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Only by establishing oneself as a trained beauty expert can one hope to land a job as a stylist for a famous person. There is no way around going to hairdressing school if you want to accomplish this.

Trying to identify top-notch hairstyling training programs can be a challenging task. People who have seen me style my hair on my own have recently started encouraging me to enroll in a hairdressing program.

Simply put, a hairdresser’s job is to alter or preserve a client’s outward appearance through the manipulation of their hair. As a matter of fact, this is accomplished through a combination of hair coloring, cutting, and texturizing methods.

It’s interesting to note that hairstyling is a respected and well-established profession that attracts many people due to its high demand and adaptability.

Best Schools For Hairdressing

Although most hairstylists are well-versed in a variety of methods, some focus solely on:

Colorants and Dyes for Hair

  • Weaves and extensions made of synthetic hair
  • Calming and repositioning chemicals
  • Perms
  • Hair Adapters
  • Haircuts & Hairstyles
  • Braiding

Stylists will tell you that working in the beauty industry is rewarding in many ways. If you want to become a hairdresser but don’t know where to start your education, this article is for you.

Best schools for hairdressing

The Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute

When it comes to hairstyling education, this is among the very best institutions available anywhere. In 2023, the Aveda Institute, which was founded in 1977 by Horst Rechelbacher, will still be one of the best schools for barbers and stylists around the globe.

A maximum of 213 first-years are accepted each year, making the school a junior college. Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Skin Care, as well as Cosmetology Instruction and Salon Management, are some of the more out-of-the-ordinary programs offered by the university.

The starting salary for Cincinnati area graduates of Aveda Fredric’s is $27,100.

However, Aveda School ensures that all of its students receive an excellent education that prepares them for the challenges of the modern workplace.

A few names you may recognize as having attended the Aveda Institute include Hans Corbella, David Wagner, Jane Jason, and Roxana.

Pamlico Community College

Pamlico Community College has been recognized as a top institution for hairstyling education. Pamlico Community College, ranked among the top schools for barbering, also has excellent programs in business, plumbing, and electricity.

This is the name of the public university in Grantsboro, North Carolina. The college has a cosmetics program and can accept up to 161 first-year students.

However, students will learn not only the basics of working with skin, hair, and nails and the associated chemicals, but also photography, business jargon, computer skills, and product knowledge.

Paul Mitchell Schools

If you want to learn how to cut hair, look no further than this institution. It is essential that you include Paul Mitchell’s school among your options when researching barbering and beauty colleges. In 2023, Florida is home to one of the best hairstyling programs in the United States. Oviedo University is a private university in the Orlando metropolitan area of Florida.

The two most popular concentrations at Paul Mitchell are cosmetology and barbering. There are only about 135 undergraduates studying there.

It’s worth noting that the school’s manufacturing prowess isn’t limited to the hair industry. Paul Mitchell Academy – Orlando graduates can expect an average starting salary of $19,200. In addition, the school has received approval from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

Paul Mitchell is not only a household name in the world of hair care products, but it also serves as an inspiration to young people who are thinking about making a career change into the world of hairdressing.

Know that the institution’s 100 hair and beauty products can be found in over 80 different countries, stores, and online. Cotton, makeup, texturing, and nail art instruction are also included.

Hollywood Beauty Institute

Hollywood Beauty Institute

The Hollywood Beauty Institute, with locations in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, is widely regarded as one of the finest hairdressing schools in the world. This is because it provides education in a wide variety of beauty-related areas, including hair, makeup, nail technology, massage, skincare, and cosmetics.

This school primarily focuses on the academic side of beauty and hairdressing, and their programs require a minimum of 1,200 clock hours to complete. The average daytime student can complete this assignment in about 10 months, while it takes those enrolled in the evening program about 17 months.

In addition to the 500 hours of classroom time, students will also be required to put in an additional 500 to 700 hours of service or practical application.

Teachers in most disciplines encourage their students to “think and act like designers” as part of their pedagogical tenets. After completing the coursework, students will feel prepared to apply for jobs and take the state licensing exam.

American National School

The American National School of Hair Design is a top hairdressing academy. For undergraduates, American National School’s beauty programs and courses are among the best in the country.

According to the Vocational Education Council, American National University is the only beauty college in the southern United States to hold accreditation from Dermalogica, OPI, and CHI.

However, there is a program available at the institution where classes run throughout the week and even on the weekends.

Thus, this chapter discusses such topics as shampoo, related theories, chemical hair removal, conditioner, and elbows. After students have logged 500 hours, they will be assessed for promotion to the university level. Also, keep in mind that the average time it takes students to earn a Master’s degree in the field of cosmetics is 50 weeks.

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

When it comes to learning the art of hairstyling, Pivot Point Academy is a top choice. The Bloomingdale Institute of Beauty Culture is a beauty school serving Chicago and its surrounding areas.

But this top hairdressing school, founded in 1962 by a renowned educator in the field of hair and beauty, Leo Passage, offers programs in 13 different areas of study, all of which include a total of 106 classroom lectures and 68 practical sessions.

In addition, it provides six courses that cover the fundamentals: basic cosmetics, sculpture, hair design, color, texture, salon success, and Meta. Due in large part to these initiatives, the beauty industry has expanded at an astounding rate.

In addition, there is space for only 140 freshmen.

Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School

Since its founding in 1934, this institution has expanded to more than a hundred locations worldwide. Several different undergraduate cosmetology programs make this school one of the top choices for aspiring stylists in the year 2023.

However, throughout the year, this illustrious institution offers courses in cosmetology such as hair design, color, texture, basic skincare, business/retail instruction, and makeup application.

In addition, they provide courses in things like cosmetics and makeup artistry.

Therefore, the cosmetology courses offered at Empire Beauty School incorporate practical instruction. This also entails gaining an understanding of the business aspects of the field.

Marinello Schools of Beauty, Los Angeles

The Marinello School of Beauty was established in Los Angeles in 1905. Students from all over the world, both at home and abroad, can take advantage of the school’s unique educational and training opportunities.

However, the Giovanni Marinello Institute is not only one of the world’s best hairdressing schools, but also one of the oldest cosmetic schools. Further, students can tailor their aesthetic education to their individual goals.

All students have access to not only a quality education, but also the expert guidance of faculty members.

The Hair Design Institute

The Hair Design Institute

Brittany Academy of Beauty is the Hair Design Institute. In 2023, this school ranks high among the best in the United States for its focus on hairdressing.

On the other hand, there are only nine undergraduates enrolled at this private, for-profit university. The only degree offered is in cosmetology. Moreover, graduates can expect an initial salary of $16,800.

In addition, 1,200 or 1,000 hours of study, respectively, are needed to earn a Certificate. Salon management, chemistry, permanent acne treatment, hair and wrinkle analysis, and more are all covered at this school.

Keep in mind that we offer classes during both daytime and evening hours to accommodate working professionals. In events like Fashion Week, students will showcase their creations on live models.

Lake Area Technical Institute number 

With its roots in 1965, Lake Area Technical Institute has become a leader in the field of cosmetology education.

However, Lake Area Technical Institute offers a cosmetics program that can be completed in just 15 months by students from any country. It’s worth noting that the program includes 2,100 hours of instruction on topics like haircutting, styling, coloring, and design; nail care; skin care; shoe care; and arts and crafts.

Further, you need to pass the South Dakota Cosmetics Commission exam to graduate with a credential from this school. You can also learn hairstyling here, as it is widely considered to be among the top schools in the country.

The Marinello Beauty Institutes of Los Angeles

In 1905, Marinello Beauty School opened in Los Angeles. Education and training programs are available to both local and international students.

But the Giovanni Marinello Institute is not only one of the best hairdressing schools in the world, it is also one of the oldest cosmetic schools in the world. In addition, learners can customize their course of study in the aesthetics department to better fit their personal preferences.

All of the students at the university have access to expert guidance in addition to the standard academic support. In addition, it is one of the Top Hairdressing Academies in the country.

The Hair Design Institute tenth

Located in Brittany, France, Hair Design Institute is also known as the Brittany Academy of Beauty. In 2022, it will be among the best schools for hairstyling in the United States.

However, there are only nine undergraduates enrolled at this for-profit school. Cosmetology is the only major offered at this institution. Graduates can expect to make $16,800 annually.

Moreover, the minimum requirement for a Certificate is 1,000 school hours, with a maximum requirement of 1,200. Salon management, chemistry, permanent acne treatment, hair and wrinkle analysis, and more can all be learned here.

Please note that in order to accommodate working professionals, sessions are available during both the day and the evening. Events like Fashion Week provide a platform for students to showcase their creations on live models.

Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty

School of Hair and Beauty Arts, Australia Some of the world’s finest cosmetology academies can be found in Manila. The school’s curriculum is both extensive and adaptable, catering to a wide range of student preferences and needs.

Moreover, students can select from a range of 9-month long, intensive learning, training, and real-world salon work experience Diploma or Accredited Hair Dressing Courses and Makeup Courses.

It’s interesting that there are programs available on the weekends for people who have to work during the week so they can use their free time to take care of other obligations.

In 2023, the Australian College of Design and Beauty will be one of the best hairdressing schools in the world due to its focus on makeup, beauty/spa, and hair training.

Flexible training options and a comprehensive package are just two more benefits of ACHDB’s training and training courses, which cover everything from national haircuts and beauty to makeup application.


What is hairdressing?

Cutting and styling hair for the purpose of altering or preserving one’s appearance is the focus of the hairdressing profession. But this is accomplished via a number of methods, including but not limited to, hair texturing, hair coloring, and a new haircut. Despite its less glamorous reputation, hairstyling is a popular profession, drawing people in due to its high demand and adaptability.

Why Hairdressing?

To put it succinctly, hairdressing is the act of altering one’s hair to one’s liking for aesthetic purposes.

Choosing a career in hairstyling can be fascinating because you get to directly affect so many people’s lives.

When you do a good job styling someone’s hair, you have a profound impact on their confidence and sense of self-worth.

Even though there are many well-paying jobs, 45% of these occupations may be satisfying because of their nature. It’s true that not everyone is cut out for a career in hairstyling, but if you have the skills and knowledge, you could find success in this competitive field.

The hairdressing industry has proven to be highly satisfying and rewarding for its practitioners due to the positive social connotations associated with the occupation.

How long does it take to learn hairdressing?

There are shorter programs available (as little as 6 months) for aspiring hairstylists. Make sure the school is recognized by your state’s licensing board and the program’s outcomes are in line with your professional objectives before making a decision based solely on estimated completion time.


All over the world, you can find numerous hairstyling academies. Although there may be hairstyling academies in your area, that fact alone will not tell you which ones are the best. Look into some of these possibilities depending on where you currently are and where you hope to practice after graduation.

Every day at work brings new dangers. To that end, it’s important to plan ahead before enrolling in a top cosmetology program. Maintain the mandatory level of cosmetologist liability insurance. This article explains how to enroll in a health insurance plan before you even start cosmetology school.