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Learn more about some of the best schools for pharmacy in the country. The top universities in Missouri that offer pharmacy degrees are where you have the best chance of being accepted and thus of being able to begin your studies.

Any Missouri resident who is interested in attending pharmacy school can rest assured that they will find a welcoming and supportive learning community at one of the state’s many accredited institutions.

Missouri, United States is home to some of the best pharmacy schools in the country, which attracts many international students. In Missouri, pharmacists are in high demand due to the state’s thriving pharmaceutical industry.

The field of pharmacy is one of the most prominent in the healthcare sector. The most up-to-date market valuation figures for the pharmaceutical industry sit at around $300 million.

In this article, we look into the best Missouri colleges that offer pharmacy degrees. This article is a comprehensive resource for anyone planning to pursue a career as a pharmacist in Missouri by enrolling in one of the state’s top pharmacy colleges.

Best Pharmacy Schools In Missouri

Best pharmacy schools in missouri

St Louis College of Pharmacy

St Louis College of Pharmacy

Saint Louis, Missouri was founded in 1864 and is the nation’s location. St. Louis College of Pharmacy, one of the best accredited pharmacy schools in Missouri, is a highly regarded institution in the field of health sciences.

The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has granted St. Louis College of Pharmacy full accreditation. The Pharm. D program is available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the pharmacy school.

Many students who want to study pharmacy at the doctoral level call St. Louis College of Pharmacy home.

There are multiple entry points into the Pharm.D. program, both as an undergraduate and as a first-year professional (P1).

In addition, students can integrate their bachelor of science and pharm. D. if they wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the college of pharmacy, or they can complete prerequisite coursework prior to entering the Pharm.D. program if they do not wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy is actively connecting to partners to foster interprofessional care and expand many student opportunities, which can help you find your niche in the pharmaceutical science field.

Missouri State University-Springfield

Missouri State University-Springfield

An expansive public university in the heart of America’s Hometown of Springfield, Missouri that does not seek to profit financially from its activities. The College of Pharmacy at Missouri State University is consistently ranked among the best in the United States.

Students who want to become licensed pharmacists to serve their communities typically pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

The ability to practice pharmacy at a high level is greatly enhanced by completing the doctoral program. Pharmacy school admission is highly competitive, so getting accepted can be difficult.

Applicants to Missouri State University should, therefore, have the necessary qualifications to succeed there.

University of Missouri-Kansas City 

University of Missouri-Kansas City

The School of Pharmacy at the University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC) can get you ready for a rewarding career in pharmacy with a variety of programs to choose from and rigorous academic training.

The Pharm.D. program in the university’s pharmacy school takes a minimum of four years to complete on a full-time basis. Students interested in pursuing a Pharm.D. have the option of attending classes at any of the participating institutions.

The pre-pharmacy program and the pharm.D program at the University of Missouri–Kansas City put students on the path to becoming pharmacists after they graduate.

The pre-pharmacy program at the University of Missouri–Kansas City is a non-degree two- to three-year curriculum designed to prepare students for the Pharm.D. program in pharmacy.

Students enrolled in a doctoral pharmacy program acquire the necessary knowledge and develop the skills necessary to work as licensed pharmacists.

Following completion of the pharm.D program, the institute’s IPh.D program grants degrees in either pharmaceutical sciences or pharmacology and toxicology.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University, one of the oldest Catholic universities in the United States, was founded in 1818 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Eleven different degree-granting institutions call SLU home. SLU’s international campus in Madrid offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a new culture while furthering their education. Saint Louis University’s (SLU) mascot is the Billiken, a mythical symbol of good fortune, and the school fields 16 men’s and women’s athletic teams.

Westminster College

Westminster College

Westminster College is a 4-year liberal arts institution located in central Missouri, having been founded in 1853 by a local Presbyterian congregation. Westminster offers 33 majors and 41 minors for its undergraduate students. Westminster is home to the National Churchill Museum, which commemorates the location of Winston Churchill’s historic “Iron Curtain” speech. Westminster’s trademark columns are the only remaining piece of the original Westminster Hall, and the university as a whole is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it an attractive option for students interested in history and architecture.

St Charles Community College

The St. Louis metropolitan area is home to St. Charles Community College, a two-year public college. More than 70 associate degree and certificate programs and more than 100 online classes are available at SCC. The National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized SCC as a “Tree Campus USA” for its dedication to maintaining the campus’s natural forest.

Ozarks Technical Community College

The main campus of Ozarks Technical Community College is in Springfield, Missouri, and it is a public, 2-year institution. The university also has extension campuses in Hollister, Nixa, Lebanon, and Waynesville, Missouri. Technical education is the primary focus at OTC, but the college also provides many different general, business, and health-related programs. The Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training program offers discounted tuition to OTC students who qualify.


What Is Pharmacy?

Safe and effective drug use, as well as their discovery, production, disposal, and control, fall under the purview of pharmacy. A Pharmacist is a medical professional who specializes in drug dispensing.

Merriam-Webster defines pharmacy as “the science, craft, or profession of formulating, dispensing, and supervising the use of pharmaceuticals in healthcare.”

People interested in entering the pharmacy industry will find information about the profession helpful if they have a better understanding of what pharmacists actually do. Let’s go into more detail.

What do Pharmacists do?

In reality, pharmacists and doctors collaborate to ensure that patients recover successfully. Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing medications to patients after they have received prescriptions from their doctors.

Patients can get medication recommendations and prescriptions from pharmacists. Patients are educated on drug ingredients, drug efficacy, and common drug reactions.

Is pharmacy harder than nursing?

Pharmacy school is seen as more challenging than nursing school when comparing the two routes to a career in the healthcare industry. While time and effort are required for both paths, a career as a pharmacist requires more of your time and energy over a longer period of time.

Is pharmacy school worth the money?

The average annual salary for a pharmacist is quite generous. If you need to apply for student loans, this information may be crucial in deciding whether or not to pursue a degree in pharmacy. Although pharmacist salaries can vary by specialty and state, the national average is $128,710.

What Professional Association For Pharmacists Are In Missouri?

As a pharmacist, you’ll benefit greatly from joining a professional organization or association. If you’ve recently earned your pharmacy degree, you should join the national pharmacy association.

They provide boundless help, connections, and openings that you couldn’t find otherwise. There is tremendous strength in being part of a solid team, particularly one in which you have the chance to advance rapidly and shine.

Since it is composed of professionals from various fields and businesses, the association will look out for both your own and the organization’s best interests. Do you also recognize and belong to one of the following pharmacy organizations?

  • Associations of Pharmacists from Across the Country
  • The Pharmacy Association of Missouri (MPA)
  • Associations of Pharmacists, State


It is highly beneficial to earn a degree in pharmacy from a recognized institution. Any young person interested in the pharmacy field would be wise to consider it among the leading professional disciplines. We have compiled a list of the best pharmacy schools in Missouri to help you find the right fit, whether you’re a current or prospective resident of the state.