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Favored majors of slackers everywhere. When deciding on a major, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind, some of which may result in a degree that requires less effort and time than others. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important considerations you should make when choosing a college major. We went so far as to recommend some majors for slackers to pursue in college.

Here is a table of contents for your perusal, outlining the article in its entirety:

Top majors for lazy students

Music Major

Music Major

If music is your true calling, then pursuing a degree in the field might be easier for you. If music is your passion, pursuing a degree in the field could open doors to professional opportunities and the discovery of your true potential.

One possible way to improve one’s chances of making it as a musician is to take advanced courses and earn a second degree in a related field. There are many opportunities for a music major to find success in the workforce.

Language and Linguistics Major 

It is possible to make a living learning one of the more than 7,000 languages currently in use around the world.

Expert linguists are needed to transcribe or translate languages that play an important role in international relations.

If you have a genuine interest in languages, this major may be a breeze to complete, as you will likely enjoy the opportunities for self-discovery that come with studying them in depth.

History Major 

History Major 

We know what you’re thinking, but before you roll your eyes, consider our number five suggestion – History. One of the most intriguing aspects of studying history is that you get to read or learn about actual events that happened in the past.

You will not be burdened with technical work or enormous problems.

Education Major

Education is permanent because it is essential to the success of any society. It’s possible that your Education Major coursework won’t be as demanding as that of more theoretical disciplines.

Those who choose to focus their studies on education increase their chances of having a positive effect on the world through the dissemination of their knowledge to others. It’s true that many jobs require teachers, but those with degrees in education have many other options.

Major in Communications

If you choose to major in communications, you’ll take classes in areas as diverse as mass media communication, advertising, and even technical writing. You shouldn’t let that worry you, though; this is a fascinating, low-stress area of study.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies

The academic field of religious studies is concerned with the study of religion, including the study of religious institutions, religious higher education, and different religious systems. A student’s ability to provide evidence in support of their claims is heavily weighted in a religious studies major.

You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with the tenets of various religious traditions and the cultural norms associated with them.

English Major

If you are the type of person who is bothered by misspelled words and poor grammar, an English degree could be right up your alley.

In order to develop as a writer and a linguist as an English major, it is essential to read widely.

Sociology Major

Sociology is a subfield of social science concerned with the study of human social interactions and group dynamics.

As part of your study, you will be observing human communities and conducting research on individual humans. Learning about different societies and people’s habits can be fascinating, and that’s why this field of study can be so rewarding.

Major in Creative Writing

Major in Creative Writing

For those students who are interested in laziness but have a talent for writing, creative writing is one of the recommended majors. Pursuing a degree in creative writing will prepare you for a career as a writer and provide you with many opportunities.

Expert writers are in high demand these days from a wide range of businesses, organizations, and people.


Which year of college is hardest?

Getting used to the new environment and the way things are done can be challenging, especially during the first year of college. Studies and surveys consistently show that first-year students are the most likely to drop out.

What is a good major for lazy people?

Here are a few more majors we think lazy students would enjoy in addition to the ones we’ve already listed. Psychology Sciences, Humanities, and the Rule of Law Anthropology Relations public/private in business

What is the quickest degree to get?

If you choose the fast track, you can earn a lot of degrees in a short amount of time. However, many believe that education, business administration, and psychology degrees are the quickest.

What is the easiest major to get online?

The easiest major to obtain online will, like the easiest major to obtain in a traditional classroom, depend on the student’s academic strengths and personal preferences.

Getting a BA in English online (or a BA in Communication) might seem like a no-brainer if you enjoy writing, for instance. What if, however, you despise penning words? Your studies, which you will undoubtedly find to be tedious and challenging, will earn you the ire of your superiors.

So what’s my point?

You should evaluate your academic strengths and weaknesses alongside your personal preferences. I wouldn’t suggest going for a bachelor’s degree in CS online if you have a strong aversion to math. A bachelor’s degree in business administration can be challenging if you dislike subjects like economics, accounting, and finance.

What makes a college major easy?

We’ve already established that “easy” is highly relative. If you have the right aptitude, background, and interests, any major can be simple. Obviously, this will range widely from one person to the next.

Looking at how well the vast majority of students in a given major are doing can give us a sense of how challenging the major might be for the average student. Many successful students may be a result of the field being “easier” than others.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has compiled a list of degree productivity, detailing the number of degrees granted and the typical GPA of graduates in each academic discipline.


If you’re a junior or senior in high school, you’re probably anxious about the prospect of higher education. Perhaps your friends have the inside scoop. They’ve settled on an academic focus and a career path.

But what if you don’t know what you want to major in yet? In other words, you’re not alone. Choosing a major is a serious commitment that should not be rushed. There are many considerations to make when choosing a major.

The sheer variety of undergraduate majors available can make major selection an intimidating task. Anxiety is common if you have not yet declared a major. After all, your chosen major will likely determine the direction of your professional life.