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Many people think that universities can be roughly divided into hard and easy departments. Some people excel in the humanities and social sciences but have trouble breaking ground in the hard sciences like chemistry, mathematics, and physics. STEM students, on the other hand, prefer doing scientific work to reading and analyzing anything from books to people to languages. Where then is the point of agreement? Here are the 12 most accessible and financially rewarding majors at the collegiate level. Students benefit from not overburdening themselves while also having the potential to generate substantial annual income, either through gainful employment with a reputable company or on their own.

There are many variables to consider when looking for a simple major. Keep in mind that even if you choose a major that is simple to finish and has many well-paying job opportunities, no one can guarantee you a good job except for yourself, your resume, and your skills. Only the most competent survive in today’s cutthroat business environment. Therefore, I will list the most accessible and financially rewarding majors in higher education.

Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

Easiest college majors that pay well



Human behavior and mental processes are the subject of scientific inquiry in the field of psychology. Psychologists pursue knowledge about and insight into human thought, emotion, and action.

A degree in psychology can be applied to a wide variety of fields, from the arts to the hard sciences, depending on the student’s interests. Healthcare, education, mental health support, social work, therapy, counselling, and so on are all well-served by a wide range of public and private options.

A psychologist’s starting salary is $60,000.

Social Work

Social workers are trained to keep their cool and form relationships with clients even when things get tense, to learn new information quickly (such as legal and financial details), and to help their clients lead the happiest lives they can.

This field may be right for you if you’re passionate about helping people and have a genuine interest in studying issues like social or emotional disadvantage, discrimination, poverty, and trauma.

Beginning social workers can expect an annual salary of $38,600.


Memorizing dates and names of people isn’t all there is to history. Assessing the global impact of historical events, trends, and artifacts includes analyzing the ways in which, for example, revolutions and civil wars shaped the current governments of individual countries or how a particular belief system shaped modern thought.

Most of the time, you will be graded on written assignments that ask you to evaluate and respond to a variety of arguments.

You can take an exam at the end of your degree program or at various points throughout your studies.

Your studies will culminate in a dissertation, in which you will be expected to present an in-depth discussion and analysis of a topic related to your area of specialization.

Starting salaries for historians average $47,800 per year.

Human resources

Human resources

People are essential to the success of any business, no matter how big or small. Employee creativity and initiative are essential to the success of even the most cutting-edge companies.

Human resources facilitate communication between the business and its workers. The leaders of this section are accountable for recruiting and retaining top talent. It does so through a number of mechanisms, including hiring, instruction, pay, and perks.

Because of how important people are to the success of any business, HR professionals can count on having a secure job for the foreseeable future.

But how do you hone the abilities necessary to perform multiple of these tasks or to specialize in one? Here’s where a degree in human resources would prove useful.

Starting salaries for HR professionals are $47,300 per year.

Criminal Justice Major

Have you ever experienced a feeling of knowing what is morally right? Do you wish to assist society by educating its members to treat the law with more deference? Do you wish to aid in the transportation of justice and truth? A degree in criminal justice will get you there and make you as morally upright as your neighborhood Spider-Man.

Anthropology Major

The discipline of anthropology investigates the factors that led to the emergence of modern humans. In order to foresee future anthropology predictions, it makes use of statistical data. Similar to the study of history, this field of study tracks the rise and fall of civilizations. Archeology and the use of artifacts from throughout history to shed light on ancient human behavior are also investigated.

Philosophy Major

Studying philosophy is an exciting and fascinating pursuit. Candidates have ample opportunity to investigate and, given enough time, respond to the questions. Many people consider philosophy to be the “mother” of the hard sciences and mathematics. Those who have always been troubled by questions like “what is real,” “what are the rising meanings of human existence,” and “what is the purpose of life on Earth,” may find that philosophy is the ideal field of study.

Communication Major

Communication Major

Have you ever considered the effect that media and communication have on society? Most people aren’t afraid to share their unique viewpoints and analysis of the world’s most pressing issues and events. If you want to change the world through your words, studying communications may be the best place to begin. You’ll delve deeply into the customs of various communities, sex identities, and political contexts. There are many educational opportunities available to help you develop and hone your communication skills, which can open many doors professionally.

Education Major

A degree in education covers a lot of ground, and those who complete it are well-positioned to put their knowledge to use in the classroom and improve society. Teachers have a profound effect on students’ development as learners and people over the course of their entire educational careers. They inform us without bias and inspire us to take part in a wide range of endeavors. One of the best-paying professions, becoming a teacher can be challenging or simple, depending on your goals.

Business Administration

Studying business administration equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to take on the role of “administrator” in any organization. Any profession that involves managing a company’s finances or handling its logistics would benefit from this concentration.

Businesses are willing to pay a lot of money for administrative assistance, especially if you can help them cut costs and improve efficiency.

In addition, studying business administration can equip you with the fundamentals you need to run your own show. So, if you have the drive, the sky is the limit in terms of high-paying careers in business administration.

This is a no-brainer if you’re the type of person who enjoys logic and numbers.

Media Studies

Media Studies

The study of mass communication is a recognized academic field. Even though it’s one of the less demanding college majors, that doesn’t mean all you have to do is watch TV and movies all day. Any number of topics related to the media could be covered in this class.

The development of the media throughout time, including the effects of various forms of broadcasting and new media on modern culture.

This major could also serve as a springboard to a career in media law and policy or sociology, for instance. It’s a great major to pursue at university!

Liberal Arts

College programs in the liberal arts can range from interdisciplinary studies to single-subject concentrations. Art, art history, psychology, and English are some examples of liberal arts disciplines. Some people may find these subjects easier than, say, the hard sciences because they involve interpretation and analysis, but also a degree of creativity.

If you majored in the liberal arts, you can choose from a wide variety of occupations. A high-paying job at the end of a specific career path, say in politics, may require additional coursework or practical experience.

Creative Writing

The potential financial rewards of studying creative writing make it an appealing field of study. You might be the next Harry Potter author! The success or failure of a creative writing major’s published works will have a significant impact on the writer’s earning potential.

This is a great major if you have a vivid imagination, take pleasure in weaving tales, and appreciate the written word.

Whether or not this leads to a lucrative profession is, well, a crapshoot. That’s entirely up to you. Although success is possible with a degree in creative writing, not all graduates go on to earn six figures.


Career options for music majors range from performing to teaching. A major in music requires a lot of practice and the stress of end-of-semester assessments, so it’s not for everyone. The good news is that majoring in music does not require any rigorous science or math courses. This is a fairly major task, but it does not necessitate extensive reading or writing.

English Major

There’s a lot more to learning English than reading books. Reading novels, poems, and prose comes naturally to you; you relish pushing the limits of human expression through reading. Studying English as a major is a great way to hone your language skills, learn to analyze great works of literature, and broaden your perspective on the world.

Religious Studies Major

The major in religious studies comes next on the list of the best simple majors that pay well. Not everyone enjoys studying religion, but those with a passion for theology who are looking for a rewarding career without having to major in a science will appreciate this position for its many advantages. This is the right major for you if you want to investigate fundamental questions and discover novel solutions.

Foreign Language

Learning a new language and gaining insight into the culture of the country where that language is spoken is another popular and accessible college major. Students who commit to learning a language from another culture typically have a deep affinity for that language and a particular part of the world. Perhaps they thrived in a high school foreign language class or were exposed to multiple languages at home.

Marketing Major

One of the most popular undergraduate concentrations, marketing students learn how to create and promote a company’s products or services. If you excelled in classes like economics and English in high school, you might consider studying marketing in college. They also have a head for numbers.


How to know if a college major is easy?

The term “easy” college major is subjective. It’s a relative term based primarily on your effort, grades, and GPA in high school. Some college majors may be more manageable than others depending on your level of dedication, hobbies, and interests.

So, you should trust your own judgment when deciding on a simple major in college. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to study it for four years and pass the corresponding exams. That’s why it’s important to consider the aspects of a potential major that you find both accessible and intriguing. However, it is not uncommon for students to continue their studies in a field in which they showed promise in high school. Degrees in the areas where a student excelled academically tend to be the most accessible.

What is the easiest major that makes the most money?

The most accessible high-paying majors are as follows: Psychology Religion and the Criminal Justice System Human Services Sociology Communications Anthropological History The Human Side of Supply Chain Management Managing a Company Creativity in the Arts Promoting Products Abroad in a Foreign Language.

What is the least stressful major?

Your natural interests will point you toward the major with the least amount of stress. If you have an interest in the subject, even a challenging one won’t be too taxing. Some of the most rewarding academic tracks include media studies, astronomy, and photography.

Which college degree makes the most money?

Some college majors lead to high-paying jobs right after graduation, while others, like health, marketing, and psychology, can lead to lucrative careers in the future. Those interested in finding an entry-level job that pays well should think about photography, business administration, and sociology.


The experience of doing some tasks will depend on a number of other variables. If you can’t evaluate something objectively and it’s something you love doing, you might find that it inspires you to greater levels of creativity and originality. You may also have an easier time in that major if you find yourself needing less time to complete tasks, exercises, tests, and homework assignments. Consider pursuing a career or course of study in the area of study in which group projects are something you find enjoyable.