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The concept of a virtual assistant is not novel. They’ve been here for a long time now. The demand for them, however, has skyrocketed in recent years.

Several factors contribute to this conclusion. As an example, they provide easy access to a wide variety of administrative and business services. Another way that new businesses can cut costs is by employing virtual assistants.

No matter the reason, employing a virtual assistant is no longer a passing fad. In reality, it aids business operations and helps them save money. You need to put in a lot of time and effort to find the best candidate for the open position in your company.

To begin, research which virtual assistant websites will be most useful to you. In this respect, we can help. You can pick from one of the 10 top virtual assistant platforms we’ve listed below.

Top Virtual Assistant Websites 2023

Top virtual assistant websites 2023



Fiverr is ideal if you’d rather find your own virtual assistant than work with a third-party service. This site is a freelance marketplace where you can hire virtual assistants for $5 an hour to help you with clerical or specialized work.

In fact, Fiverr is a great place to find specialized and experienced virtual assistants who can complete your tasks with little to no supervision from you.

Intriguing, right? You can advertise your project and wait for bids to come in from independent contractors.


If you need virtual assistants in the United Kingdom, Virtalent is the place to go. From administrative support to marketing, human resources, and project management, Virtalent has the skilled virtual assistants you need, all managed by a personal client success manager.

Unused monthly hours can be carried over to the following month, and the plans are adaptable in other ways as well.

Get Magic

A YCombinator and Sequoia-funded startup that connects businesses with highly skilled virtual assistants through a proprietary application that works with virtually any service used in business today.

You have the option of hiring a personal digital assistant or delegating all of your work to the application’s team. Moreover, you have the option of selecting an hourly or monthly plan, depending on your requirements and the volume of work you anticipate.

Magic has been featured in major publications like Wired, Fortune, and Techcrunch for their work providing virtual assistants to notable clients like Truffle Shuffle from SharkTank and Memberstack.


VASumo claims to be the only place to go if you want to hire the most highly skilled virtual assistants in the United States; only two out of every hundred applicants are accepted. VASumo is unique among VA companies in that its virtual assistants are actual employees. Before they come to work for you, the company ensures that they have been properly screened, trained, skilled, and experienced.

The company provides both generalist and specialist virtual assistants, the latter of which are capable of performing over 300 distinct tasks, such as building a website or online store, sending out emails, managing sales funnels, designing graphics, and so on.

VASumo provides a task management platform through which all communications must be routed. This facilitates communication and monitoring by beginning the timer when the VA launches the app and ending it when the VA leaves the task at hand.

The company’s clientele includes household names like IBM and Disney, among others. However, the costs are still reasonable and in line with the market.

If you need assistance and want to work with qualified Americans, VASumo is the way to go.



For more than ten years, clients have trusted WoodBows as their virtual assistant provider of choice. The firm takes great pride in being among the sector’s elite. Only one percent of job applicants at WoodBows are ever hired. WoodBows offers a wide variety of options for virtual assistants. There is a personal account manager and round-the-clock access to email and phone. The assurance of prompt, high-quality service is what you get with a dedicated account manager.

Account managers at WoodBows are tasked with both lead generation and customer relationship management. The company’s goal is to provide comprehensive online support services. Therefore, WoodBows provides services like cold calling and social media management. In addition to their other offerings, the company also offers website maintenance. Customers of WoodBows include startup founders and real estate professionals. Any company interested in boosting productivity and revenue can use the company’s services. The lowest hourly rate for hiring a pro is $19.40.


The virtual assistants at Boldly make it simple for businesses to take on new projects. In the United States, this firm has established itself as the market leader for virtual assistant services. Taking the initiative to simplify inefficient business procedures is essential for any growing business.

The company provides multilingual support for its customers by employing assistants fluent in English, French, German, and Spanish. The remote workers on Boldly can also assist with the design of logos and other promotional materials. The assistant you pick can help you with writing and management tasks. These high-quality executive assistants are available for hire on a convenient monthly plan.

Apex Call Center

Customer satisfaction and new business development are top priorities at Apex Call Center. The business also offers help desks, technical support, and order processing. They only provide telephone-based virtual assistant services. The company is run by professionals from the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines.

The media and e-commerce industries are among the firm’s clientele. Besides serving businesses, Apex Call Center also assists organizations in the fields of education and healthcare. The virtual assistance service can help you with tasks like answering the phone, scheduling meetings, and writing scripts. Services such as call forwarding, payment processing, and customer billing are also provided.



Outsource2India is dedicated to eliminating manual labor from your routine processes and procedures.

Appointment and event scheduling are just two of the easier tasks that this company can help with. It’s also possible to do data entry, itinerary creation, and business card scanning. This assistant outsourcing service is also capable of assisting with more intricate tasks, such as data science and legal processing.

Depending on the specifics of your project, Outsource2India’s services can cost anywhere from $8 to $10. It all depends on how many hours you need and how expert you want the service provider to be. In addition, it will be more expensive to hire a helper who has experience. However, the cost is low enough that even individuals can afford it. Their low costs are especially attractive to smaller businesses. Costs could be as low as $15 per hour for large corporations in need of highly specialized assistance.

Fancy Hands  

The United States is home to these Virtual Assistant websites and businesses. Also, it’s intended for companies that want to hand off menial tasks like answering phones, making reservations, and the like to a third party.

You can roll over unused VA plans to the following month, they offer a third-party plugin for project management software to help you streamline your project, and the cheapest plan includes three requests for Virtual Assistant services and costs around $17.99 per month.


For businesses in need of freelancers, it is a go-to resource. It provides remote help for tasks like data entry, graphic design, social media management, and WordPress development. Membership plans are offered at a variety of price points, with monthly fees starting at $49.99.


There is no doubt that this is one of the fastest-growing and most successful online platforms for finding work in the business world as a virtual assistant. It’s a great place to meet other businesspeople and VAs from all over the world.

Whether or not a company chooses to allocate funds toward advertising open positions is a decision that is ultimately up to the company.


This site is hosted in Australia. This Virtual Assistant Websites allows businesses and individuals to find and hire independent contractors for IT, marketing, and other business-related tasks.

With this system, payment is only made after the Virtual Assistant has finished the task to your satisfaction, making it something of a hybrid between a Landmark Payment and a traditional payment system.

By design, there is no cost associated with adding a new project to the site. While you pay your freelancers, they will be charged an extra 3%.


The site provides virtual assistants with a place to publish their resumes and CVs, search for relevant positions, set up automated email notifications for new openings, save their search results, and apply for positions online with no cost.

You can find job openings posted on major job boards, in major associations, in major newspapers, and on the career pages of major corporations. Furthermore, Indeed allows employers to post jobs directly to the site.



Prialto’s sales, operations, and administrative services provide the backbone for any small business, making them a great fit for sole proprietors.

Prialto has perfected its methods over time to provide a full administration package for the sole proprietor who would rather not get sidetracked by mundane but necessary tasks.

Prialto, which was founded by Eric Taussig and is based in Portland, Oregon, employs a diverse group of people from Asia and Central America who are experts at bringing together talent and technology.

Virtual assistants who are proficient in Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Asana are available through this company, which focuses on serving sole proprietors.

If the virtual assistant (VA) is not already proficient in the software you’re using, the Prialto team will provide training at no additional cost to you. Your VA will grow along with your company and adapt to your preferences as your company’s needs change, as is their specialty. A team of backup helpers is available in case anything goes wrong.

Despite the lack of a formal refund policy, Prialto is committed to helping you through any difficulties you may encounter. Prialto has multiple layers of protection, including a backup assistant, a quality assurance manager, and secure data storage.


Belay has an acceptance rate that is lower than that of Harvard University, and it uses that to hire only the most qualified virtual assistants in fields like bookkeeping, social media strategy, website design, and general virtual assistance.

Belay takes great pride in matching its clients with a seasoned, U.S.-based, college-educated virtual assistant; in addition to generalists, the company provides specialists in areas such as bookkeeping, social media, and web design.

Belay, which was founded in 2010 by Bryan and Shannon Miles, has grown to employ more than 1,200 people who work from home.

A dedicated personal assistant is assigned to each client and is supervised by a relationship manager.

You can get a call back from the company to talk about your needs and a quote by filling out their short online form.

This is a U.S.-based company, but it caters to customers worldwide by providing services in numerous tongues. Belay will train your virtual assistant at no extra cost if they do not already have experience with your software. Your customer service representative will arrange interviews so you can meet potential hires and ask them questions. The company guarantees that they will find you a suitable match.


When time is of the essence, Magic’s 24/7 availability of college-educated virtual assistants, along with their productivity and quality assurance software that prevents missed deadlines, make them our hands-down favorite.

In 2015, Magic launched as a text-based concierge service and has since expanded to become the leading provider of rush-job services in the virtual assistant industry. The company’s main service is weekly support, for which it charges $35 per hour.

VAs only offer their services in the English language. With free signup and round-the-clock access to support, you can get started with the company right away.

The prices for Magic’s three different plans can be found by requesting a quote online.

Magic, like the other virtual assistant services we’ve reviewed, can pair you with a personal assistant who possesses the appropriate set of skills and is proficient in the software of your choosing. Magic can be seamlessly integrated with Trello to help you work even faster.

When it comes to growing a small business, this business plan is ideal. A dedicated account manager is included to make sure Magic grows with your business.

While Magic cannot promise a refund, they will work with you to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.


What are virtual assistant companies?

Businesses can outsource their administrative duties to virtual assistants provided by specialized firms. They help businesses in other locations with tasks such as customer service, bookkeeping, advertising, and management. Services provided could be more in the realm of the personal, or they could be more administrative or technical.

How can I find a virtual assistant?

Many businesses now offer virtual assistant services, and their profiles can be found on various company websites. Experts in many fields are available from the many virtual assistant companies. They also provide plans that can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Can you make a living as a virtual assistant?

While most VAs won’t get rich quick, they can make a respectable living wage. Those with only rudimentary abilities and one or two clients may only bring in a few hundred dollars a month. High-level experts, those with several years of experience, and those who have a large clientele can make $100,000 or more annually.


In an effort to simplify your life, virtual assistance businesses exist. These companies offer a wide range of services, both for consumers and businesses. Shopping, trip-planning, bookkeeping, and advertising are just some of the services on offer. Businesses can save a lot of money on payroll with the help of virtual assistant services. Companies just starting out will find this service indispensable. Numerous VAs have already received extensive training and can contribute immediately. Businesses benefit from the contractors’ expertise because it improves productivity and, in some cases, revenue.