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If you’re short on cash, a side gig might be just the ticket. Do you prefer to keep to yourself? If so, you might benefit from reading up on side businesses ideal for introverts.

A lot of the best extra income opportunities for shy people are things you can do online, in your pajamas, and without ever leaving the house. Freelancing, providing virtual assistance, and selling digital products or courses are all common online side businesses for introverts.

If you have trouble speaking on the spot, it might be helpful to find a side gig online that doesn’t require much interaction with other people. If making eye contact makes you uncomfortable, the fact that you won’t have to communicate with people face-to-face is a definite plus. While extroverted people may find it easier to make money online, introverts can still do so in a variety of offline settings.

If you’re an introvert and you want to make some extra money on the side, I’ve got some suggestions for you today.

Best Passive Income Ideas For Introverts

Best passive income ideas for introverts



Blogging is a great way to make some extra money if you don’t mind writing about things other than yourself. By this, we mean that you should focus your blog posts on topics that people are actually interested in reading about online. It’s not hard to start a blog and keep it updated regularly. Investing a few hours a day in addition to a reliable computer, internet access, and spare time will yield significant results. The right content and monetization strategies can help bloggers earn $1,000 per month. Making money online through blogging can be a rewarding hobby. To succeed as a blogger, you need to provide unique content that addresses readers’ concerns. Blogs that have plenty of information but are still simple to read are more popular with readers. You have the option of focusing on a single subject or bouncing around between several. Getting started with monetizing your high-traffic blog is simple with the help of the Project 24 Course. After 24 months, this course can help you make as much as $7,000 per month in passive income from your blog.

Blogging has the potential to be a very hands-off way to bring in extra cash. Bloggers can eventually manage their sites in a relatively short amount of time. This is something you can do in your downtime or after hours. Assuming you’ve done a good job of monetizing your blog, it could be a great source of passive income if people keep coming back. Read on to find out some of the many methods available for making money with a blog.

Gaming (No Need to Face Reveal)

In recent years, the gaming industry has exploded in popularity, and now many people are making a comfortable living from it (source). You, as an introvert, have your pick of many games currently available, so you should have no trouble finding at least one that you enjoy. If you want to build a large player base, focus on games that are already well-liked. Finding out if a game is popular can be done through a Google Trends search and comparison of results. Our channel has a video that demonstrates how to do it. Streaming your gaming prowess to the world on platforms like Twitch and YouTube is one of the most effective ways to monetize your gaming passion. This includes participating in live-streamed multiplayer video game sessions. If you want to gain followers on your channel, you need to demonstrate skill at video games. Only channels with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total watch hours per year will be considered for YouTube monetization. YouTube channels with lots of subscribers and views can be used to sell affiliate products and e-books, bringing in even more money for a skilled gamer. If done correctly, gaming can become a reliable source of passive income.

A significant amount of time and energy (hours upon hours, months upon months, and years upon years) will be required initially. There are lots of players out there, so you’ll have to work to stand out. It will become increasingly passive over time if you maintain a regular posting schedule and provide content that people subscribe to and watch. Making money without having to interact with people is a huge plus for introverts, and this is why this concept is so awesome.



Being an online copywriter can be a great option for the introverted person who wants to make money without actively seeking it out. Writing articles for clients can net a copywriter $1,500 per month. Being a copywriter means providing excellent work for clients all over the world for use in blogs, businesses, etc. As a copywriter, the greater your range of knowledge, the more marketable you will be. Get paid to write about what you love doing. If you want to be a copywriter, you should get some experience writing freelance first. As your skills improve, you may decide to create a blog, add monetization features, and earn passive income. As an alternative, you can start a copywriting agency, hire writers, and increase your company’s profits without actively doing anything.

As your abilities as a copywriter grow, you may find that you can eventually do it without much active involvement. Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll have to stick to strict deadlines and produce high-quality work. It takes time to build up a personal blog’s audience and traffic, but the rewards can be substantial in the long run. Good management and coordination are essential to the smooth operation of any agency, and such work can be active at times.


Proofreading is a great online side hustle for introverts because it doesn’t require much interaction with clients.

When you proofread, you check for typos and other errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling in the text.

You can choose to proofread for a wide variety of clients, or you can specialize. For instance, you could focus on proofreading legal documents or technical documents.

Quieter, more introverted people who enjoy variety may find proofreading to be a satisfying career path. However, if you choose to focus your efforts, you may be able to replace your day job with a home-based one.

You can learn about proofreading and how to make money as a freelance proofreader with the help of a plethora of online tools, resources, and classes.

Virtual assistant

Making money as a virtual assistant is a growing field, and it’s a great side gig for shy people who are multitalented.

Often referred to simply as “virtual assistants,” these professionals aid entrepreneurs, bloggers, and corporations in a variety of administrative and organizational tasks.

Virtual assistant work is ideal for the shy and retiring because it can be done entirely online. Moreover, you can focus your offerings on the areas in which you have the most expertise and enthusiasm.

Pinterest, for instance, may be one of your favorite online hangouts. It’s possible that you have an excellent sense for identifying the most valuable pins to repin.

In other words, you might be able to use that skill set to become a Pinterest manager on the side. For bloggers and online businesses, a Pinterest manager could take care of all of their pinning needs, from design and creation of pins to branding and strategy.

Create an evergreen course

A popular way to make extra money these days is through online teaching.

Making a living as a tutor or teacher can be done online, especially now that more people are working and studying remotely.

The good news is that you can always make an evergreen course if you’d rather not teach a live class.

Making a course and then collecting payments as students enroll is another fantastic example of passive income. This is a great side business for shy people to start and maintain, with the possible exception of periodic course updates.

Among the many platforms available, Thinkific and Teachable are my top picks if you want to build and sell an online course.

Because of how intuitive their systems are, you can launch your course in no time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

One more common method of earning passive income is through affiliate marketing. The idea is straightforward. In essence, you are a salesperson trying to drum up interest in a specific item. In this case, however, rather than physically going door-to-door or making phone calls, you “sell” the product online. This means that even if you’re an introvert, you can excel at sales. All it takes is for you to master the art of online marketing.

Including affiliate links on your website is a common affiliate marketing strategy. One of the two main ways to make money as a blogger, as discussed in the blogging section, is through advertising.

If a customer clicks on your affiliate link and goes on to make a purchase (or meets the other requirements, such as signing up, etc.), you will receive a commission.

You can earn commission by referring customers to Amazon through the Associates program, which is a type of affiliate marketing. They are great for newcomers because there are few requirements to join, they sell virtually everything, and customers have a lot of faith in them.

Do you want to write about the benefits of a specific product because you love that product so much? Include an Amazon affiliate link to the product you’re recommending in your article and earn a commission whenever a reader makes a purchase through that link.

Naturally, Amazon isn’t the only option.

Many other affiliate programs exist. A simple Google search with the addition of “affiliate program” will yield results for virtually any product or business you might want to promote. Many businesses already have an affiliate program set up. You need only submit an application.

Affiliate program networks such as awin, flexoffers.com, cj.com, clickbank, and Rakuten also provide access to a wealth of affiliate marketing opportunities.


Writing an eBook and selling it online is a great alternative to blogging if you want to make money from your writing skills. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon is an excellent platform for this. Apple Books is an alternate choice.

The book, like a blog, can generate income long after you’ve finished writing it. Though you’re free to write about whatever interests you (including fiction), you’ll have a better chance of getting published if you find a topic that hasn’t been covered extensively elsewhere and devotes a book to it.

To earn eBook royalties without having to write, “low-content” or “no-content” books sold on Amazon KDP may be the way to go. Journals (diaries), coloring books, guest books, notebooks for writing music, agendas, quote books, etc., fall into this category.

Sell feet pics

If you’re an introvert and you like taking pictures of feet, whether they’re yours or someone else’s, you might want to consider selling the pictures online.

Create a profile on one of the many websites like Instafeet or Feetfinder and start selling your feet photos for cash. Many consumers are prepared to shell out big bucks for a high-quality image of a pair of feet.

Online Courses

Online Courses

Creating an online course and monetizing it is another way to generate passive income.

The most common format for these courses is video, though audio and slideshow presentations are also options. How-to guides on developing e-learning programs are abundant. Doing a quick search on Google will provide you with some excellent resources.

The option to have a professional actor serve as the video’s voice and face has opened up for those who would rather not participate. It won’t matter who’s talking if your content is fantastic.

If you already have a website, you can use that, along with social media and online course platforms like Kajabi, Udemy, and Teachable to spread the word about your newly created course.


How do introverts make money?

Blogging, selling stock photos and videos, gaming (no face reveal), online flipping, online rentals, e-commerce (dropshipping, print on demand, etc.), and domain flipping are just a few ways that introverts can make money without having to interact with others.

How much do I need to run a successful passive income generating idea?

Different conditions must be met for the realization of various ideas. You’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort into some ideas, and money into others. Take each suggestion independently and think about how to implement it.


Earning passive income can supplement or even replace your regular paycheck. Some of the concepts here will appeal to you more if you are an introvert who prefers to work in a quiet, indoor setting. The fact that you don’t have to constantly work to maintain passive income is its greatest perk. You can create a reliable income for the long term with just a few easy projects. Introverts may find some of the concepts to be taxing. The decision you make will be influenced by your desired degree of passivity and the rate at which you want to generate passive income.