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The tuition and acceptance rate of the top Portland universities are discussed in detail today. Here, you’ll find comprehensive details and all the resources you need to apply to the best colleges in Portland, including tuition and acceptance rates.

There are more than 150 colleges and universities to choose from in Portland, Oregon, so making the right decision is essential. In addition to picking the top universities in Portland, Oregon, you should also consider the local colleges.

Because of this, we have ranked and compiled a list of the top Portland, Oregon universities and colleges.

This post, I hope, will equip you with the knowledge you need to apply to any of Portland’s finest universities.

Best Colleges In Portland Tuition And AC

Best colleges in portland tuition and ac

Oregon Health & Science University 

Portland, Oregon is home to one of the best public universities in the country. With only 217 undergraduates, it is a relatively small school. Jobs in radiology and nursing are particularly sought after. Graduates of Oregon Health & Science University can expect an average starting salary of $80,000. The Oregon Health & Science University has a 92% acceptance rate, so it is a competitive school.

The student-to-teacher ratio at Oregon Health & Science University is 9 to 1, and the university’s graduation rate is 98 percent.

Oregon Health & Science University has annual in-state tuition of $19,176 and annual out-of-state tuition of $ 33,666.

DeVry University of Oregon

DeVry University of Oregon

The Portland campus of DeVry University is a small, private, four-year institution that focuses on undergraduate education. Thirty-two people were offered positions in the prior statistical year, and twenty-nine of them accepted. Thirty-nine percent of those who applied and were accepted were students. There are 93 students enrolled full-time and 109 enrolled part-time.

The most common courses of study at this top university in portland are Business Administration, Administration, and Operations (Other), and Statistical Analysis / Computer Science Analyst. The acceptance rate at DeVry University Oregon is 90.6%, so getting in is challenging.

At DeVry University Oregon, the ratio of students to teachers is 13 to 1, and the graduation rate is 89 percent.

DeVry University Oregon charges new students $15,835 annually or $514 per credit.

American College of Healthcare Sciences

This Top Online Colleges in Portland, Oregon is a private, nonprofit institution. This modest university is home to 741 undergraduates.

that emphasizes providing holistic health information and training via the Internet. Many students choose to focus on Alternative Medicine, Integrated Health, or Nutrition while studying at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Only 79% of students who apply to the American College of Healthcare Sciences are admitted.

The American College of Healthcare Sciences has a similar 89% graduation rate and student-to-teacher ratio (15:1).

American College of Healthcare Sciences has annual tuition rates of $9,198 for residents and $10,203 for non-residents.

Pioneer Pacific College

Pioneer Pacific College

Wilsonville, Oregon is part of the greater Portland area, and it is home to one of the best private universities in the Portland area. There are only 647 undergraduates enrolled at this tiny school.

Jobs in the healthcare industry, as well as those in restaurant management and the food service industry, are in high demand.

Graduates from Pioneer Pacific College can expect an average annual salary of $26,900. Pioneer Pacific College has an acceptance rate of 100%, making the application process somewhat rigorous.

The graduation rate is 58%, and there are 9 students for every faculty member at Pioneer Pacific College.

Furthermore, a year of study at Pioneer Pacific College will set you back $21,212.

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Portland, Oregon is home to the private Pacific Northwest College of Art. There are only 378 undergraduates at this school. The fields of illustration, graphic design, and photography are all very well-known. The average starting salary for a PNCA graduate is $20,800, and 95% of students graduate.

Concordia University – Oregon has an acceptance rate of 95%, so getting in may be difficult.

At the same time, Pacific University has a Graduation Rate of 87% and a Student-to-Faculty Ratio of 10:1.

Tuition at Pacific University is $33,265 per academic year.

Linfield College 

Portland, Oregon is home to Linfield College, a Christian-affiliated private institution. There are only 331 undergraduates enrolled, making it a relatively small school.

Nursing is the only major service provided. Nursing graduates from Linfield College can expect a starting salary of $47,300.

Accounting, business, management, marketing, and nursing are just a few of the 51 majors offered at Linfield College. Linfield College has an acceptance rate of 81%, so getting in may be difficult.

The graduation rate at Linfield College is 94%, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1.

Tuition at Linfield University is $44,062 annually.

Portland Community College

Portland Community College

Portland Community College is an undergraduate-level, two-year, medium-sized community college in Portland, Oregon. Anyone who has completed high school or earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) can enroll at Portland Community College. There are 11,542 full-time students and 16,463 part-time students enrolled.

Portland Community College offers 76 different majors to its students, with Liberal Arts, Liberal Studies, and Science being the most common, followed by Nursing and Licensing and Accounting Technology, Technicians, and Accountants. Portland Community College has a 95% graduation rate, and the average starting salary for its graduates is $39,900.

Since the Portland Community College Acceptance Rate is at 100%, the admissions process is competitive.

Both the student-to-teacher ratio and the graduation rate are high (67% and 18:1, respectively) at Portland Community College.

Also included are the Out-of-State Tuition of $25,769 per year and the In-State Tuition of $21,017 per year at Portland Community College.

Warner Pacific College

The Warner Pacific College ranks in the top eight best colleges in Portland in terms of both tuition and acceptance rate. In particular, the Warner Pacific College-Adult Program in Portland, Oregon is a private Christian university.

It’s a small school, with only 415 undergraduates. Popular fields of study and work include Business, Human Development, and Health Management. The school has a 57% graduation rate.

The starting salary for a Warner Pacific – Program for Adults grad is $37,900. Warner Pacific College has been placed at #10 among West Regional Colleges for 2019. Warner Pacific offers 28 different majors, 30 different minors, and 4 different pre-professional programs.

In addition, it awards advanced degrees up to and including a Master’s. Since every single applicant is accepted into the Warner Pacific – Adult programme, getting in can be difficult.

However, Warner Pacific College has a 23:1 student-to-teacher ratio and a graduation rate of 57%.

Warner Pacific University has an annual tuition rate of $18,633.

Lewis & Clark College

Lewis & Clark College

Portland, Oregon is home to the prestigious private school Lewis and Clark. It is a small university, with only 2,067 undergraduates. Lewis & Clark offers an excellent education in addition to its 29 majors and 27 minors.

This is one of the main reasons why it has a high acceptance rate and low tuition compared to other Portland area universities.

Jobs can be found in many fields, including science, technology, engineering, medicine, law, business, entrepreneurship, and teaching, to name a few. Roughly 79% of students make it through Lewis and Clark, and those who do earn an average starting salary of $32,100.

The admissions process at Lewis & Clark College is moderately competitive due to its 71% acceptance rate.

The student-to-teacher ratio at Lewis & Clark is 11 to 1, and the college’s graduation rate is 79 percent.

Additionally, Lewis & Clark College’s in-state tuition is $35,872 and its out-of-state tuition is $46,894.

Western Oregon University

Western Oregon University is a public institution of higher education that has been around since 1856. There are currently 4,776 undergraduates here. The 2019 edition of Regional Universities West features Western Oregon University at #63.

Sixty-one percent of Western Oregon University students graduate, and those who do have an average starting salary of $41,100.

The most common Western Oregon University majors are Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Subjects like Psychology, Education, and the Social Sciences, as well as Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies, come to mind.

With an acceptance rate of 88%, getting into Western Oregon University is a bit of a challenge.

Whereas, Western Oregon University has a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio and a graduation rate of 59%.

Western Oregon University has an annual in-state tuition of $9,198 and an out-of-state tuition of $25,653.

Reed College

Reed College is a private liberal arts institution in Portland, Oregon. Reed began operations in 1908. Located in Portland, Oregon’s Eastmoreland neighborhood, it is a residential college.

Reed ranks fourth in the United States among all universities for the percentage of graduates who earn a doctorate degree. In the 2019 edition of Best Colleges, Reed College is ranked #90 among National Liberal Arts Colleges.

A total of 79% of students make it through the program, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 10 to 1.

A similar percentage of applicants are accepted at Reed University. About 1,410 first-year students are enrolled.

Reed College’s tuition rates for in-state residents are $58,130 and for non-residents they are $76,160.

Corban University | Christian College in Oregon

Corban University was founded in 1935 as a private institution of higher education. The total number of undergraduates is 1,021. In the 2019 edition of Best Colleges: Regional Universities West, Corban University is ranked #64.

More than fifty academic areas are available to students at Corban, and there are also online graduate and undergraduate degree programs available.

There are over 50 first-year courses that are among the best in the world. Careers in business management, teaching, healthcare, government, and religious administration will all be within the reach of these graduates.

The average starting salary for a graduate of Corban University who is an adult is $37,900. With a comparatively high acceptance rate of 92%, getting into Corban University can be challenging.

The student-to-faculty ratio at Corban University is 14 to 1, and the university’s graduation rate is 49%.

In addition, annual tuition at Corban University is $33,040.

Pacific University

Located in Forest Grove, Oregon, in the Portland metro area, this private, above-average institution is consistently ranked among the Best colleges in portland. Only 1,876 undergraduates are enrolled at this tiny university. The 2019 edition of Regional Universities West places Pacific University at #21.

Also ranked #231 out of the 628 best colleges in the United States for English and #71 out of 417 for kinesiology and physical therapy

Business, Kinesiology, and Physical Therapy are three other fields that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Eighty-four percent of Pacific University grads report starting salaries of $33,400 or higher.

The 84% acceptance rate at Pacific University indicates a competitive application process.

The graduation rate at Pacific University is 64%, and there are 10 students for every professor.

Pacific University has annual in-state tuition of $45,344, and annual out-of-state tuition of $58,360.

University of Portland

This top-ranked college in Portland, Oregon is a Catholic, private institution. The St. Johns campus overlooks the Willamette River from a bluff in the University Park area of the city. Including a College of Arts and Sciences. When it comes to graduate programs in business, education, engineering, and nursing, there is no other Oregon Catholic university that can compare.

The University of Portland is also a relatively small institution, with 3,792 undergraduates and around 40 different areas of study. Commonly pursued degrees include those in nursing, biology, and psychology. The average starting salary for a University of Portland grad is $53,800.

The acceptance rate at the University of Portland is relatively low (61%), making competition for admissions intense.

The University of Portland has an 80% graduation rate and a student-to-teacher ratio of 12 to 1.

Also, the University of Portland has in-state tuition at $31,063 and out-of-state tuition at $58,980.


Why study at a college in Portland?

Portland is the most populous city in the state of Oregon, the United States, and home to a number of prestigious higher education institutions.

How much is the tuition fee at Portland universities?

School by school, tuition rates fluctuate. In-state students at Southern Oregon University, for instance, must pay $8,523 per academic year. Tuition at Reed College ranges from $58,130 for in-state students to $76,160 for out-of-state students.

Is Portland a good college?

Out of the 120 Regional Universities in the West, University of Portland is ranked first. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform on a variety of established measures of quality.

What is the lowest GPA you can graduate with?

Experts agree that in order to graduate and keep receiving federal financial aid, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.


In conclusion, these institutions are highly regarded among Portland, Oregon’s online community colleges. However, they have lost ground at Portland, Oregon’s top Christian universities.

It is my hope that this article has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision about which of the excellent educational opportunities available in Portland to which you should apply.