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Which 2023 schools offer the best pastry arts programs worldwide?

Pastries like cakes, bread, truffles, pies, cookies, and so on are some of the most delicious foods ever. A pastry chef’s job is made more exciting by the opportunity to create delicious works of art out of pastry and baking.

Pastries are a category of baked goods typically made with flour, and are typically prepared by pastry chefs.

Many of the men and women who work in pastry shops are inexperienced bakers, but pastry chef training is available to those who are interested. They’ll get their certification, improve their employment prospects, and learn to make high-quality pastries and confections.

Perhaps you’re curious, though: what exactly are these pastry chef training programs? So why join one? What sets pastry arts programs apart from standard cooking universities? What are the requirements to become a pastry chef, and where can one find the best pastry chef training programs?

Each of these topics, and more, will be covered in detail below. Don’t leave us now!

Best Pastry Chefs Schools

Best pastry chefs schools

The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes

This prestigious school has campuses in a number of major cities, each of which provides an excellent education in the art of baking and pastry. Denver, Houston, and Seattle are just a few of the American cities that are home to prestigious art schools. Many different types of international cooking schools can be found within each art university. Certificate and associate degree programs offer competitive tuition and a high standard of instruction.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

The legendary Auguste Escoffier’s methods and skills in the kitchen are the foundation of the approved school curriculum. All levels of students, from amateurs to seasoned cooks, can find what they’re looking for at this chef school. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has locations across the United States where aspiring pastry chefs can enroll in diploma and degree programs. In addition, students have the right to access career support services long after they have completed their degree requirements.

Castello di Vicarello

If you’re interested in learning to make pastries, Castello di Vicarello is a great option. You can expect to learn how to cook like a pro if you sign up to be a member. The institute is actually a luxury hotel in the Tuscan countryside, where the wealthy can enjoy the warm weather and fresh air of the Mediterranean. Short professional courses, such as diplomas, are their main offering. You could get a master class in baking bread and pasta at the castle.

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

One of the best schools for aspiring chefs is Le Cordon Bleu. Paris, France is home to the organization’s main office. Graduates from that institution consistently rank among the world’s best in their fields. Their pastry chef training program is open to applicants across the United States, including in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Maimi.

Culinary School in France

Jacques Torres, a living legend in the world of pastry chefs, created the curriculum for the French Culinary Institute.

There are campuses of culinary arts schools in both the Big Apple and the San Francisco Bay Area. In these two locations in the United States, it is currently known as The International Culinary Center.

If you enroll full-time during the day, the program will take you 6 months to complete; if you prefer to study at night, it will take you 9 months.

The tuition at the International Culinary Center (ICC), formerly known as the French Culinary Institute (FCI), is between $38,000 and $41,000 per academic year.

The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America

Hyde Park, New York is home to the world-famous Culinary Institute of America, which is known for its commitment to producing only the best chefs in the industry.

Everything related to cooking can be learned at this school. They provide a 21-month Baking and Pastry Arts Associate in Occupational Studies AOS program in addition to a 38-month Baking and Pastry Arts Bachelor’s program.

The program consists of a few weeks of externship during which participants receive instruction and practical experience in running a bakery.

The cost of attendance, on average more than $40,000 per year, may be reduced by grants and scholarships offered by the institution.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

The legendary Auguste Escoffier’s methods and skills in the kitchen are the foundation of the approved school curriculum.

The culinary and baking arts are the focus of study at this institution, which welcomes both novices and seasoned cooks.

The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has locations throughout the United States where aspiring pastry chefs can enroll in diploma and degree programs. In addition, students have the right to access career development resources long after they have completed their degree.

The approximate cost of tuition is $22,110 (not including additional fees for things like housing, registration, etc.).

The Art Institutes’ International Culinary Schools

One of the best ways to learn about baking and pastry arts is at one of the Best Pastry Chefs Schools’ many carefully selected campuses. Art museums can be found in a wide variety of American cities, from Denver and Houston to Seattle.

Numerous schools from around the world teach cuisine at each art school. Affordable and well-respected certificate and associate degree programs are easily accessible.

You can expect to learn everything from French to Middle Eastern cooking once you enroll in one of the Best Pastry Chefs Schools. You can join this course if you choose to focus solely on Pastry Art.

Institute of Culinary Education of New England

Institute of Culinary Education of New England

The New England Culinary Institute was founded in 1980 in England, and its American outpost is in Vermont.

The finest chefs for the world’s finest hotels, resorts, villas, and cruise ships have all been trained at the Best Pastry Chefs Schools.

The total cost of attendance is $40,221 if no financial aid is received, but this amount can be reduced by up to 30% if federal or institutional grants are used to cover some or all of the cost.

Baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, food and beverage management, and other related programs can be found at some of the Best Pastry Chefs Schools. After only a few years in operation, it has already risen to the top of numerous international rankings of culinary schools.

The School of Crafted Food

Nottingham, United Kingdom’s Sherwood Forest is where you’ll find it. It is well-known for its in-depth courses on baking, cheesemaking, and other artisanal specialties. When it comes to honing one’s culinary skills, the School of Artisan Food is among the best in all of Europe.

If you’re a chef who’s interested in learning more advanced skills, this school might be for you. Former students have praised the Best Pastry Chefs Schools for providing excellent, specialized instruction in a welcoming environment.

Kendall College School of Culinary Arts

When it comes to training pastry chefs, Kendall College ranks among the very best. The Kendall College School of Culinary Arts has had a significant impact on international cuisine, as attested to by the world’s finest pastry chefs working in the finest restaurants.

Kendall University has a stellar reputation in the United States and around the world. It has made a name for itself by championing new ideas in the food and drink industry.

Tuition for Baking & Pastry totals $8,131 (not including housing and application fees).

Castello di Vicarello

One more of the top schools for aspiring pastry chefs Around the globe, included. Castello di Vicarello is renowned as a top institution for aspiring pastry chefs. By becoming a member, you will have access to professional cooking advice.

It turns out that the institute is a posh hotel in a castle in Tuscany, Italy, where the well-to-do can relax in the warm weather of the Mediterranean.

They mostly offer short-term certificates for entry-level employment. The castle could be where you learn to perfect your bread and pasta making skills.

Pastry classes may also be available at the Tuscan Kitchen. This is a great place to be if learning how to cook at home is a new hobby for you.

Academy Of Pastry Arts

Academy Of Pastry Arts

In 2010, Chef Niklesh Sharma founded the Academy of Pastry Arts, which is now the best consortium of International Pastry Schools in Asia. It is known as the “Pastry School of Champions” among pastry chefs all over the globe. If you’re looking for the best pastry school in the world, look no further than the nine-month long Advance Diploma Pastry Program. One of its strongest selling points is the quality of the faculty, which consists of well-known professionals in their fields. These bakers have also won the Asia Pastry Cup in 2014 and 2018. The Academy’s primary mission is to provide specialized, standardized test preparation for full-time students. On top of that, workshops in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and North and South America have expanded their offerings to include on-site consulting. In 2012, the Academy established the Asia Pastry Forum, now one of the most anticipated annual pastry events that brings together some of the world’s most renowned pastry chefs, chocolatiers, master bakers, and avant-garde chefs.


The Italian company Silikomart opened a new training center in 2015 called Hangar 78. It is being billed as a hub for research and development into novel approaches to pastry design, with two classrooms already in operation. The primary one has 16 “stalls,” or fully-equipped workspaces, for practicing in. As for the second, it can fit up to 24 people and is where some of the best pastry chefs in the world show off their skills and teach classes to professionals and amateurs alike. Three months of full-time study with renowned international pastry chefs is required for the Master of Pastry Innovation degree. Choux pastry, macarons, petit gâteaux, and panettones are just a few of the treats that will be discussed and demonstrated throughout the duration of this course. The facility also hosts workshops for both experts and novices.

Pastry Concept

After more than 25 years of experience in the field of pastry and more than 20 years of traveling the world teaching in companies and international schools, in 2015 Leonardo Di Carlo opened Pastry Concept, a training center to continue researching formulas and sharing knowledge with all those professionals who want to develop their performance and boost their business. Pastry Concept offers courses and scientific pastry courses for pastry professionals who wish to extend, share, and upgrade their knowledge and skills. In these courses, participants can experiment with the ingredients and their properties while learning fundamentals of physics and chemistry. In addition, a range of advisory services is available.

Le Cordon Bleu

The best training ground for pastry chefs is found at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. The college has campuses in Hollywood and Pasadena in Los Angeles, in addition to San Francisco and all the way down to Miami. They offer certificate and degree programs in baking and pastry arts. Training can be completed in as little as 30 weeks with the help of the services provided. Some of their campuses offer an accelerated associate’s degree program that can be completed in just 15 months. Le Grand Diplôme, which combines the Diplôme de Pâtisserie and the Diplôme de Cuisine, is widely regarded as the best way to launch a successful culinary career.


How long do I have to go to school to become a pastry chef?

Two years are the typical time frame for completing an associate’s degree program, while only about six months are needed to earn a certificate or diploma in the field of Pastry Arts. Coursework and practicum in a bachelor’s degree program cover the gamut of possible specializations.

How much does pastry chef school cost?

Many would-be pastry chefs opt not to further their education due to the prohibitive cost of attending an accredited culinary, pastry arts, or catering institution. Costing more than $40,000 per year, the schools below are among the best in the country for aspiring pastry chefs. Additional semester fees could drive up the price of a Bachelor’s degree’s tuition.

What is the best pastry school in America?

One of the best places to learn how to bake pastries is at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. The university has campuses all the way from Hollywood and Pasadena in Los Angeles to San Francisco and even Miami. They focus their diploma programs on baking and pastry arts.

Can you become a millionaire as a chef?

But what many people don’t know is that the restaurant business is one of the easiest industries in which to become independently wealthy. You can make a million dollars or more working in restaurants, regardless of your starting position.


The “farm-to-table” methodology is used by all the listed culinary schools.

The aforementioned schools all provide comprehensive culinary education, teaching their students everything from the origins of their food to the finer points of plating and presentation.

Students of a top-notch culinary institution will graduate with an appreciation for the importance of maintaining a safe and high-quality food environment in and out of the kitchen.