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Intent on moving some used rubber? Put an end to your quest now. Companies that are interested in purchasing used tires for retreading, reselling, or recycling are included on our comprehensive list.

Reports indicate that Japan and China represent the two largest markets for used tires in the Asia-Pacific region.

The majority of the businesses here are industry leaders in the buying and selling of used tires. It has been theorized that these companies want to expand into new fields, particularly the aftermarket automotive parts industry.

The best places to sell your used tires have been researched and listed for you here. By the article’s end, you should have a solid grasp on how to get in touch with some of the best businesses in the world.

Top Companies That Buy Used Tires

Top companies that buy used tires

Qingdao Annecy Industrial Limited

As one of China’s leading suppliers of pre-owned tires, Qingdao Annecy Industrial Limited deserves recognition. An automotive firm, it is also involved in tire production and reuse.

The firm is among the largest tire producers worldwide. Qingdao Annency is a Chinese company that has been around since 1991 and now employs over 1300 people.

Approximately 2.5 million complete sets of steel radial tires are expected to be produced each year by the company.

The Company has amassed a wealth of useful experience and, thanks to its proficiency in the long-standing market economy and the favorable conditions brought about by reform and opening up, has achieved remarkable success.

Qingdao Annecy Industrial Limited is an excellent option for selling your used tires.



Ace Japan Export Company is a frontrunner in the Japanese recycling industry, and it is interested in purchasing used tires for recycling and then selling the recycled tires to eager buyers both in Japan and abroad. This business was established in Osaka, Japan, in 2008.

In addition, the company’s current location on a 20.227,000-square-foot plot of land has room for over 30,000 used and new tires. It is common knowledge that ACE Japan Export Co. offers a wide selection of goods for sale to customers in Japan and beyond.

The company’s interests extend far beyond just used tires, however, and include things like bicycles, cars, air conditioners, computers, and more. The markets for ACE Japan’s products are well-established in many regions of the world, such as South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Central America.

It’s important to note that ACE Japan purchases used tires. In addition, you can reach out to them for the most competitive pricing available right now.

CTA Global Export

CTA is a company headquartered in the United States that deals in tires and other commodities. The company was established in Florida, USA, many years ago. In addition to being a global buyer of used tires, CTA also sells and distributes a wide range of products.

CTA is a trustworthy wholesale distributor that offers a wide variety of products at fair prices.

They’ve built a global reputation for themselves as a business that puts the needs of its customers first. We have an extensive network of reliable and experienced personnel who are always ready to jump in and get to work, allowing us to ship products anywhere in the world. As one might expect, they purchase previously owned tires.

MM & J Limited

Used tires are a hot commodity for the recently founded MM & J Limited. They are curious about tires and other automotive components. The company’s top priority is the complete satisfaction of its customers in the watch industry.

If you want to do business with MM & J Limited, you’ll find that they adhere to the highest internationally accepted norms.

Make contact if you want to do business with a team of bright, ambitious young people who are committed to giving it their all in order to succeed.

CEED Trade GmbH

CEED Trade GmbH

If you are looking for a buyer for your used tires, CEED Trade GmbH is another option to explore. Established for several decades, the firm has been going strong for some time. Among the many auto parts and used tires that CEED purchases, they are especially well-known for their purchases from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They process used tires into marketable commodities.

Their expertise lies in manufacturing and distributing both primary and secondary goods.

Ceed provides the most competitive pricing in the industry as it strives to strengthen its position as a market leader.

A shipping company is working in partnership with the business to ensure that their products can be delivered anywhere in the world. To schedule a deal for your used tires, visit the company’s website.


When it comes to tires, nobody does it better than KOKUBU SHOKAI CO.,LTD. More than four decades ago, its members in Japan came together with the goal of trading used tires and other auto parts.

In Japan and other parts of Asia, this company is best known for its tire recycling initiatives.

Kokuba Shokai buys used tires from individuals in Japan, and they’re open for business if you’re looking for a buyer for your used tires.

In addition to its headquarters in Kumagaya, north of Tokyo, the company has branches in more than forty locations abroad.

Recently, she told an interviewer that the company buys used tires from individuals for recycling purposes and that they are happy to do business with people from all over the world. She went on to say that everyone employed by the company is multilingual, with fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Indonesian. Get in touch with the business right away.

Taly’s Company, Ltd.

Taly’s Co., Ltd. is another major Japanese firm that buys used tires. Exporting goods to other countries is the company’s main business strategy. You can depend on them as your surefire link to international wholesale sales. If your business needs to link up with multiple shipping lines, Taly’s Company is in a prime location to provide you with first-rate logistics services.

You can trust Taly’s Co. Ltd. to help your business thrive in Japan, as stated on their official website. With the guidance of our skilled team, you will be able to achieve the best possible balance among price, speed, efficiency, and quality for your goods.

Taly’s Co., Ltd. has a division dedicated to buying used tires, so they might be interested in purchasing your old sets if you’re looking to get rid of them.

North 13 Limited

North 13 is an American company with a focus on tires and other products. The used tires and other household and personal care items that North 13 Limited buys are all donated.

Established for several decades, this company has expanded its operations to serve clients all over the globe by buying and selling used tires. They also offer low prices and fast delivery to customers all over the world.

As evidenced by their consistently five-star customer reviews, North 13 Limited is one of the Companies that Buy Used Tires.



U.K.-based business that “buys used tires” from consumers. Tires and other metal car parts are among the many offerings from this retailer. Waste plastic, metal scraps, used tires, farm tractors, copy paper, and more are all of interest to the company.

The company has been around for quite some time, and it has built a solid reputation for itself by consistently delivering high-quality services to customers all over the world. For commercial purposes, you can contact them about buying used tires in any quantity.

Tire Management.

Only used tires that can be repaired are purchased by the company. They’re looking for tires in specific dimensions, and you can learn more about that over here. They can also safely purchase wheels from brands like Dayton, Unimount, and Budd. The company is looking to purchase tires in bulk, but the price will vary based on the condition of the inventory being sold.

Corporate Tire.

The company is looking to buy used semi-truck tires of all sizes and conditions from the East Coast. They guarantee that 60% of your scrap tires will be reused. Tires that are beyond repair, however, are not accepted. While the United States is where they focus most of their efforts, they do international business as well.

Tire Management Inc

Tire Management is a tire trading company based in Illinois. After purchasing your used tires, the company will re-treaded them and put them back on the market.

When Tire Management purchases your tires, they must be clean. They will only pick up and transport no less than 50 tires to the retread plant.

United Tires

United Tires is a large chain that specializes in used tires across the United States. Used tires in decent condition are traded back and forth. There can be no cuts, holes, or other damage to the tires.

United Tires will recycle and resale your old tires after a thorough refurbishment. Then, they’ll resell them for a profit.


As a leading company in Thailand’s film industry, trade company SPINEL deals in a wide variety of products. When it comes to buying used tires, this company is among the best in Thailand.

Companies That Buy Used Tires has a well-established clientele base in the agricultural and automotive sectors.

SPINEL CO., LTD. is the best option for selling your used tires in Thailand.


This Chinese tire manufacturer buys used tires and makes tires in every size and shape imaginable. In addition, they buy scrap tires for recycling purposes. Koryo operates in a number of different Asian countries in addition to China.

They assemble supplies from all over the world. Contacting Koryo is a good idea if you want to sell used tires in China. They manufacture not only radial tires, but also PCR tires, bias tires, and butyl tubes. In addition, Koryo makes over a hundred unique tire sizes. You can find out more information by checking out the firm’s website.


How can I legally sell used tires?

Used tire sales are governed by statute in the vast majority of states, with varying requirements depending on where you live. Before selling any used tires, you should check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to see what the rules are in your area.

Check the US Tire Manufacturers Association website’s Tire Recall Lookup section before listing your used tires for sale. In every US state, it is against the law to distribute car tires that have been recalled.

In the event that you find out your car tires have been recalled, the site also includes information on how to properly dispose of them.

Will most recycling centers have disposal fees?

The majority of recycling centers do charge a fee for trash removal. Reason being, the recycling center must cover the cost of proper tire disposal.

Where to Recycle Used Tires?

You can still make money recycling tires despite the fact that most tire recycling businesses won’t pay you for them.

The last thing that auto shops need is a pile of old tires taking up valuable storage space, or worse, a hefty fine for doing so.

These car repair shops need to find a fast way to get rid of their old tires, so they hire a service to come and haul them away to a recycling center. The price tag for this is high.

The recycling company may offer tire pickup, but only if the auto shop has a certain number of tires to recycle.

You can make money in this area. You can pick up the tires and transport them to a recycling facility on your own if you have access to a truck.

The auto shop may pay you $3 per tire, and the recycling center may charge you $1 per tire, for a total of $2 per tire delivery.

Tire recycling is a win-win situation because you can make money while also doing good for the planet. Rubber can be recycled into other products that recycling companies can then sell to producers.

Fewer scrap tires have been stockpiled across the United States thanks to state-funded tire recycling programs. [8]

It takes time and money to recycle old tires into useful items. Tires donated to recycling centers must be accompanied by a fee. In Indiana and Kansas, the cost is $0.25, while in Louisiana, the cost is $10 for extra-large (off-road) tires.

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association provides a comprehensive breakdown of state-by-state tire recycling fees, with an average price of around $1 per tire.

The following businesses provide tire recycling services across a broad swath of the United States, and they are listed from best to worst.


Don’t let good money go to waste when you could be making quick money off those old tires in your garage.

Not only will recycling them help the environment, but you can also sell them for a decent price on online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist.

There is a large market for used tires due to the recycling industry’s annual revenue of $5 billion.

Check to see if anyone wants to buy your old tires before hauling them to the dump or leaving them on the curb for trash collectors.