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The desire for a high-paying job is universal. You’ve put in the time and money into your education, so of course you want to make that into something that pays well. That said, it’s not a stroll in the park. Significant shifts in the labor market have resulted from the global pandemic and the accompanying digital transformation and technological advances. We have compiled a list of some of the best paying jobs in India to make your search easier.

There is no shortage of well-paying careers, but it is important to remember that salary expectations differ from one company or industry to the next. Your starting salary will be determined by your level of education, your skill set, and your years of experience. There are a wide variety of paths that lead to the best possible salary, regardless of whether you are a recent graduate, mid-career professional, or seasoned expert. The 11 highest paying jobs in India to look out for in 2023 are on our list. When looking for the best jobs in India, salary is not the only factor to consider.

Top Highest Paying Jobs In India

Top highest paying jobs in india

Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons)

Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons)

The healthcare industry in India is a top earner. The healthcare sector is growing rapidly as a result of the epidemic’s increased demand for qualified medical personnel. Professionals in the medical field in India earn lucrative salaries, which vary by specialty (such as dentistry, pharmacy, or optometry) and by field (such as healthcare administration, nursing, or medical assisting).

Prescribe medications, administer treatments, examine patients to determine medical conditions, work with nurses and other health professionals, interpret medical tests, etc. are all typical job responsibilities for medical professionals.

In India, doctors earn an average of 10 Lakhs per year on average. Twenty-five percent or more of healthcare professionals make over 20 Lakhs a year. An average general practitioner’s salary is 6,99,142 LPA, while a general surgeon’s salary is 11,59,833 LPA.

Machine Learning Experts

Machine learning, a subfield of AI, has seen meteoric rise to prominence in recent years. Jobs in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which pay among the highest in the country, are expected to grow rapidly over the coming years. Experts in Machine Learning conduct statistical analyses and design machine learning (ML) software and algorithms for use in commercial settings. Master Machine Learning from A to Z to better your chances of landing the best jobs in India.

As of 2018, the median salary for a Machine Learning Engineer in India was 728,724. An annual salary of 501,058 can be expected by a young engineer with less than a year of experience. Professionals at the mid-career level can make as much as 698,443, and those at the senior level can make up to 1,948,718 annually.

Full Stack Software Developer

One of the highest paying jobs in India is software development, and this includes Full Stack Software Developers. Those who call themselves “Full Stack Developers” have extensive experience with both the front and back ends of software and website development. Among the highest paid professions in India, web developers create websites from scratch. If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science, you can take advantage of online opportunities to specialize in Full Stack Development and boost your marketability.

The average salary for a beginner in Full Stack Development is 375,000 per year, while developers with 1-4 years of experience can earn up to 553,000 per year, and experts with 5-9 years of experience earn 1,375,000 per year. The role of full stack developer is considered a top position in the Indian job market.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant

Since their primary role is that of financial advisor, Chartered Accountants (CA) are indispensable in every sector. There is a growing need for CAs, and the profession is among the highest paid in India.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), based in New Delhi, sets the standards for entry into the field of CA for Commerce majors.

The starting salary for a chartered accountant is around 6-7 LPA, and it can go as high as 30 LPA or more with years of experience. The average salary of a chartered accountant in India is 789,396, making it one of the highest paying professions in the country.

Marketing Manager

To ensure that the company’s products or services are promoted effectively and generate the greatest possible revenue, a Marketing Manager will develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies. Their role is expanding rapidly as they work in all facets of the industry. To enter the field of marketing management, at least a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management or Business Administration is required. Marketing managers have one of the highest salaries in India because of the creative problems they solve for businesses by developing new products and services.

Civil Services

Young Indians frequently consider careers in the Civil Services because of the prestige associated with it. This is why every year thousands upon thousands of hopefuls take the civil services exam, but only a select few are ultimately chosen. Jobs in the civil service are highly regarded because of their prestige, stability, and perks.

There are three branches of government service that ambitious individuals can join: the Indian Foreign Services, the Indian Administrative Service, or the Indian Police Service. In comparison to the other two services, an IFS has the highest average salary.

Completed college and earned a degree. A bachelor’s degree (in any field) and passing scores on the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Competitive Exams are requirements for employment in any of the aforementioned branches of government.

House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), Travel Allowance (TA), and additional benefits can add up to a starting monthly salary of Rs.56,000/- to Rs.2,50,000/- for an IAS/IPS/IFS.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

One of the fastest-growing and highest-paying industries in India over the past few years has been data science. The number of available jobs in the field of data sciences in India has increased dramatically in recent years. The rapid economic and technological development of recent decades in India is largely to blame. And it was predicted that by 2020, the number of Data Science (DS) positions in India would increase by 62%.

Over the years, it has risen to become a respected and lucrative profession. The challenges faced by businesses today necessitate the services of data scientists, who are technical analytical experts who deal with large amounts of data. Part scientist, part mathematician, part computer whiz, part statistician—that’s what a data scientist does.

A baccalaureate in a quantitative field such as mathematics, data science, pc science, or stats. Skills in analysis, technology, computer programming, data visualization, etc., are also required.

The average starting salary for a data scientist in India is between INR 6 and INR 7 lakhs.


Working as a scientist for the Indian government in agencies like ONGC, DRDO, ISRO, etc. is an excellent career option. If you’re someone who’s always been curious about the world and has a genuine passion for any area of science, then a career in science might be right for you. Prospects for growth and expansion are high not only in India, but around the world as a whole, as economies in every region seek out novel approaches.

Many aspiring Indian scientists see working for government agencies like DRDO, ONGC, ISRO, BHEL, IISER, BARC, ICAR, etc. as their ultimate career goal. Being a scientist is a respected occupation with the potential for a substantial financial reward. Being a scientist for the government is a prestigious job, but entering the field requires a lot of hard work and passing a number of tests.

If you share their scientific ambitions and are interested in a career in India, there are a number of places you can apply, each with its own set of requirements. The following are some organizations you can join:

Institutions in the Mining Industry, Aeronautics and Space, Defense, Wildlife, and countless others. Various Ministries of the Government of India.

Preparation for a career as a scientist should begin in elementary school. You’ll need science in 12 and then a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate in the field.

In India, a research scientist can expect an annual salary of about $70,000, not counting benefits.

Software Development Engineer

A software development engineer is a type of computer programmer who develops applications and other software for use on a variety of computer systems.

They are not the experts who simply code, but rather the professionals who work in-depth on the operations and development of applications and programs by providing analytical, strategic solutions and managing errors in a way that is consistent with the needs of the business.

Many major technology companies, including TCS, Udemy, Amazon, etc., have a high demand for people with this skill set.

Software Architect

A software architect is a member of the development team responsible for conceptualizing, prototyping, and implementing software systems. They configure any software issues using advanced designing skills, codes, methodologies, and processes.

Excellent leaders, they can both design and code, have a firm grasp on the inner workings of a company and communicate effectively with clients.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer

When it comes to the banking and finance industry, blockchain is the most cutting-edge technology available. Businesses often hire a blockchain engineer to oversee and maintain the system’s underlying blockchain infrastructure.

A Blockchain Engineer has in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies and related technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, R3, etc. and is fluent in a variety of programming languages, security protocols, and crypto libraries.

The rising popularity of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has made this a lucrative field in India. As a result of blockchain technology, the employment and educational landscapes have become limitless.


Which job has the highest salary in India?

Jobs in medicine, data science, machine learning, blockchain development, full-stack software development, investment banking, and product management command the highest salaries in India.

What are the highest salary jobs in India per month?

Medical doctors, AI researchers, blockchain programmers, and full-stack programmers earn the highest salaries in India each month.

Does the data science industry see a bright future?

There is a promising future for data scientists. Those with experience in the aforementioned field are in high demand by businesses. The data science market is booming, and it has a lot of potential going forward, thanks to the rise of AI and other technological developments. The demand for data scientists is rising rapidly as a result of the creation of Big Data among businesses all over the world. The field of data science has seen a surge in job opportunities thanks to advances in technology. When businesses struggle to make sense of the massive amounts of data they have amassed, a data scientist can come to the rescue. Data scientists will be in high demand from 2020 to 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.9 percent as data production increases by the millions of tons per day.

In what I should make my career?

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing in India, so if you have an interest in and knowledge of any area of technology, you should give it a shot in whichever profile best suits you.


While it’s a good idea to seek out the positions that pay the most each month in India, we wouldn’t want our readers to make their career choice based solely on the salary potential. This is because financial rewards aren’t the only thing that matters when it comes to enjoying and pursuing a professional career. We can’t deny that a good salary is important, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing a career path; you should also take into account other factors like job stability, opportunities for advancement, your coworkers’ attitudes, and the quality of the office space.

It takes a lot of hard work, determination, passion, and patience to have a promising career with the highest paying jobs in India, but it’s worth it in the end.

Not everyone is cut out to handle the increased pressure, responsibility, and workload that comes with a higher salary. Therefore, you need to be ready to take on difficulties in any work environment. Getting your foot in the door is a herculean task due to the intense competition for available positions.