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There just isn’t enough time in the day for everyone to spend it on campus. If you have a family to care for or other long-term responsibilities, being a full-time student is probably not feasible given your current work schedule.

Fortunately, in recent years, online MBA programs have become increasingly popular, prompting an increasing number of business schools to introduce adaptable online MBA programs that provide a similar experience to that of on-campus programs, but in a more convenient online format.

We’ll look at some of the top online MBA programs in the country so you can pick the one that best fits your schedule and career aspirations.

Best Online MBA Programs

Best online mba programs

University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

If you don’t have at least five years of work experience, you’ll need to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to enroll in the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The average GMAT score of the incoming class was 674, and the average undergraduate GPA was 3.24. Last year, 57.9 percent of applicants were accepted into the online program at the public university. The online MBA program at Kenan-Flagler, which currently has 914 students enrolled, had a one-year retention rate of 87.4% in 2021. Each quarter of the year has its own application due date. In order to graduate, students must earn 62 credits.

University of Florida

University of Florida

No standardized tests are required to attend the University of Florida (Hough), but GMAT and GRE scores are accepted. Online MBA applicants need to submit two letters of recommendation and typically have more than six years of professional experience. The online program at the university had a 45% acceptance rate and a 92% retention rate in the previous academic year.

University of Pittsburgh

Although the University of Pittsburgh (Katz) does not mandate the GMAT or GRE for admission to its online MBA program, applicants with these scores will be given priority. Incoming students typically have a GMAT score of 589 and an undergraduate GPA of 3.35. The acceptance rate for the Class of 2021 at Katz was 92.4%, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. There are currently 250 students enrolled in Katz’s online MBA program, and after one year, 88% of them are still there. To graduate, students need to earn 45 credits and submit two recommendation letters with their applications.

University of Cincinnati

There is no need to submit your GMAT or GRE scores when applying to the online MBA program at the University of Cincinnati (Lindner), but you will need to provide two letters of recommendation. Incoming freshmen have a mean GPA of 3.42 on a scale from 4.0. As of the year 2021, 81% of applicants were accepted into Lindner’s online MBA program. Applying students have until July 31st to submit their materials for review. In order to graduate, students must earn 38 credits. International students are required to take the TOEFL, but exceptions can be made.

Indiana University

Indiana University

The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Indiana University is our top pick because of its adaptability, individualization, and reasonable cost.

Since its inception in 1999, this online MBA program has become a national leader. Students can gain a firm grasp of the fundamentals of business thanks to a curriculum that lays this groundwork. Finance, marketing, analytics, and international perspectives are just some of the electives that students can specialize in if they so choose.

Students at Indiana University can engage in lively discussion with their peers and the university’s illustrious teaching staff by enrolling in live, synchronous online courses. The purpose of incorporating group projects into the curriculum is to provide students with more opportunities to network and develop vital professional connections.

Carnegie Mellon University

A full-time MBA program may not be feasible for many people because of their other commitments (such as work and family). Carnegie Mellon University offers Part-Time Online Hybrid, Part-Time Accelerated, and Part-Time Flex programs to accommodate these students’ needs.

The Part-Time Flex program adds on-campus classes at CMU’s Pittsburgh campus to the convenience of online study, but the other two options can be completed in the same timeframe of 24 to 32 months. CMU’s Accelerate Leadership Center provides coaching, immersion experiences, and other activities to MBA students to help them develop the leadership skills they’ll need after graduation.

Ohio University

There is a Master of Business Analytics program available online from Ohio University that is distinct from a conventional MBA. If you want to focus your education on data analysis in the business world, this is the program for you.

The program covers a wide range of topics, from database management and programming to predictive and descriptive analytics. Students from any major can gain the essential technical skills they’ll need to comprehend data systems and aid their future employers in making strategic use of analytics.

Students in this fast-tracked program complete one course every seven weeks via online, asynchronous instruction.

UNC Kenan-Flagler

UNC Kenan-Flagler

The adaptability of an MBA degree is one of its many advantages. A master’s in business administration can cover a wide range of topics. The online Master of Business Administration program at the University of North Carolina gives students a great deal of leeway in this regard.

The online MBA program allows students to create a personalized curriculum by allocating more than half of the credits to electives. Students can tailor their education to their interests by choosing from among a wide range of electives, or they can focus their studies in one of six concentrations, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, or strategy and consulting.

Rice University

Getting an advanced degree like an MBA is difficult, but Rice University has a 94% graduation rate for their MBA program, so they clearly know what they’re doing.

Students at Rice University benefit from a confluence of factors that ultimately lead them to commencement. Students can return to their regular lives without major disruptions because the program can be finished in as little as 24 months. Students at Rice have easy access to the guidance and support of the school’s illustrious faculty thanks to the school’s small class sizes. The program also provides students with opportunities for face-to-face interaction on campus and in other locations.

Nexford University

Nexford University has been granted accreditation by the DEAC, an agency in the United States.

Nexford University’s MBA program is highly regarded as one of the best online MBAs due to its high level of student satisfaction, affordable tuition, and professional faculty who know how to keep distance learners interested.

Professors have the ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice by utilizing business case studies and other real-world examples. Many students have also commented favorably on their professors’ openness to providing personal as well as academic guidance.

E-commerce, AI automation, Global Business, Managing Hyperconnectivity, and Sustainability are just five of the concentrations available to students in the university’s online Master of Business Administration program. The programs are accessible to people all over the world thanks to the market-specific pricing structure.

Nexford is proud to offer a modern MBA curriculum, so you can get the online degree that will give you the most flexibility in your professional life.

The workload may appear overwhelming at first, but as you progress through it, you’ll see that it’s actually quite manageable, even if you have other obligations that require your attention.

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh

If you don’t have a GRE or GMAT score to submit with your application, the University of Pittsburgh (Katz) is a great alternative. When applying to the program, you may still submit one of these scores, but doing so is not required.

The acceptance rate at this school is a remarkable 92.4%, and you will need no fewer than two letters of recommendation to be considered.

This part-time MBA program provides flexibility by offering both traditional classroom instruction and online/hybrid options. The program’s academic rigor and flexibility have ensured its place among the best online MBAs.

University of Massachusetts

The online Master of Business Administration program at the University of Massachusetts strikes a good balance between academic rigor and convenience. This makes it workable for people in full-time careers.

In contrast to the frequent occurrence of technical issues in other online programs, this one has a very user-friendly and trustworthy interface. In addition, the professors have no problem instructing students online, and they make extensive use of real-world examples because of their expertise.

Students have many opportunities to interact with one another and with program faculty.

This MBA program has a 92% acceptance rate and requires applicants to submit either the GRE or GMAT.

University of South Florida

You can easily adapt the University of South Florida’s online MBA program to fit your busy schedule. You can turn in work when it fits into your schedule, freeing up time for things like your regular job and taking care of the house.

In case you haven’t taken an online course before, the program includes a tutorial that will teach you the ropes.

In addition, each student receives individualized attention from their professors who design unique curricula based on the individual’s history, career, and academic strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, the program’s platform provides a number of features that facilitate networking and collaboration among participants.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University offers a rigorous yet flexible online MBA program for working professionals. It has been noted by students that the program receives the same level of support as the full-time program, even though the school also offers a full-time, on-campus MBA. Furthermore, the course content is virtually identical.

This program provides a great deal of adaptability due to its hybrid format, which combines online instruction with on-campus “Access Weekends” every two months. Students can talk to their classmates and teachers directly in these meetings.

The instructors are approachable, well-versed, and competent teachers who can present the material without adding unnecessary complexity.

This graduate program welcomes recent college grads, so you don’t need to have a lengthy work history to apply. However, the acceptance rate has been relatively low as of late, hovering around 56%.

University of Southern Indiana

Applicants to the online Master of Business Administration program at the University of Southern Indiana are required to provide either a GMAT or GRE score. However, applicants can get out of paying the fee if they meet one of the following criteria: they have a graduate degree, a GPA of 3.0 or higher from their undergraduate studies, a GPA of 2.5 or higher from their undergraduate studies and three years of full-time professional work experience, or they are members of Beta Gamma Sigma. The average undergraduate GPA of incoming online MBA students was 3.28, and no letters of recommendation are required. Last year, the acceptance rate for the university’s online program was at 96%, and graduating students were required to earn 30 credits.


Is an online MBA worth it?

By earning their MBA online, thousands of working professionals have increased their earning potential and climbed the corporate ladder. Students pursuing an MBA online typically have full-time jobs, so they can quickly put what they learn into practice.

Will an online MBA increase my salary?

According to a survey of corporate recruiters conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council in 2021, the median salary for recent MBA graduates is $115,000. This is a 77% increase over the median salary for those with a bachelor’s degree only. With a median salary of $145,000, consultants with an MBA earn two times as much as those with a bachelor’s degree.

How much does an online MBA cost?

An online master of business administration degree can cost anywhere from $10,000 to over $100,000. I have some good news. Many online MBA programs are structured so that students can earn money while they earn their degree.

How long does it typically take to earn an MBA?

An MBA program can be completed in as little as one year of full-time study. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in business or a lot of work experience, you may be able to complete an accelerated MBA program and graduate in as little as a year.

Depending on the program and the student’s schedule, a part-time, online, or executive MBA can take anywhere from 18 months to three years to complete.

How can a business degree help me in my career?

If you want to start a new career or advance in your current one, getting a degree in business is a great way to do both. You can improve your chances of getting hired by impressing recruiters and HR managers with your practical skills and a reputable credential.

The 2019 class of the University of Illinois’s iMBA program at the Gies College of Business experienced similar success, according to a survey. More than half of the participants said they were promoted, offered new jobs, or accepted positions after completing the program, and those who did so saw an average pay raise of 20%.


Okay, so that was a really comprehensive look at the best options for getting an MBA online.

There isn’t a universally applicable online MBA program that works for everyone. Investigate the prerequisites, course offerings, and tuition to determine if this institution meets your needs.

A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) is valuable regardless of where you earn it. It’s not what you know, but what you can do with it, professionally speaking, that matters.

Keep in mind that a career-focused MBA program with a focus of your interest can be more useful than a more generalized MBA program.