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The largest and most reputable Australian universities offering distance education are highlighted below, along with details about the courses they offer.

This article provides comprehensive information on the best online universities in Australia at the present time, which is the best way to study after the Covid19 outbreak problem.

We have many up-to-date articles on free online courses that award certificates; some focus on specific subjects, like the top-rated MOOCs in marketing, while others, like our Canadian online education resource, cover entire countries.

A free project management course certificate is available to those who complete the course-based online programs.

To return to our original topic, there are many Australian universities that provide online study options, but the following institutions are among the best.

Getting your education and certifications done online is the best course of action right now because of the ongoing pandemic and because you can study when it’s most convenient for you. Prepare yourself intellectually for when the pandemic is over by acquiring a new skill or going back to school.

You might be wondering, “How did we come up with this list of the best online universities in Australia?”

Ranking them isn’t easy, but we do our best to bring you only the best.

In order to determine the best online universities in Australia, we first conduct extensive research on all of the institutions that provide this service. Next, we rank them based on real online reviews, course depth, course flexibility, and the overall simplicity of the application process.

This is how we are able to recommend the top rated Australian online universities to you.

Best Online Universities In Australia

Best online universities in australia

University of New England

When considering overall effectiveness, UNE is the best online university in Australia. UNE ranks among the world’s top universities in the arts, business, education, and science, and it is Australia’s second largest online university. Graduates from UNE report high levels of course satisfaction and excellent starting salaries. According to the most recent national survey, UNE’s undergraduate courses are the most highly regarded. That’s 9 percentage points higher than the U.S. average.

Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University

There are larger online universities than ECU. In fact, its 7,193 online students make it the 12th largest institution of its kind. When it comes to student approval of courses, however, ECU ranks above the rest. Those fields, along with business and law, are where it shines brightest. According to the most recent national survey of college graduates, 83.6% of those who attended ECU were pleased with their educational experience. That’s a 6% improvement over the norm. Who are we to argue if those who have graduated from ECU and entered the workforce are pleased with their lives?

University of South Australia

There are more than 70 online degree and certificate programs available from the University of South Australia. UniSA has been offering online degree programs for over 25 years, making it a frontrunner among online educational institutions. Be sure to check your eligibility before applying to a degree program, as some are restricted to Australian citizens only.

University of Canberra

Online Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business administration are available through a collaboration between the University of Canberra and Ducere Global Business School. Instead of relying on traditional assessment methods like exams, students at this institution complete projects together online and submit them for credit.

Open Universities Australia

Open Universities Australia

Open Universities Australia is a portal to more than 291 accredited online courses presented by 14 top-tier educational institutions in Australia. The Open University platform is where you’ll complete your coursework and listen to your lectures, but your professors and classes will be from the university you select, and your diploma will reflect that you earned your degree from that specific institution.

Charles Sturt University

Last but not least on our list of top Australian institutions for distance learning is Charles Sturt University. It has the highest employment rate for its graduates of any Australian university due to its extensive experience as Australia’s premier online university. CSU is Australia’s largest online university and offers a wide range of courses, but its strengths lie in the areas of the arts, science, and IT.

Deakin University 

Deakin University is another top choice on our list of the best Australian universities for distance learning. The university is highly regarded for its excellent academic programs and the high standard of its graduates. The university’s programs in engineering, teaching, healthcare, and computer science are particularly well-respected.

Swinburne University Online

Online degree and certificate programs are available from Swinburne University for students all over the world. Online tutoring programs are adaptable to your schedule and are available to all college students.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Except for the fields of engineering and medicine, USQ’s high-quality degrees and adaptable course options cover virtually every topic of interest.

Southern Cross University (SCU)

The majority of SCU’s graduate-level offerings are available online, and students can make changes to the program as needed. SCU offers a wide range of online graduate-level courses.

University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Mature students, recent grads, and online students all have equal access to all academic programs at UTAS.

Monash University

Among the best universities in Australia, Monash University is a great option for distance learning. The university’s adaptable curriculum and cutting-edge resources attracted students from more than 170 countries.

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne (Unimelb)

The University of Melbourne has been a leading educational institution in Australia for over 160 years, making it one of the country’s five best universities. Given the importance placed on diversity and acceptance at this institution, it is not surprising that international students make up 40% of the student body.

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is Australia’s top-ranked institution for graduate employment, so its students can expect a cutting-edge educational experience. Since its founding 170 years ago, this university has produced many influential figures, including seven Australian prime ministers.


What Australian university ranks first overall?

The University of Melbourne fell three spots in the world rankings this year, placing at number 41. It is the top-ranked Australian university in both categories (academic reputation and employer reputation) and is a Group of Eight member.

Is online learning at university worth it?

Accredited degrees from online universities are recognized and valued in the same ways as those from brick-and-mortar institutions in many fields. Courses and degrees at the majority of Australian universities are accredited independently. Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is the national regulator of the higher education sector and is responsible for accrediting courses offered by providers without self-accrediting authority.

Remember that the degree you earn is unrelated to whether or not you complete your coursework online. While it’s true that accredited online degrees are equivalent to those earned in a classroom, there are some fields of study that lend themselves more naturally to distance learning. Online degree programs are more feasible in fields like accounting, IT, the social sciences, and business than in fields like medicine, science-based programs, and engineering, which typically require more hands-on learning.

Study options tailored to your major, professional aspirations, and life situation should be recommended to you by your chosen college or university.

What type of online learning does the University of New England offer?

Undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees, as well as Year 12 or TAFE/VET admission pathways to university, are all available through the University of New England’s online learning offering, giving students the flexibility to study around work and family obligations and at their own pace. While everyone can take advantage of the benefits of flexible study, working adults and international students stand to gain the most.

Online students typically take two subjects per trimester, which equates to about 15 hours per week of study time. CDs, DVDs, books, and other print resources supplement the modules offered online. Instructors can connect with their students through a variety of mediums, including email, online message boards and chat rooms, the telephone, and traditional on-campus intensive programs. Students at UNE can use the university’s online portal at any time to get in touch with staff, submit assignments, place book orders, view academic progress, and more.

Online enrollment at UNE is restricted to international students who are either studying remotely from overseas or who are in Australia on a relevant study visa.

What to Look For in an Online Study Program

There are many features to consider when selecting an online course. Make sure the online college you’re considering has the majors you want to study. The next step is to assess the cost and time required to finish the program. Before moving forward, check to see if the program’s time commitment and cost are acceptable.

After you’ve double-checked those critical points, it’s time to dive deeper into the software. Examine the curriculum and ensure that taking these courses will fulfill your academic goals. The program’s adaptability should also be evaluated; are you required to attend live lectures every day, or can you watch a recording whenever it’s convenient for you?

Last but not least, you should research the institution’s and the course’s credibility. Is it well-known abroad, and do its teachers have solid credentials and experience? Find online reviews written by students who have graduated from the program to learn more about their experiences.


Some of the world’s best universities can be found in Australia, and online education at these institutions has been shown to be successful.

The main advantages of studying online are flexibility, time efficiency, organization, and convenience. People in the workforce can take a class to hone their abilities, learn a new trade, or advance their careers.

Many international students from all over the world have attended Australian universities online to earn degrees and multiple course completion certificates to add to their resumes.

With an online program, you can take multiple classes at once.