

This is one of the best scholarship-based beauty schools in Downtown Atlanta, offering programs in barbering, cosmetology, aesthetics, and nail technology.

Likewise, the Atlanta metropolitan area is a major financial hub for the region. This is especially clear in the booming field of cosmetics. Currently, CEI Hair Schools only operates out of its Atlanta, Georgia location. Classes in barbering, cosmetology, nail technology, and aesthetics are all available here.

Moler Beauty Academy

At Moler Beauty Academy, students learn about cosmetology, nail art, and aesthetics. Their educational facilities can be found in the greater Cincinnati and Fairfield regions of Ohio. Numerous options exist to give students in this field the chance to tailor their education to their specific interests. By attending conferences and using the internet, the academy ensures that its students are always up-to-date on the latest developments, allowing them to excel in their studies.

Students can feel prepared to take the Ohio state licensing exam after completing either the 600-hour aesthetics program or the 1,500-hour cosmetology course. This also sets them up for a successful career in the cosmetics industry.

Turning Point Beauty College

Turning Point Beauty College is a school for aspiring cosmetologists with campuses in both Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona. Courses in cosmetology instructor development and nail technology are available.

The purpose of this space is to provide a supportive atmosphere for the industry’s most devoted fans to learn and grow. Turning Point Beauty College is an excellent choice that will set you up for success in the competitive beauty industry.

Turning Point Beauty College is one option for those in Arizona interested in pursuing a cosmetology education. They have two locations in the state of Arizona, one of which is in the city of Phoenix.

Sassoon Academy

Sassoon Academy

Another well-known name in the cosmetics industry is that of the Sassoon Academy. Vidal Sassoon revolutionized the hairdressing industry with his groundbreaking precision cuts. If you’re looking for a cosmetology school with that chic, trendy vibe, look no further than the Sassoon Academy.

They guarantee that their extensive selection of hairstyling classes will leave you feeling motivated, and they make every effort to keep that promise. The curriculum is intentionally crafted to be cutting edge. The best hairstylists in the business give them to you, and they’ll be done with all their heart, all their soul, and all their technical expertise.

Sassoon schools can be found in many different countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and others. Short- and long-term payment plans, as well as long-term financing, are all offered directly by the institution.


What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology refers to the art and science of improving one’s outward appearance (including one’s hair, skin, and face). In order to acquire these skills, it is important to enroll in the right educational establishments, such as the top cosmetology schools discussed in this article.

Cosmetology, when viewed in the broadest context, is an everyday occurrence. Before going on that important interview, lecture, date, or other outing, you want to make sure you look your best. You therefore take the time to apply some cosmetics, fix your hair and nails, and so on so that you can always feel confident in your appearance.

But that’s not the final chapter. It has been rebranded as a legitimate academic discipline that can lead to a wide range of careers. Getting trained in the beauty industry now can lead to a degree, diploma, or even a certificate. Either one is evidence that you have completed the necessary training to enter the cosmetology profession.

As a cosmetologist, you’ll get training in a wide variety of beauty-related areas, including hairstyling, skincare, makeup application, nail care, manicures, pedicures, and both temporary and permanent hair removal. Taking your cosmetology career to the next level in South Korea will put you in contact with some of the country’s best researchers, doctors, organizations, and hospitals.

More doors would open for you if you did this. However, before getting started, you need to get a firm grasp on the basics by attending a cosmetology school and learning the ins and outs of the industry.

How much does it cost to enroll in cosmetology school?

Spending recklessly on credit cards to pay for cosmetology school is a surefire recipe for financial disaster. Talking to the institution directly is the best bet for obtaining accurate pricing information. Think about grants and other forms of funding you might qualify for as well before committing to a school.

Does a cosmetologist need special training?

Yes. There are a number of institutions that confer bachelor’s degrees, in addition to those that award certificates and diplomas.

To begin, you must graduate from a recognized institution. From nine months to two years is the average duration of a program.

If you want to practice cosmetology after completing your training, you’ll need to pass a licensing exam. Everything you’ve studied for the course will be on the exam.


Only the top cosmetology schools in the United States can provide you with the comprehensive training necessary for a successful career.

The return on investment for college tuition is greater when combined with grants and scholarships. Graduates can expect high starting salaries and earnings potential.

When it comes down to it, a cosmetology career is one that can go on forever. Experts in the field of cosmetics will always be in demand, so long as there are places to study the art.