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Many young people have acting in mind as a potential career path. Their screen heroes are engaging in risky behavior, and they want to emulate them. The acting industry may appear to be a closed door. However, with so many shows on the air at the moment, it shouldn’t be hard to land a role in a comedic spinoff.

It’s not the most on-trend option, but everyone has to get their feet wet somehow. You should take some acting classes before entering the industry. Many would give anything to be an actor in New York City, where Broadway is located. They want in, so they enroll in one of New York City’s top acting programs.

Those with star potential can find a variety of resources online. The issue arises when they try to narrow their options by reading reviews or considering their own preferences.

Talented actors have a long history of coming out of New York. The city has a thriving film, television, and theater industry, making it a top contender. It is also home to some of the best colleges in the country for studying the arts. Furthermore, a great number of vocational and other non-academic institutions offer acting programs.

Best Acting Schools In New York City

Best acting schools in new york city

The Barrow Group

The Barrow Group

Anne Hathaway, who won an Academy Award for best actress, says that she learned how to act at this theater and school. While most of the company’s offerings are aimed at professionals, anyone can join the 10-week Beginners Acting I: The Basics class. Exercises, monologues, and scene study will teach you the fundamentals of acting while emphasizing naturalism and improvisation. To showcase the talent of its alumni, The Barrow Group produces two mainstage shows per season in addition to monthly readings. Indeed, one can never tell. One day, you could be at their level.

Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts

This Off-Broadway theater company is known for its productions of new plays by emerging playwrights, but it also offers classes in acting, directing, and even playwriting at its interdisciplinary academy. Initial Steps Beginners may find it most helpful to enroll in the Alexander Technique for Auditions workshop ($320 for six sessions) offered by Einhorn School of Performing Arts, one of many available introductory classes. By coordinating your breathing with your movement, you can access your most assured self and give your monologue or performance your all. It’s an essential talent for any aspiring actor.

The New York Acting School for Film and Television

If you’re an amateur with Hollywood aspirations, you might want to check out this acting school. Mark Stolzenberg, a writer, producer, and actor, not only founded the institution but also teaches numerous courses there. The Essentials of Film Acting 110 course is recommended for those with no prior acting experience; it costs $275 for four sessions and covers fundamentals like finding your eye line, projecting emotions, and practicing your close-up. It’s not a bad idea to spend $300 (for four sessions) on The Business of Acting course, which teaches newcomers how to promote themselves, get auditions, and make a reel.

Kimball Studio

Kimball Studio

All students in the semester-long program of study ($980 for 12 weekly acting classes and three elective workshops) at this studio, founded by acting teacher/TV writer-producer Kelly Kimball, are required to enroll in either the On-Camera Crash Course or the Ballistics class, both of which are aimed at strengthening existing technique through improvisation. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to that much training, the Sunday Crash-Course Pass ($350) will allow you to drop in on any five Sunday classes. Visitors can sit in on a class for free to get a feel for the studio before deciding if they want to join.

Stella Adler Studio of Acting

Stella Adler Studio of Acting is a New York City acting school that emphasizes the importance of a strong mind-body connection. The studio doesn’t have a set process or way of doing things, but they do have a system in place that gives actors the tools and structure they need to infuse a script with their own goals and perspectives. The curriculum, which includes a professional acting conservatory, teen and summer programs, and a BFA through New York University, is highly regarded by both instructors and students.

HB Studio

HB Studio, one of the oldest acting schools in the city, can help you capture that classic New York vibe. The culture of this non-profit is what makes it stand out. HB Studio is not a university or art school but rather a place of business where art is taught and practiced. Students are expected to take initiative in their own growth and to approach the craft with humility, revealing where they feel they need to go deeper. Practicality is emphasized in HB training, which has its origins in the European classical tradition. Some of its alums include Stockard Channing, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Neighborhood Playhouse

The Neighborhood Playhouse

In its promotional materials, the Neighborhood Playhouse (which has been around since 1921) calls itself “home of the Meisner technique.” Full-time conservatory for serious students that teaches acting techniques like speech, movement, voice, and performance. There is also a six-week summer intensive to complement the two-year certificate program. The majority of the acting department’s faculty were trained by Meisner himself, and the six-to-one student-faculty ratio ensures that each student receives adequate attention.

New York University Tisch – School of the Arts

Both an MFA and an MPS in Acting are available at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. NYU Tisch offers degrees up to and including the Bachelor’s level.

At NYU Tisch, students learn from working actors and directors. This institution is among the best for studying drama, whether you’re interested in pursuing a Master’s degree or just taking a few acting classes.

The school has two locations: the main campus in Manhattan and a satellite campus on Randall Island. Residence halls are available on the New York City campus.

Robert De Niro is just one of the many illustrious former students of Tisch. In 1967, De Niro graduated with an MFA from the university, and only three years later did he direct his first film. Among his many accolades, he has won two Academy Awards for acting (Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor) and been nominated for many more.

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy

There is a one-year Acting Conservatory diploma and a two-year Acting for Film and Television degree available at New York Film Academy. There are a variety of film-related courses available for certification at this institution.

Classes in Acting for the Camera, Script Analysis, Lighting, Sound Logic, Advanced Camera Techniques, Cinematography I & II, Anatomy of Stage Combat Systems I & II, and more are all part of the curriculum for the full two years.

The New York Film Academy has campuses in both New York and Los Angeles. Greenwich Village is home to their New York City campus, while Hollywood Boulevard is where you’ll find their Los Angeles location. Dorms, apartments with shared bathrooms, and private apartments with a bathroom and kitchenette are all available.

NYFA is the city’s longest running acting program, having opened its doors in 1978. Alumni play an important role in assisting current students and recent grads in the job search process.

Acting for Film I & II, Audition Technique, Voiceover Workshop: On Camera Techniques, TV Commercial Workshop, Improvisation/Script Analysis Core Class (all levels), Acting for the Camera, and Advanced Acting for Film & TV are just some of the courses offered during the summer.

NYFA cares about their students’ long-term success. The faculty of this acting school takes great pride in the fact that they, too, are working actors.

Young creatives who are interested in acting or filmmaking should enroll at New York Film Academy. Experts in their fields teach at this institution.

American Musical Dramatic Academy

American Musical Dramatic Academy

MDA began in 1979. The goal of the school is to equip its students with the knowledge and resources they’ll need to achieve their goals. Classes are held every day of the week for aspiring musicians, dancers, and actors.

The MDA Acting Conservatory offers a concentration in Musical Theater, in addition to its main Acting program. Classes are also available for actors interested in careers in animation and video games.

Teachers of the art of acting typically have professional experience in the field. Since each MDA instructor focuses on a unique set of skills, MDA students can tailor their education to best suit their interests while still receiving a well-rounded education in the art of acting. While some instructors only work with MDA students, others are available for private lessons as well.

The school’s large and active alumni base is a great resource for current students and recent grads looking for work in their field. Instructors are always available to assist students, whether they are preparing for an audition or trying to secure representation.

American Musical and Dramatic Academy prioritizes the arts above all else. They care deeply about their students and will go out of their way to help them succeed.

MDA will be there for you when the business world gets rough. If you want to be somewhere where people will encourage you to improve, this is it.

Pace University

Pace University is one of the best acting schools in the country, despite having started out as a business school in 1906. Inside the Actors Studio, a popular interview show, began taping in Pace University’s Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts, elevating the profile of the university’s acting program.

Pace University’s acting program promotes itself as “both a nurturing and rigorous environment,” with instructors like Julie Lawrence-Edsell and Jorge Luis Cacheiro. The International Performance Ensemble (IPE) is a standout among similar programs because it prepares its members for careers in ensemble theater while also offering them study abroad opportunities in places like the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Thailand.

Pace University is a great place for aspiring actors to study because of its convenient downtown location (it ranked #28 on Niche.com’s list of the Best College Locations in the United States and #71 on their list of the Safest College Campuses in America).

The New School

The New School is widely recognized as one of the best universities in the United States, having been ranked first in the category of “Best College Locations in America” and sixth on the category of “Most Diverse Colleges in America” by the website Niche.com. The School of Drama at the New School guarantees “rigorous training” with an emphasis on “authenticity of expression.”

Graduates of The New School’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dramatic Arts program leave prepared for careers in both film and television acting. Students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Theater and Performance spend three years receiving individualized instruction designed to improve their on-screen and live-stage performances.

Mark Ruffalo, John Turturro, Jon Robin Baitz, and John Patrick Shanley are just some of the actors and playwrights who have served as artists-in-residence at the New School in the past. Kathleen Searle, Shannon Stowe, and Dennis Hilton-Reid are among the current teaching staff at the institution.

Columbia University

Columbia University, the sole Ivy League institution on this list, is widely regarded as one of the best universities in the world. However, it is the Acting Program that truly sets it apart.

Columbia University provides aspiring actors with a solid foundation for their careers thanks to its faculty, which includes casting director James Calleri, Hollywood screenwriter David Klass, and award-winning writer James Schamus. It’s easy to see why this institution was placed at #6 on Niche.com’s list of the Best Performing Arts Colleges in the United States.

The Acting Program at Columbia University is extremely selective, accepting only 3.7% of applicants last year. The school is able to maintain a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio thanks to the high caliber of applicants they receive.

This concentrated method results in extensive training, but it also ensures that every graduate of Columbia University’s Acting Program is prepared for a professional acting career.


If you want to pursue a career in acting, formal education isn’t required. But the right instructor can help you level up. Going to school and mastering the fundamentals is crucial. Developing your acting chops is an ongoing process.

It takes time and effort to craft a compelling message. You can learn everything about acting at one of the schools on this list. You’ll feel more connected to the role you’re playing and more willing to show your feelings.

You should be absolutely sure that acting is your calling before committing to acting school. No one should go down this road carelessly. If you’re still not convinced, the chances of getting hired as an actor will increase if you enroll in one of the schools mentioned in this article.

If you have any doubts at all, you should consider other options. Having unwavering confidence in oneself and one’s acting abilities is essential.