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Georgia is home to a number of prestigious military universities that provide students with the opportunity to learn both on the battlefield and in the classroom. By enrolling in a military college, you can get both a degree and a career in the armed forces. While others insist that all graduates join the military.

There is a wide selection of military universities in Georgia, so it’s important to research your options.

If you want to join the military and go to college at the same time, read this post. After finishing one of these programs, you will be qualified for a career in the armed forces.

Best Military Colleges In Georgia

Best military colleges in georgia

the University of North Georgia

There aren’t a lot of places that offer the best of both worlds, but the University of North Georgia does. As a result, many more opportunities will be available to students, who will be able to take advantage of them to participate in a wide range of programs, meet new people, and advance their education and professional development. Because of the variety of available campuses, it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for you.

The University of North Georgia, like the Georgia Military College, has its own Corps of Cadets. The institution is one of only six in the country to receive the prestigious State Leadership Institution designation. Participation in this program will teach you the skills you’ll need to lead effectively, whether in the military (if that’s your goal) or in the civilian sector.

Students who opt for the civilian learning path will be enrolled in the National Service Leadership Institute. It’s an excellent choice whether your career goals lie in the public, nonprofit, or private sectors. You’ll learn crucial leadership skills that will serve you well in any endeavor you undertake in the future.

A wide variety of degree programs are available at the University of North Georgia, as would be expected from one of the best military colleges in Georgia. Students have a wide variety of majors and minors to pick from, ranging from Accounting to Anthropology. In addition, there is a wide range of degree levels available, from freshman to post-doc.

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University extends a warm welcome to members of the military and their families, as do the vast majority of schools in the state. Many schools offer various perks to their student veterans as a way of saying “thank you” for their service. There are exceptional scholarship opportunities available, and some students may even be able to have their tuition completely waived.

Active-duty service members can further their careers with these programs. There is a lot of leeway in choosing courses, and in some cases it’s even possible to earn multiple degrees at once. Such adaptability makes it simple to zero in on the optimal solutions.

Finding a learning path that allows veterans to make use of their prior experiences will also be less of a hassle. Veterans can work with the school’s veterans affairs staff to find a course of study that makes the best use of their prior knowledge and training. It’s a great way to round out your education by gaining practical experience along with theoretical understanding.

Students at Georgia Southern University can pick from a wide variety of academic tracks. Courses are available at the undergraduate, graduate, online, and lifelong learning levels.

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University is an excellent option for military veterans and active duty service members. Veterans and active-duty military personnel make up the school’s diverse military community. Supporting students so they can succeed academically is a top priority for the school.

Disability counseling, assistance with job searches, and referrals to other community resources are just a few of the off-campus services available to veterans and active service members. Various undergraduate and graduate level courses and programs will be available to students. Doctoral programs, postsecondary professional training, and distance learning options are also available.

When compared to other schools that welcome military students, Kennesaw State University stands out due to its extensive collection of online resources. From the undergraduate level on up to the doctoral level, all degree programs will be available to students globally and in an entirely online format. Hybrid programs, which combine traditional classroom instruction with online components, are another option.

Multiple educational tracks are available at this university. Courses in computer science and software engineering, building science and management, business, education, and the arts are all available to students.

Strayer University – Georgia

You can further your education and take advantage of military discounts at Strayer University – Georgia. Veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families can gain a great deal from using their services. Whether your goal is to cut costs on schooling or gain access to a help system, you have a plethora of opportunities to choose from.

For those who have served in the armed forces, the Strayer Military Scholarship is one of the best perks offered by Strayer University – Georgia. This perk will allow you to pursue higher education at no cost to you, opening up a world of career opportunities you never knew existed. There is a wide range of other types of military-related financial aid available.

In addition, the school will give you credit for your military experience and education. Life experience may be considered for transfer credits depending on your education level. It’s a great way to recognize and reward students for the knowledge and abilities they’ve demonstrated in the real world.

There are currently four majors available at Strayer University – Georgia. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Associate’s degrees are all available to students. Certificate programs can help you acquire skills that will make you more marketable to potential employers.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design is up next on our list of top military schools in Georgia. When it comes to accommodating military students, SCAD ranks as the second best institution in the state. About 376 undergraduates are qualified to receive GI Bill funding.

SCAD participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Each year, 9,999 students can receive one of the maximum annual awards of $7,500.

The retention rate for full-time military-benefits recipients is 90%. Furthermore, the success rate for part-time students is half that of full-time ones.

University of North Georgia

There are only six senior military colleges in the United States, and one of them is in Georgia at the University of North Georgia. The school’s low tuition rates are a boon to anyone in the military or their families, as well as civilians who are interested in joining the United States Army. The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is one possible alternative funding source.

Veterans can find answers to questions about tuition assistance and admissions at UNG. Furthermore, there is a Student Veterans organization that works to bring together veterans and the resources they need.

Career services are also available to students at UNG. As a student veteran, you have access to resources designed to ease your transition from the military to higher education and from higher education to the workforce.

Augusta University

Augusta University is home to a Green Zone Program. Veterans have access to safe spaces all over campus thanks to this new initiative. An easier transition from military to campus life may result from this.

Augusta University is a part of a program called Yellow Ribbon. Veterans and active-duty service members can also receive financial aid for college courses.

You can get college credit for your military experience. There is a 71% retention rate for full-time students who use military benefits, and a 77% retention rate for part-time students.

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus

Georgia Institute of Technology ranks as the 10th best military college in Georgia. You can get help with your college search from the Veterans Services office at Georgia Institute of Technology. Job duties include verifying student enrollment with Veterans Affairs, assisting veterans in completing forms for educational benefits, and providing counseling to students who are veterans. It is also recommended that you check out the Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program. Grants of up to $6,435 per year are offered to as many as 40 students.

Veterans can earn college credit at Georgia Tech for their service. Military-affiliated students who are enrolled full-time have a perfect retention rate.

Georgia State University

There are several forms of support available to students in the armed forces at this university. This includes providing support through outreach activities and services designed specifically for the needs and difficulties of the military community.

The school also promotes veteran student groups and community connections. Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is an initiative that includes GSU.

At Georgia State University, the Yellow Ribbon Program can help as many as 30 students. A yearly grant of any amount could be made available to them.

More so, prior military service can be applied toward degree requirements at GSU. The full-time retention rate for military students is 82%, while the part-time rate is 86%.

Emory University

Honor and respect are due to our nation’s veterans and their families.

The Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the university share a close relationship. This guarantees that the large number of registered Veterans will receive individualized attention.

Emory is one of six institutions selected to participate in the VA Nursing Academic Partnership (VANAP) initiative. This initiative is managed by the Veterans Administration in the United States.

Emory University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Different students receive awards from the program depending on the school or department they enroll in.

Every year, they’ll get a check for between $2,5 and $20,000.

There is a pathway for veterans to receive college credit at Emory. The retention rate for full-time students using military education benefits is one hundred percent.

Columbus State University

Columbus State University offers two distinct types of education, the first being on-campus and the second being online. It also helps service members, veterans, and their families pay for college. This includes things like learning about and making use of benefits like financial aid and veteran status.

Columbus State University also takes part in the Green Zone Program. Veterans have access to “safe spaces” all over campus thanks to this initiative. As a result, this could facilitate a smoother transition into university life.

The University has joined the Yellow Ribbon program. Fifteen students each year can receive up to $1,000 in aid from the program.

Veterans can get academic credit for their military experience.

The full-time retention rate for students using military education benefits is 80%, and the part-time rate is 68%.

Middle Georgia State University

Middle Georgia State University welcomes all active duty military and veterans to campus. The University participates in the Green Zone Program, which designates secure areas across campus. Veterans will have an easier time adjusting to life on campus as a result of this.

Middle Georgia State University is an institution that takes part in the Yellow Ribbon program. Up to four students per year can receive a maximum annual gift of $500.

Middle Georgia State University now recognizes military experience for admissions purposes. The retention rate for full-time students using military education benefits is 90%, while it is only 63% for part-time students.

The University of Kennesaw State

Veterans make up the bulk of the staff in Military and Veteran Services at Kennesaw State. Soldiers, veterans, and their families are eligible for financial support.

Moreover, the Student Veterans Club might be something you’re interested in getting involved with. Through this network, service members, their loved ones, and civilians who want to help do so can communicate and collaborate on projects of mutual benefit.

For its part, the University has joined the Yellow Ribbon Program. Up to ten students each year will receive $1,000. Kansas State University accepts military service for academic credit.

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College

The Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees offered at Georgia Military College are typical of those found at public liberal arts institutions. The state has a main campus, as well as several community colleges spread out across the state.

Course enrollment on the Main Campus is open to both resident and nonresident students.

The Georgia Military College, which has received international acclaim for its work with students from underrepresented groups, is responsible for two distinct initiatives.

It is the primary goal of this Georgia military college to prepare its students for transfer to four-year universities by providing them with an associate degree after just two years of study. After that point, the school will ensure that all interested students graduate with a Master of Applied Science.

Students at Georgia Military College are not obligated to join the armed forces after graduation. However, through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program, students at Georgia Military College can earn an army commission.

Georgia’s prestigious military academy is a public institution of higher education where anyone can enroll. This requirement implies that all applicants must provide proof of a high school diploma or equivalent. It’s also widely acknowledged that the institution is a great value.

When compared to other schools, Georgia Military College stands out. The local community college is widely regarded as one of the best in all of Georgia.


Are There Free Military Schools In Georgia?

Georgia does, in fact, have free military schools. But only public schools that are owned by the government are eligible for these subsidies.

How Much Does Military School Cost?

Tuition for military school can range from $0 to $30,000 or more, depending on the school and the state in which it is located. Costs of attending a military school are typically based on two factors: the school’s prestige and its proximity to a major metropolitan area.

The annual cost of a military education is roughly $30,000.

How old do you have to be to go to military school in Georgia?

If you want to attend Georgia’s Military Academy, you’ll need to be at least 16 years old.

Is it hard to get into Georgia Military College?

If you meet the criteria set forth by Georgia Military College, gaining admission should not be a problem. The 78% approval rate is very high.


The establishment of military colleges was an attempt to bring discipline and order back into the classroom. If you want your ward to actively participate, enroll them in a military academy.

Several of the top military schools in Georgia are featured in this article, and your ward can choose the best option.