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If you’re thinking about a career change, consider nursing. This is a rewarding field that, according to the BLS, is expected to add jobs at a steady rate over the next decade. The challenge of figuring out how to pay for the years of schooling required to become a nurse can be daunting.

Applying for various scholarships could help you achieve your goals if the cost of education is holding you back. One grant is enough to make a significant change.

Don’t discount your chances of receiving a scholarship just because there are some requirements to meet. Nursing students of all backgrounds and interests can apply for available scholarships, including those with a focus on or history of serving in the military.

Scholarships are a great way to get the education you need without breaking the bank, whether you’re a high school senior preparing for college or a working professional looking to change careers.

Best Scholarships In Nursing

Best scholarships in nursing

AfterCollege and AACN Scholarship Fund

AfterCollege and AACN Scholarship Fund

AfterCollege is a platform that helps recent graduates find internships and entry-level jobs in their field of study. Their mission is to assist students and recent graduates by providing access to scholarship funds and opportunities to network with industry professionals in preparation for successful future careers. AfterCollege uses state-of-the-art technology to combine a graduate’s best qualities with those sought by employers and nonprofits.

To help more students afford a nursing education at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level, the AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship Fund was established. This scholarship is aimed at helping students in accelerated programs earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in nursing, with a focus on those who aspire to become nurse educators. Recipients of these scholarships will receive a $2500 quarterly stipend. All candidates must be enrolled at an AACN member institution, not merely accepted. Dates for submitting applications for nursing scholarships are March 31, September 30, and December 31.

American Addiction Center’s Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship Program

The American Addiction Center is dedicated to helping people find a way out of their addictions and into a healthier, more fulfilling life. and spending money on a full recuperation. Nursing, social work, and counseling students are seen as the frontline fighters against addiction, so their educations are prioritized. They have facilities all over the United States to help those struggling with addiction and mental health issues get the help they need. Using a dual diagnosis curriculum and evidence-based therapies, their CARF-accredited treatment centers facilitate individualized treatment plans.

These scholarships are offered by AAC to undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of behavioral health and addiction. For financial aid, you need to be majoring in a field that focuses on helping people with mental health and addiction problems, like nursing, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, or another related field. They are available to graduating high school seniors, undergraduates, and postgraduates. A personal, 500-word essay is required for entry. Each year, they give out scholarships worth $10,000.

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award Program

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award Program

To encourage and support students of American Indian ancestry to enter the nursing profession and ultimately enhance health services for people of Native American ancestry, the NSCDA established the American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award program in 1928. Nurses who receive the American Indian Nurse Scholarship typically go back to work on reservations or in other areas with a high concentration of American Indians. Men are now welcome to enroll in this program, and it no longer focuses solely on nursing as a career path but also includes health education as an option.

Scholarship recipients who maintain their academic standing each year will receive a $1500 award. The scholarship funds can only be used for tuition and certain other educational costs. Students must be at least one-fourth American Indian, be members of a federally recognized tribe, or provide direct evidence of tribal ancestry to be eligible. They must be accepted to and enrolled in a recognized institution of higher learning. A brief essay outlining your professional and personal aspirations is required as part of the application process.

Barbara Rhomberg Nursing Scholarship

In memory of Barbara Rhomberg, a nurse who died in 1995 from gallbladder cancer, a scholarship in her name was established in 2013. She had a remarkable backstory for a nurse, having started her nursing training and career after having five children. She touched many lives and was greatly admired. In honor of Barbara Rhomberg’s unorthodox path through life, the hygiene products manufacturer B4 Brands is awarding a scholarship to students who fall into the category of “non-traditional,” or those who did not immediately enroll in college after high school graduation.

This award is a one-time payment of $1,000 made directly to the school of your choice so that you can pursue an undergraduate nursing degree. This scholarship is intended for students who have taken an unorthodox route to a career in nursing, such as those who have waited at least three years between high school and college. All applicants must be currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at an accredited university.

Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship

Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship

Hispanic students studying medicine, nursing, dentistry, health management, policy analysis, public health, allied health, or health research can apply for a scholarship of $2,000 to $5,000 from the National Hispanic Medical Association at New York University. Awardees are chosen for their demonstrated leadership potential, academic success, and dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of the Hispanic community.

Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship

Only students enrolled or accepted into an approved nursing program are eligible to apply for this scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Students from the greater Lowell, Massachusetts area are given priority for this scholarship provided by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The application and the financial aid form must be submitted by the same date, February 15th.

BSN Scholarship

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Only current, paid-up members of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are eligible to apply for this $1,500 scholarship. Students must be currently employed as rehabilitation nurses with at least two years of experience and have completed at least one rehabilitation nursing course. Application packets should include transcripts, a resume or CV, a statement of educational and career objectives, and letters of recommendation. The submission deadline is June 1st.

Colorado Nurses Association Nightingale Scholarship

Residents of Colorado who are also members of the Colorado Nurses Association or the Colorado Student Nurses Association are eligible to apply for this scholarship. All applicants must be either in their third or fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, or in their second year of an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program. RNs currently working in the field who are pursuing a PhD are also welcome to apply. A minimum 3.25 GPA is required for undergraduates, while a 3.5 GPA is required for graduate students. It is required that students have intentions of working as nurses in Colorado after they graduate. The deadline to apply for the $1,000 scholarship is October 26.

Nurse Leaders for North America Scholarship

This scholarship, offered by the Global Scholarship Alliance, is open to current and debt-free registered nurses who are licensed to work in the United States. A three-year nursing degree and clinical experience in surgical, obstetric, pediatric, psychiatric, and medical nursing are prerequisites for consideration. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada. Also required is a year of post-graduate experience in an acute care setting, preferably in an intensive care unit, operating room, or emergency room. Students should also be motivated to advance their education and work in an intensive care unit. Winners of the award will receive a brand new computer and all necessary school supplies.

A Place For Mom Senior Care Innovation Scholarship

Students with an interest in gerontology and aging-related careers can apply for a scholarship from A Place for Mom. Students who are U.S. or Canadian citizens or permanent residents (excluding Quebec) and enrolled full-time at an approved educational institution are eligible to apply for the A Place for Mom Senior Care Innovation Scholarship. The school receives the full $2,000 scholarship award. The deadline for submissions to A Place for Mom is May 1. Students are required to respond to one of the following prompts with an essay or video. Tell me about the most valuable advice your grandparent or other elderly relative has given you. What did you learn from them that you plan to apply to your future work with the elderly?

Send your essay via email; it should be between 400 and 700 words in length. The applicant must either conduct an interview with the Senior or tell a personal story about the impact a Senior has had on their life in the video. Two to three minutes is a good length for the video. Safe Haven for Mam Senior Care is a major senior housing referral service. They recognize the significance of investing in the development of the senior care workforce of the future.

Aftercollege/aacn $10,000 Scholarship Fund

Scholarships totaling $10,000 are given out quarterly from the AfterCollege – AACN Scholarship Fund. Dates to apply for these scholarships are the 30th of March, June, September, and December. There are a total of ten awards, each worth $2,500, worth a possible $10,000. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral level nursing students are eligible for this award. Those who are pursuing a doctoral degree in nursing and hope to one day teach the subject are given priority. A member school of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is required for these students to apply. In addition to being a legal resident of one of the 50 United States, applicants must also be aftercollege.com members.

AfterCollege is a service that connects recent graduates with internships and entry-level jobs in their fields of study. To facilitate the fitting of students with appropriate employers, they have both a network of professionals and a powerful search algorithm.

Bethesda Nursing Student Scholarships

Bethesda Nursing Student Scholarships are available from the Bethesda Foundation. All students at the Bethesda School of Nursing are eligible to apply for these grants. Scholarship applications are due in June to ensure full consideration.

The Bethesda Foundation is a nonprofit that operates solely on the generosity of those who share its mission and values. They are devoted to assisting people in raising their standard of living. They equip their caregivers with everything they need to provide the highest quality care. Aiming to equip Bethesda’s hospital with the means to adapt to the community’s evolving health care needs, the foundation was established in 1974.



Financial aid, private or school-based grants, student loans, and work-study opportunities can help bridge the gap between your available resources and outstanding bills, and can be used in addition to scholarship awards. To find out if you qualify for federal student aid, you can use the FAFSA4caster tool on the Federal Student Aid website. If you want financial aid from a college, you’ll need to fill out a FAFSA.

You may be able to get some or all of your nursing school debt cancelled out by participating in a loan forgiveness program. As an incentive to work in a particular region or at a particular healthcare facility, this choice may also be made available by regional or state health organizations and individual employers.