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If you value practical experience over theoretical knowledge and are willing to put in long hours, welding could be a great profession for you to pursue.

More than 30% of the current workforce will retire by 2029, increasing demand for workers in all segments of the construction industry, despite waning interest in craft professions.

A degree in welding is not optional, and you can find them at a variety of colleges and universities.

A certificate program can prepare you for work at the entry level in as little as six months to two years.

Apprenticeships are valuable because they provide an opportunity to learn on the job and earn a salary at the same time.

If you take pleasure in constructing and fixing things, welding could be the perfect profession for you.

Because of the complexity of the equipment and the inherent danger of working with open flames, welding is a skill that can only be learned through years of practice.

After gaining this information, welders can continue to hone their craft and take on greater responsibilities in their respective fields. Now we have the details on where to find the top welding school in San Antonio, TX.

The best welding schools in San Antonio are discussed in this article, along with other relevant details.

Best Welding Schools In San Antonio

Best welding schools in san antonio

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

If you want to learn to weld in San Antonio, one of the best places to do so is at the South Texas Vocational Technical Institute. To ensure that low-income students have access to quality education, they provide financial aid.

Courses in this building can help you get ready for a job in the building or maintenance industries. Ability to function effectively in a group setting is emphasized throughout the course of study. TIG and MIG welding, shielded metal arc welding, position padding, and many other aspects of welding are given special attention in the classroom and in the workplace.

H. B. Zachry Training Center

A large 40-acre campus is home to this prestigious San Antonio institute of higher education. Everything needed to become a technician in a variety of fields is covered in detail. Some of the topics covered in their courses are welding, transportation, occupational health, environmental safety, and more.

Welding is one of the advanced manufacturing skills that is taught. For military personnel, they offer a unique welding course. Everything you need to know to start a successful welding career will be drilled into your head.

St. Philip’s College

The Welding Technologist program at S.P.C. trains students for careers in a variety of industries and settings, including manufacturing, maintenance, and oil field operations. In order to acquire the abilities necessary for success, students can gain from participating in shop activities on industrial welding equipment.

Some of the topics covered in these courses include: Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Welders; Oxy-Fuel Welding; Gas Metal Arc Welding; Advanced Gas Tungsten Welding; Layout and Fabrication; Advanced Flux Cored Arc Welding; and Internship. The purpose of the curriculum is to prepare students for successful employment upon graduation. Certification by the American Welding Society (AWS) is available on demand. Certification fees are additional to program fees.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute’s Combination Welding program is excellent preparation for a future in building and mechanical repair. Learning how to work with others is a skill that is emphasized throughout the Welding curriculum. Our Combination Welding course places a premium on practical experience and a secure learning environment.

In addition to classroom instruction, students at STVT will gain practical experience in the welding processes of their choice, including Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), Flux core arc welding (FCAW), and Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

Career & Technical Education Center

Career & Technical Education Center

Students in the welding program at the Career & Education Center learn the skills necessary to begin working in the field.

Students in grades 9-12 would benefit most from taking this class. They will learn a variety of skills and concepts related to welding and metalworking, including but not limited to safety procedures, tool use, gas arc welding, stick welding, oxyfuel cutting, and welding.

For those interested in welding, a four-year degree is recommended but not required.

After two years, participants will receive a Welding Business and Industry Endorsement.

Mount San Antonio College

Mount San Antonio College provides several pathways into the dynamic welding industry. Students interested in preparing themselves for the demanding environment of the welding industry have their choice of an associate’s degree or one of five certificates that cover a range of welding subfields.

A certificate can serve as a stepping stone to further education and professional development because it can be completed in less time than an associate degree.

The training programs educate students on the fundamentals of welding, including the language, units of measurement, precautions, and safety measures used on the job. They teach both the theory and practice of welding, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking an entry-level position in the industry.

Oxyfuel, shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, and welding gear are all covered in this training course. Get ready to take your certification to the next level. Keep reading for information about additional top San Antonio welding schools.

San Jacinto College

Community college San Jacinto was founded in 1961 and serves the greater Houston area.

More than fifty degree programs are currently available to students, including associate degrees for those interested in healthcare, construction, nursing, engineering, and business.

Students who don’t want to stay at San Jacinto College to finish their degrees are free to transfer their credits to other schools.

In order to accommodate busy professionals, the university provides a range of class times throughout the day and into the evening.

Southern Careers Institute

Southern Careers Institute

Employers value both hard and soft skills, and students who enroll in the welding program will receive a comprehensive education to help them develop both. The welding curriculum also conforms to standard certifications in the field.

Some of the best welding classes in Texas can be found at S.C.I., where students can get ready for a variety of certifications. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in a variety of welding fields.

Arclabs Welding School

Do you hope to enroll in a vocational institution? As welding is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, Arclabs Welding School can help you prepare for a promising career.

They offer a reasonable price for a comprehensive education that includes hands-on experience, professional development, and cutting-edge resources. Their courses cover the full spectrum from beginner to advanced welding techniques.

Texas State Technical College

Texas State Technical College (T.S.C.) is a large public college in Texas. With its location in Houston, Texas, the campus has a student body of over 70,000.

Established in 1968, it has since served as a premier destination for international students seeking an affordable, world-class education. The school has one of the best welding programs in the country.

School of Automotive Machinists & Technology (S.A.M. Tech)

School of Automotive Machinists & Technology (S.A.M. Tech)

The School of Automotive Machinists & Technology (S.A.M. Tech) offers machining and welding classes to students who are interested in working in the high-performance racing industry.

Houston, Texas’s S.A.M. Tech offers courses leading to an associate’s degree in addition to C.N.C. machining, E.F.I. tuning, and the machining of engine blocks and cylinder heads.

Companies like General Motors, Ferrea, CP-Carrillo, Wiseco, and championship teams in NASCAR, NHRA, and IndyCar regularly hire graduates of S.A.M. Tech’s performance racing program.


How Much Does Welding Schools Cost in San Antonio

Welding programs have different tuition rates. In contrast, welding courses at universities can set you back up to $20,000. Welding classes are shorter and cost less money than college programs, but depending on your goals, you may get more out of college.

Other than tuition, there are other expenses to think about when deciding on a welding school. Expenses beyond the initial quote may include things like taxes and administrative fees.

How long do welding training programs last?

Welder training at a vocational school can last anywhere from six months to two years, and from eighteen to forty credit hours. The time required to earn a certificate of specialization ranges from three months to a full calendar year. Typically, welding technicians earn an associate’s degree in two years.

Does SCI Offer a Welding Program?

The Southern Careers Institute offers a comprehensive welding program at multiple locations throughout the state. To assist you in making an informed career choice, we offer a blend of theoretical and practical instruction. Many businesses, from one-man operations to multinational conglomerates, have a need for skilled welders. Locate the ideal place to put your previous experience to use.

What Courses are offered in a Welding Associate’s Program?

Welding technology programs typically include coursework in physics, chemistry, blueprint reading, metallurgy, mechanical drawing, and shop math.

What classes are available in an associate’s degree program in welding?

The curriculum of a welding technology program typically includes the study of physics, chemistry, metallurgy, mechanical drawing, and shop mathematics.

Is welding school worth it?

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) of the United States, employers are increasingly requiring postsecondary welding education (B.L.S. ), so going to welding school can be useful.


Learning to weld in San Antonio, Texas, is easy if you know where to look. There are a variety of welding degrees available at today’s technical and vocational schools that can help you get ahead in your chosen field.

We can use this article to help us choose a welding school in the San Antonio area.