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Some people in today’s society have strange ideas and compelling habits. Characteristics like an insistence on following a set procedure, no matter how inefficient, are not uncommon. Therefore, if you suffer from OCD, you should probably avoid certain careers. This article sheds light on the worst professions for people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

This article aims to shed light on the worst jobs for people with OCD, though it is not denying that people with OCD can be an asset in other fields. We’ll talk about the difficulties OCD sufferers face and some strategies for coping with them.

Worst Jobs For OCD

Worst jobs for ocd

Public Speakers

Public Speakers

Having to speak in front of an audience can make even the most confident person nervous. One’s personality type may prevent them from thriving in the limelight. The ability to keep one’s cool while staring into the eyes of a crowd of millions is a tested quality. Of course, there will be times when the reception from the audience is discouraging.

What’s the point for someone with OCD? Those who suffer from this condition know firsthand how challenging it can be to make public speeches. Anxiety can have a devastating effect on OCD public speakers. And that makes their situation even worse. Indeed, it may make the condition even worse. This can lead to conditions like social anxiety and agoraphobia.


A degree in physiotherapy is similar to that of a manager in many respects. Similarly, it is concerned with controlling one’s health and happiness. Physiotherapist-like tact, sensitivity, and responsiveness to the patient’s changing needs are often required. Your patients might benefit from having someone they can confide in at some point. At some point, they may decide to attend one of your therapy sessions in order to work through their feelings.

Still, it’s a terrible profession for OCD sufferers. Most people with this condition are very set in their ways, so interacting with them could be a nightmare. As introverts, we find it difficult to manage jobs that require interaction with others.

Sales representatives

Sales representatives

As stated in the previous sentences, this job requires a high level of interpersonal communication. It’s a delicate job due to the wide range of personalities you’ll encounter. So, this is for you if a particular marketing presentation causes you a great deal of stress. A person with OCD is also more vulnerable to the negative effects of stress.

It is one of the worst careers for people with obsessive compulsive disorder due to the stress of meeting strict deadlines and challenging objectives. Ultimately, increased anxiety is the most notable consequence. People who struggle with anxiety are a poor fit for sales positions. Therefore, people with OCD should look elsewhere for employment.

Customer care agents

The most socially demanding job on this list is probably off-limits to people with OCD. The obvious fact is that CSRs spend a lot of time talking to customers. Their code of conduct demands that they treat customers with kindness at all times.

That’s because customers have their own unique ways of describing issues.

This means that every interaction in this line of work is fraught with doubt. In addition, people with OCD who work in these fields often feel restless and, in severe cases, an internal upheaval.

We conclude that working as a customer service agent is one of the seven worst jobs for people with OCD.



Just like with public speaking, this is one of the worst professions for people with obsessive compulsive disorder. The analogy is to being on a stage. Unfortunately, most of your target demographic does not exist in the physical world. It’s possible that a lot more personality is needed than in the previously listed profession.

As a TV reporter, you have to constantly put out new content. The pressure to deliver can be overwhelming at times, whether it’s hourly or daily. Individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder are not well-suited to these jobs due to the pressure of meeting strict deadlines. They can’t take the time to assess their health because of time constraints. Therefore, OCD sufferers should stay away from news anchors and reporters.


Expect long shifts and monotonous work if you ever consider a career as a cashier. There is no doubt that there are many interactions involved in these mundane tasks.

You will be dealing with many different types of people and a sizable sum of money in your line of work.

Handling potentially tainted currency could be stressful for people with obsessive compulsive disorder. Their OCD may rear its ugly head if they ever work the cash register.



Another one of the worst jobs for OCD sufferers. On our list of the Worst Jobs for OCD, this one might be the toughest challenge. To put it another way, a manager is the chief dealer. Like any other business, master dealers need to be able to adapt to the needs of their customers.

Those who suffer from OCD should stop here.

You have significant decision-making responsibilities as a manager. Furthermore, there is a substantial amount of unknowns involved. For the simple reason that you never know who you will be in charge of managing.

As a result, there is a correlation between these features of the job and OCD. This suggests that there is a complete absence of links between them.


What does one mean by high-functioning OCD?

Anxiety, obsessions, and compulsions are still present in high-functioning OCD, but the individual is better able to control their symptoms. However, if the symptoms aren’t treated quickly, they could worsen.

What factors can worsen OCD?

Certain stresses, most often those associated with transitions, can exacerbate the condition. Events like marriage, divorce, relocation, the start of a new school year, or the occurrence of a natural disaster can all serve as such catalysts.

What medications can worsen OCD?

In rare cases, stimulant medications intended for ADHD can actually make OCD symptoms worse. Addiction to these stimulants often makes it difficult for people to divert their attention from their fixations.

Can you have a successful career with OCD?

Obsessions and compulsions associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can be very draining. Both your efficiency and your relationships with coworkers may suffer as a result. It is possible to have a successful and satisfying career despite the challenges that OCD can present in the workplace.

How do you work with severe OCD?

Treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder typically consists of exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP). To practice ERP, one repeatedly confronts a phobia in order to train the brain to stop thinking about it.


As a result, we know what fields to stay away from if we have OCD. Perfectionism and the need for constant checks on one’s personal cleanliness are two examples. It’s clear why they wouldn’t be a good fit for those jobs.

However, with appropriate care, compulsive and obsessive disorders are manageable. Managing effectively often involves staying out of the fields mentioned above. On top of that, there are related but distinct careers that are a great fit for people with OCD. Because of this, it should not be considered a disorder.