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The United States of America is a world-class innovator and technological powerhouse. Consequently, the transition to online education at American universities was relatively smooth. There are hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States that offer online degree programs, but which ones are the best?

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top online colleges and universities in the United States, so you don’t have to. These schools are among the top ranked US institutions offering online degrees to international students.

We’re aware that many students from outside the United States would love to attend universities there but are unable to do so because of the great physical distance involved.

Due to technological advancements, students no longer need to leave their homes or go through the arduous and expensive immigration process in order to pursue higher education in another country.

Since the late 20th century, when many universities in the United States adopted online learning in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the United States has become a global leader in online education.

Want to find out which US universities offer the best online degrees? The best universities in the United States, as well as other useful information, can be found in this article.

Best Online Universities In Usa

Best online universities in USA

University of Florida – Online

UF Online is the University of Florida’s virtual campus. It provides undergraduates with access to 25 different majors and 11 different minors in fields like advertising, computer science, environmental management, psychology, and sport management. As a public university, UF Online is justifiably proud of the “Gators Online Advantage,” which it claims provides students with numerous advantages in areas such as cost, convenience, academics, reputation, networking, and research.

Students at UF Online have access to high-quality education with the convenience of asynchronous classes. More than $700 million is allocated annually for research at the university, which is carried out by its nearly 5,000 faculty members (including two Pulitzer Prize winners). Gator Pathways is an alliance of businesses and universities that helps UF Online students get ahead in their careers.

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Santa Barbara

There are five different academic divisions at the Public Ivy University of California, Santa Barbara. There are no fully online programs available at this university. Students, though, now have the option of taking many classes online.

Online learners of all ages can take advantage of the many resources provided by UC Santa Barbara, including UC Santa Barbara Extension and the Open University. There are thousands of classes available for anyone from a high school student applying to colleges to a working professional looking to advance their careers.

Purdue University

Distance education at the public Purdue University is managed by Purdue Online. Purdue University offers over two hundred online degree, certificate, and professional development programs for undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals. Agriculture, broadcasting, law, technology, and veterinary medicine are just some of the fields that can be studied.

The Purdue University system consists of four campuses: Purdue University at West Lafayette, Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Purdue University at the Northwest, and Purdue University at the Global Campus. This provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities regardless of their location. All online programs feature rigorous curriculums taught by qualified instructors and award the same degrees as their on-campus equivalents.

The application fee at Purdue is $60.

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Online is the online arm of a premier public research institution in the United States. Distance learners from outside Minnesota can still pay the same in-state tuition rate for many online programs offered by the University of Minnesota. More than a hundred degree, certificate, and licensing programs are available to students online. These options include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as minors and certificates.

The University of Minnesota offers limited live chat hours for students taking classes online. Some online professional development courses can be applied toward a degree or certificate, making them useful for those who are entering the workforce. Festival and event planning, Agile coaching, editing and proofreading, tree inspection, and business report/proposal writing are just a few of the many professional topics covered in these classes.

Golden Gate University

The city of San Francisco, California is home to the private university Golden Gate University. The campus is located within walking distance of the city’s central business district. Including business, accounting, technology, taxation, and law, GGU’s over 60 degree programs are among the most comprehensive in the country.

For those already in the workforce who want to advance their careers, Golden Gate University, which bills itself as a “university for professionals,” is an excellent option. Classes are available during the week, on the weekends, and in the evenings. GGU has a large and supportive alumni community because of its excellent academic programs, low student-to-teacher ratios, and successful career placement services. Most students receive some sort of financial aid because the school is dedicated to removing all possible obstacles to higher education.

Golden Gate University has a long history of providing education to members of the United States armed forces. GGU has been producing distinguished military graduates and assisting veterans in achieving post-service career goals for close to a century, ever since soldiers returning from World War I enrolled in the law programs.

Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to Thomas Jefferson University, a private research institution. Across its 10 colleges and 4 schools, it provides over 200 different majors and minors for students at all levels of education.

Jefferson’s “Nexus learning” program is well-known for its innovative, collaborative, and hands-on approach to education. The goal is to prepare students for a world and job market that are constantly evolving, including the possibility that their chosen careers do not yet exist. Therefore, graduates from Jefferson have an advantage that is sought after by many companies. Almost all of the class of 2021’s graduates have found jobs or continued their education.

Graduates of Jefferson’s nursing program consistently rank among Pennsylvania’s best on national certification and licensure exams. The most recent class to graduate from Jefferson’s College of Pharmacy, for instance, had a 98% success rate on the national pharmacy examination.

Florida International University

Florida International University

North Miami and West Miami-Dade County are home to the two campuses of Florida International University, a public institution of higher education. There are over 190 degree and certificate options at the university, and more than 130 of them can be completed entirely online.

Florida International University is well-known for its excellent online bachelor’s degree programs, particularly in the field of business, and for its dedicated faculty. To date, the Carnegie Foundation has designated only Florida International University (FIU) as an R1-Very High Research Activity institution in Southern Florida.

The annual Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival is held on FIU’s campus as a testament to the quality of the university’s hospitality program.

Oklahoma State University

Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University is a major public research institution that consistently ranks high on national lists. There are more than 300 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 200 graduate degree and certificate programs available.

At OSU, you can get a top-notch education without breaking the bank. In the most recent graduating class, more than half had no student loan debt. The university also has the largest student union of any university on the planet. Students at Oregon State University often gush about the school’s scenic campus, welcoming populace, and accessible faculty.

California State University-Long Beach

More than 37,000 students are enrolled in one of California State University-Long Beach’s eight colleges. Because it is part of the California State University system, it provides students with access to a huge selection of online classes. Furthermore, a Master of Public Administration degree can be earned entirely online from CSU Long Beach in as little as 24 months.

Through CalState Online, students have access to a variety of distance programs. Courses, diplomas, and degrees are all included.

University of Maryland, College Park

University of Maryland, College Park

Maryland is home to the nation’s first public university, located in College Park. It has over 40,000 students and is known for having excellent online degree programs. Through the Global Campus, students have access to over 125 fully online degree and certificate programs. These can be any level of education up to and including a doctorate.

Residents of the state pay approximately $404 per credit toward a bachelor’s degree. In addition, there are numerous forms of financial aid to choose from at this institution. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has granted University of Maryland regional accreditation.

Stony Brook University

US News & World Report has named SUNY Stony Brook the best public university in New York. More than two hundred majors, minors, and dual-degree options are available at this university. Stony Brook also provides online learning opportunities during the summer and winter terms. They also offer numerous certificate and degree programs entirely online.

Indiana University-Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana is home to Indiana University Bloomington, a public research institution. Similarly to other public Ivies, IU fits that description as well. IU-Bloomington has a student body of over 43,000. In addition, there are numerous distance learning opportunities available from the institution. With over 200 options, this is one of the most comprehensive online education platforms we’ve found.

Arizona State University

A public research institution, Arizona State University can be found in the city of Tempe. US News & World Report named it the most innovative university in the country. There are over 74,000 students enrolled. When it comes to online degree programs, Arizona State University’s online offering is among the most comprehensive. Prospective students can select from more than 300 online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

University of Texas at Austin

The culture at The University of Texas at Austin is one that encourages lofty goals and bold leadership.

Through its many corporate partnerships, the university is committed to helping its students and alums find successful careers in their chosen fields. The University of Texas at Austin offers a number of respectable online Engineering degree programs.

Boston University

Boston University, one of the largest non-profit universities in the United States, has created a secure online learning environment for college-level coursework. There is a wide selection of post-graduate degrees, certificates, and diplomas available online.

Both the Sloan Consortium and the U.S. Distance Learning Association recognized Boston University for its innovative practices in online education in the 21st century.

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is justifiably proud of its role in the eradication of polio, the development of the television, and the first successful manned flights. Pitt provides more than just a variety of high-quality online graduate and professional degree programs, however.

You may have noticed that the best US universities with an online degree program don’t offer that many online degree programs. However, don’t worry; we have information on more than 5,000 online Master’s programs at accredited U.S. institutions.


What can I do with an online degree?

With an online degree, you can do anything you could do with a traditional one: learn more, become an expert in a particular field, make valuable connections, launch a successful career, land desirable employment, pursue further education, and live a full and interesting life.

Is an online degree worth it?

Earning a degree online makes it possible to get the education you need for the kind of work you want to do, whenever you want to do it. It depends on your goals, but an online degree may be worthwhile if you want to achieve that.

Can I get a degree completely online?

Many US colleges and universities now offer 100% online degrees.

Are there Tuition-free Online Universities in USA?

There are a small number of online universities in the United States that do not charge students tuition. Take, for instance, U. of the People.

How long does it take to get an online bachelor’s degree?

The typical time to earn a bachelor’s degree through an online program is the same as that of an on-campus program, or four years. Taking into account your enrollment status and whether or not you choose to take courses during the summer terms, your total program length could be shorter or longer.

Can I transfer my credits to an online degree program?

Assuming they were earned at an accredited institution, yes, previous credits can be transferred into an online degree program. However, transfer policies vary from school to school and program to program, so it’s important to research the specifics of the online college you’re considering.


Online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the United States are consistently ranked among the best in The Best Online Universities in USA.

Since the same professors instruct both on-campus and online classes, you can expect to acquire the same level of knowledge.

This concludes our look at the 15 best online colleges and universities in the United States; which of these institutions do you find most appealing? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.