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This article is dedicated to discussing the smithing schools for anyone interested in becoming a blacksmith, so if you have a passion for creating objects out of wrought iron or steel, you may want to take a look.

As a profession, blacksmithing is not for the faint of heart. Find out where to go to school to become a blacksmith by reading this article.

Many of you who have previously found it extremely challenging to enroll in a blacksmithing program will now be able to do so.

Few institutions dedicate themselves solely to blacksmithing education, while others, such as courses, only dabble in the field.

However, we have diligently sought out institutions that are dedicated to Blacksmithing education and have included some colleges and universities that provide instruction in the smithing field.

After reading this article to its conclusion, you’ll have all the information you need to pick the right school for you, taking into account factors like cost, location, quality of facilities, and access to necessary materials.

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On to the next topic: a directory of blacksmithing programs.

Top Blacksmithing Schools In The World

Top blacksmithing schools in the world

Anvil Academy

When it comes to vocational training, few institutions can compare to the storied Anvil Academy. Individuals can take classes in blacksmithing, woodworking, leatherworking, sewing, 3D design, and more.

Blacksmithing lessons with anvils take place in a quonset hut at 305 N. Main St., Newberg, OR 97331.

New Agrarian School

New Agrarian School

The goal of the New Agrarian School’s blacksmithing program is to perpetuate and advance the craft of working with forged metal.

Students learn the craft of blacksmithing through a combination of workshops, lectures, and studio assistantships at this vocational institute.

Bridgetown Forge

Bridgetown Forge has been around for over 20 years, and in that time it has successfully trained over 300 people to become blacksmiths.

Classes at Bridgetown Forge, which focuses on the Japanese method of forging, are structured to meet the needs of both seasoned blacksmiths and those just starting out in the trade.

Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts

Classes and workshops at the Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts’ smithing schools cover both contemporary metalworking and the more time-honored techniques used during the WPA and in the building of Timberline Lodge. Some of the maintenance at the Summit site consists of workshops on lumber milling, rockwork, and other professions.

There is a studio area with four forges within the study rooms of one of the historic and significant buildings on the Summit campus.

New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology is a private research university located in Henrietta, New York, within the Rochester metropolitan area. In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs, the university also offers a master’s degree program in metal and jewelry design.

This certificate is among the best in blacksmithing, and it is ideal for professionals in the arts, crafts, and design who want to leave a lasting impression in their field through hard work and a dedication to the highest standards of discipline and creative principles.

The Massachusetts College of Art

The Massachusetts College of Art

Tenth from the bottom on a list of the world’s best institutions for learning the art of blacksmithing. The Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s jewelry and Goldsmithing program combines hands-on experience with theoretical problem-solving. Students learn how objects are influenced by their historical contexts as they research the methods and sources used in both traditional and contemporary ironwork. You can get some of the best training in blacksmithing at this school.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design has an annual tuition and fee total of $38,400, while the University of Massachusetts charges international students $13,700.

The best blacksmithing programs in the world are discussed in this article, so aspiring blacksmiths should attend one of them to acquire the necessary skills.

Ms. Caitlin’s School of Blacksmithing

Ms. Caitlin’s blacksmithing school in Maryland teaches students, even those with no prior experience, how to easily manipulate hot metal.

Ms. Caitlin, a professional blacksmith, has owned and operated the school for over ten years, during which time she has helped more than two hundred students.

Fleming College

Trying to find a blacksmithing program in Canada? You should make a point of visiting Fleming College. Students can take part in an artist blacksmith program to learn how to forge metal into works of art.

The cost per academic year is steep: $14,399.29 for international students and $4,682.07 for domestic ones.

Fleming College is widely recognized as a top choice for those seeking a highly personalized and adaptable education in the visual arts. The college experience is a great time to begin gathering work samples for a future portfolio.

Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing

There is only one school in Virginia that focuses solely on blacksmithing, and that school is the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing.

This institution provides courses for students of all experience levels.

Forge welding, ornamental ironwork, bladesmithing, and other related disciplines are just some of the options available to students.

The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for the school.

To master this age-old craft, students have access to a fully-stocked workshop with all the anvils, hammers, and tongs they could ever need.

Professional blacksmiths with a heart for sharing their knowledge and seeing their students succeed make up the faculty.

To master this one-of-a-kind trade, visit the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing. In this setting, students are able to get real-world experience in an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement.

Clatsop Community College

One of the schools mentioned here is Clatsop Community College, a public community college in Oregon with campuses in Astoria and Seaside. The counties of Clatsop and Columbia in Oregon, as well as Tillamook and Pacific and Wahkiakum in Washington, are all within the university’s service area.

Rochester Institute of Technology, New York

Rochester Institute of Technology, New York

RIT is a private research university in Henrietta, New York, which is part of the greater Rochester area. Degree programs range from undergraduate to postgraduate, with a master’s in metal and jewelry design being one of the latter.

The offered certification is among the best in blacksmithing and is aimed at working artists, craftsmen, and designers who have a strong work ethic and artistic ideals and want to leave a lasting impression in their field.

The annual cost of attendance at Rochester Institute of Technology is $51,240. Rochester Institute of Technology has a higher tuition rate than the national average of $40,793.

Pensacola State College, Florida

In Pensacola, Florida, for example, students can choose from more than 120 majors and degrees, many of which have an emphasis on career preparation or technical training. Many courses that can be found at other Florida universities can be found in the school’s library.

In addition, Pensacola State College is a great place to learn about and hone your blacksmithing skills.

Pratt Fine Arts Center

When it comes to blacksmithing, Pratt is the only Northwest institution where amateurs and professionals can learn from one another. Artists of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life have access to low-cost studios with state-of-the-art equipment to learn, experiment, and create.

Ballard Forge Schools for Blacksmithing Anvil Academy

It’s true that there are only a handful of blacksmithing academies in the United States, but Anvil Academy in Ballard, Washington, is among the best of them.

The 12-week curriculum at this school is extremely thorough, covering both basic and advanced skills. Nails, hinges, and even works of art are among the things that students learn to forge.

To my knowledge, Anvil Academy is the only institution that educates students in both traditional and contemporary blacksmithing methods.

Students gain experience with both classic materials like iron and steel and cutting-edge ones like aluminum and titanium.

Students can put their newfound knowledge to use in the school’s fully-stocked lab. Aside from the regular workshops, they occasionally host workshops on specialized topics such as Damascus steel and pattern welding.

Austin Community College is located in Austin, Texas.

You can find yet another blacksmithing academy here. Despite the wide range of applications and careers available in welding technology and blacksmithing, many people remain uneducated about these fields. Due to the breadth of the field, there is an app for practically every type of person. It’s not an exaggeration to say that our students learn about everything from tiny screws to enormous structures.

Austin Community College meets the needs of the expanding workforce by offering a wide range of Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees, in addition to a number of certificates and a Business Skills Award.

Massachusetts College of Art is a public art school in Boston, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts College of Art’s Jewelry and Goldsmith’s Program emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical application. To better understand the historical context of ironworks, students look into the techniques and goals of both historical and modern ironwork. When it comes to learning blacksmithing, this is one of the best institutions in the country.

International students at the University of Massachusetts pay $38,400 for tuition and fees, while those at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design pay $13,700.

If you want to learn the trade of blacksmithing, this is one of the best institutions to do so.

Fire Horse Forge

Fire Horse Forge

The state of Washington is a great place to attend a bladesmithing or blacksmithing school. To get things done right, head on over to Fire Horse Forge. Classes are available for both novice and seasoned blacksmiths.

You should know that the founder, David, has more than 30 years of experience in this field and has decided to share that knowledge with his students.


Do blacksmiths make good money?

The ancient craft of blacksmithing is making a comeback. Not as many people practice it as once did, but blacksmithing is still respected for the unique objects it can produce.

Blacksmiths create metalware by heating the metal and then shaping it with tools.

Blacksmithing comes in many forms, each of which calls for a special set of skills. Blacksmithing is a highly lucrative profession because it requires a high level of skill.

Learn to create works of art and practicality out of metal at one of the many blacksmithing schools around the world.

Is blacksmithing still in demand?

Traditional blacksmithing skills are in high demand because of their durability and longevity. Metal is still shaped using heat and force, but tools and techniques have changed over time.

While some academic institutions do offer blacksmithing courses, most students learn the trade on the job or through self-study resources like YouTube videos.

From forging door hinges by hand to fabricating unique metalwork for buildings, blacksmiths are in high demand.

What are the requirements to begin blacksmithing?

For beginners, World Scholarship Vault suggests taking a class and learning from a seasoned blacksmith. Once you’ve learned the fundamentals and safety procedures, you can set up a blacksmith shop in your very own garage. You can gather tools and safety equipment like a forge, anvil, tongs, and hammer. Find pre-owned versions of these items at farm auctions or through your community’s blacksmith association to save money on what could otherwise be a very pricey venture.

How many years does it take to become a blacksmith?

It takes anywhere from four to eight years of hard work and dedication in the fields to become a skilled blacksmith. To run a successful blacksmithing business, you need at least this amount to invest in your education and training.

At the age of 16, you can begin training to become a blacksmith, and by the time you’re in your early 20s, you’ll know everything there is to know about the trade.


The craft of blacksmithing is enjoying a renaissance in recent years.

Learn this ancient art at one of the many reputable institutions in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere in the world. This article provides a summary of those steps.

So, go to one of these institutions if you’re interested in learning the art of metalworking and creating functional or decorative pieces.