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You can teach your son discipline and leadership skills by enrolling him in one of the top military schools for boys in the United States.

In a typical American high school, young men may be tempted away from their academic and personal goals by a plethora of distractions, allures, and draws that feed into undesirable tendencies.

But things are different at the Top Military Academies for Boys. Here, students are provided with the structure, discipline, and atmosphere they need to flourish academically and reach their personal goals.

If you are a parent or guardian who is responsible for sending a young man to an American military college, you can rest easy knowing that we have compiled a list of the top twenty institutions in this country.

Best Military Schools For Boys

Best military schools for boys

Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA)

Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) was founded in 1928 and is a private, military-themed school for students in grades 7 through 12. VFMA’s campus in Wayne, Pennsylvania is a safe, convenient suburb 12 miles from Philadelphia’s bustling center.

Basically, VFMA is known for its long history of developing students’ potential and instilling moral principles in order to train the business, military, and political leaders of the future.

The cadets are in an environment where they can succeed academically thanks to the rigorous coursework, devoted instructors, small class sizes, and individualized attention they receive.

Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy is a Christian, military-style, coed boarding school in Fork Union, Virginia, established in 1898. It is one of the best boarding military schools in the United States for young men in grades 7 through 12 and beyond.

The academic and athletic programs at Fork Union Military Academy are among the best in the region, and the school’s foundation is based on Christian values and a commitment to developing students’ character, discipline, and leadership potential.

Moreover, FUMA works hard to keep tuition costs low so that students from as many backgrounds as possible can benefit from a quality military education.

Fork Union Military Academy has about 367 students from around the world (representing 11 countries and 34 states).

Marine Military Academy

The Marine Military Academy, established in 1965, is a private college preparatory academy in Harlingen, Texas, US, that serves boys in grades 7–12 and offers an additional year of post-graduate study. It’s a great place for young men to get a military education.

The mission of the Marine Military Academy has been to help young men reach their full potential since the school opened.

For boys of all backgrounds and interests, the Marine Military Academy has answers and possibilities. Mixed martial arts (MMA) can help boys overcome obstacles and find success in life.

Indeed, the primary purpose of Marine Military Academy is to encourage the intellectual, physical, and moral development of each cadet. To this end, they create a highly structured environment free of outside influences so that cadets can concentrate on their studies and growth as individuals.

All the while, cadets are learning to become independent learners and acquiring skills that will help them in college and beyond.

The tested instructional model also aids young men in improving their academic performance, growing in moral stature and self-control, and organizing their future endeavors.

Fishburne Military School

Fishburne Military School, Virginia’s oldest and smallest private military institution, was established by James A. Fishburne in 1879.

One of the finest military academies in the United States, the school takes great pride in its location in the heart of historic Waynesboro, Virginia.

Fishburne Military School has been granted accreditation from both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Virginia Association of Independent Schools.

Academic achievement at Fishburne Military School rises in tandem with decreasing class sizes. Because of this, the School accepts around 175 male teenagers each year, maintaining an average class size of between 8 and 12 students. And with smaller classes comes greater opportunities for personalized learning.

Both boarding and day options are available to students at this school for boys only. The school is known for its excellent academics, but it also offers more than ten different sports, not to mention a Raider Team and two drill teams.

It’s also worth noting that alumni of Fishburne Military School consistently rank among the world’s most successful people.

Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy

There is a private, military boarding school for young men in Camden, South Carolina called Camden Military Academy (CMA). As of right now, it ranks high among the best miliary academies in America that cater to male students. The mission of Camden Military Academy is to accept boys with potential and develop them into successful adults. There is confidence in the cadets at Camden Military Academy. Therefore, it is their responsibility to shape the whole man, making sure he is prepared not only intellectually, but also emotionally, physically, and morally for whatever challenges may come his way.

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

It is an elite, private, coeducational institution that emphasizes the cultivation of future leaders and the development of intellectual curiosity. As a military school, St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy places a premium on academic achievement. Coursework is rigorous, and students are expected to put in significant time and effort to prepare for and complete it.

Southern Preparatory Academy

For over a century, Southern Prep has served as a place to develop and nurture future leaders through a rigorous academic curriculum. Southern Prep is a boarding school with the goal of providing a supportive community in which students can focus on their studies without the daily interruptions common in day schools.

Riverside Military Academy

Our goal is to create a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers, improves their spiritual and physical health, and equips them with the strong character and leadership skills they’ll need to succeed in college and beyond.

Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy, located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, has been educating students since 1899. In the past, it has helped cadets realize their full potential.

In reality, they take a well-rounded approach to education that will benefit your ward in many ways, not just academically. They stress the importance of character growth, leadership, and service to help students realize their full potential.

Massanutten Military Academy (SACS) holds full accreditation from both the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) and Advanced-Ed, formerly the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

About 120 students are accepted into the Academy every year, and the goal of the school is to give each of these cadets a solid foundation for future success through a rigorous and rewarding education.

As a matter of fact, the programs’ goals are to develop cadet potential and increase mutual respect between students, teachers, and staff.

Moreover, while MMA does provide a military framework, academics remain its primary focus. Therefore, as a cadet, you can expect to receive individualized support from the instructors and staff members who work with you.

In addition, the many academic and mentoring opportunities available help students develop the ability to concentrate and work without constant supervision.

Army and Navy Academy

The Prestigious Academy is a coed, college preparatory boarding school in Carlsbad, California, serving students in grades 7 through 12. It is now recognized as one of the best military academies in the country, helping to set up young men for future success in college and beyond.

The Army and Navy academies provide their cadets with a wide range of opportunities for growth and development, including the chance to engage in challenging and exciting activities.

Both the Army and Navy Academies share a firm conviction that education encompasses far more than textbooks and lectures. Thus, they are better able to help students develop their full academic and personal potential in the boarding school setting.

The Academy’s dedication to teaching its students the value of personal accountability and responsibility has inspired and changed the lives of countless individuals for over a century.

Missouri Military Academy

The Missouri Military Academy can be found in a rural part of the state. The prep school has a strong military tradition and a commitment to academic excellence, and all students are required to board there. Judge William Berry, Mr. Dale Dye, and Lieutenant General Jack Fuson are just a few of the famous former students.

Presently, only males are welcome at this highly regarded school. Academy students can be in any grade between seventh and twelfth. Those in middle school through high school can benefit from it.

The graduates of this school have been accepted to all of the top universities in the United States, including the United States Military Academy. More than 30 times, the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program has received the highest honor bestowed by the United States Army.

Presently, there are 220 young men enrolled at Missouri Military Academy. For this boarding school, the average SAT score is 1148. The median ACT score is in the low 20s.

A typical classroom has 14 students, and the student-teacher ratio is 1:11. Financial aid is available to roughly 40% of students.

Admiral Farragut Academy

Private military preparatory school for both boys and girls, Admiral Farragut Academy. Students in grades 8-12 can take advantage of the school’s classroom instruction. It can be found in St. Petersburg, Florida, at the mouth of Boca Ciega Bay.

Astronauts Alan Shephard and Charles Duke are among the notable graduates of this illustrious institution. Actor Lorenzo Lamas also went to the same boarding school as you.

Some of the most popular majors at the academy are Naval Science (military), Aviation, and Engineering. Furthermore, AP Capstone and Scuba diving are both available. FCIS, SACS, TABS, SAIS, and NAIS are all accredited by the academy as well.

All students are welcome to apply, and there is no restriction on who can be accepted into the program. Current students at Admiral Farragut Academy hail from more than 27 different nations, according to the school. ESOL classes are available to students who do not speak English as their native language.

The average class size at the military prep school is 17, and there are just over 300 students total.

New Mexico Military Institute

New Mexico Military Institute

The New Mexico Military Institute is the only publicly funded, coed, military, four-year boarding school in the United States. It was established in 1891.

Middle and high schoolers are the target audience. The New Mexico Military Institute is a non-profit institution that offers young people affordable access to high-quality military education and training.

This top-ranked school is well-known across the country for its commitment to academic excellence, emphasis on leadership and character formation, and emphasis on health and wellness.

To date, it has awarded over $2 million in scholarships. In 2021, there will be students in the student body who represent over 40 different states and 33 different countries. Many students here are people of color.

Extremely high rates of acceptance into colleges and universities (98%). Classes with ten students to one teacher are ideal for fostering individual attention and academic growth.

Famous former students include Conrad Hilton, Sam Donaldson, Chuck Roberts, and Owen Wilson. Students have advanced to the point of being awarded the Medal of Honor in the United States military.

One of the largest military boarding schools in the United States, this 300-acre campus is home to nearly 900 students. In 2016, students paid an average of $16,166 for tuition and living expenses. International students were charged a slight premium. Nine out of ten students receive some sort of financial aid, with the average award being $3,000.


What is a military school?

An officer candidate receives training for military duty at a military school. It is a form of formalized military training that typically involves formalized education, though the precise definition varies by country.

Are military academies worth it?

If you want to serve your country and get a degree at the same time, you should consider applying to one of the United States military academies. Attending a military academy has many advantages, including but not limited to obtaining a degree while also receiving military training, receiving medical care at no cost, etc.

How long do I have to be in the military to get free college?

Veterans with at least two years of active service are eligible for full tuition benefits through the MGIB-AD. If you meet the requirements, you can receive up to 36 months of financial aid for school. The exact sum you get depends on the following: duration of employment.


Military schools, in contrast to regular schools, offer students a structured and disciplined environment in which they can thrive and achieve their goals.

Your son may need the strict discipline, counseling, or therapy for self-destructive behavior that they provide.

Besides the obvious advantages to your son, you will also reap some benefits as a parent from enrolling him in a military academy.

The above article is a valuable resource for learning about the best military schools for boys in the United States.

I really hope this aids you in making your choice.

Best Wishes, Hope You Win!!