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Every quarter, LinkedIn releases a new report based on an analysis of job postings that details the top skills employers are looking for. A staggering 78 percent of job ads highlight only the top 20 skills.

The report compares data gathered over the past three months with the most in-demand skills among professionals in 2015.

According to LinkedIn’s research, professional competences have evolved by about 25% since 2015 and are projected to evolve by 41% by 2025.

Marketing in the digital realm is a sought-after skill. Promotion via social media is also included.

Hard skills make up more than half of the list, while soft skills make up the other half.

LinkedIn is offering several paid courses at no cost throughout the month of September in an effort to help members acquire marketable skills.

Gaining marketable skills can open doors to more employment possibilities and secure your career’s long-term viability.

Furthermore, LinkedIn improves search results to highlight job postings that are more pertinent to a user’s skill set.

Highlights from LinkedIn’s latest report on in-demand skills are included, as well as additional details about the many new features that company representatives have just unveiled.

Top Skills That Are Good For Linkedin

Top skills that are good for linkedin



In order to succeed, a company needs its employees to be creative thinkers who can consistently come up with novel solutions. The ability to think creatively is highly sought after by employers and looks great on a resume or online profile. The list below includes several abilities that can be classified as creative.


This demonstrates your interpersonal competence and shows that you can collaborate well with others. The ability to collaborate with others to reach a common objective is a valuable asset in any industry and a great thing to highlight on your resume. The ability to work in a team is another name for collaboration, and both are valuable to have on your LinkedIn profile.


While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is useful for far more than just virtual currency. It’s an innovative approach to online data storage, transmission, and verification. It has numerous uses, including in logistics, security, authentication, voting, and international trade. However, there are still not a lot of people who are qualified to work in this field, despite the rising demand. So, learning blockchain is a great way to boost your resume. In case you were wondering what blockchain skills to list on your LinkedIn profile, here are a few examples.

Analytical Reasoning

The ability to analyze information and draw conclusions is known as analytical skill. Identifying patterns in customer demographics and spending habits can be as easy or as difficult as determining the cause of a budget overrun. Businesses of all stripes require skilled workers capable of analyzing data in order to seize opportunities, counteract threats, and make sound judgments. The good news is that it’s a broad area of expertise, so you can easily find examples to showcase your proficiency on LinkedIn. So, here are some suggestions.

UX Design

UX Design

UX design may sound like a fad created by Silicon Valley hipsters, but it actually has broad applicability. It’s just a method for making things that people will actually want to use. The key is the UX, or the user’s, experience. Making the user happy is more important than adding extra features. You know how great it feels when you use a well-designed website or app? UX principles in action. It is a potent tool for anyone to have in their LinkedIn toolkit.

Video Production

Among all these, this one seems unusually specific and out of place. However, companies have a severe shortage of video production experts due to the popularity of videos among consumers. One marketing firm found that video advertising is 600% more effective than print, and that 60% of website visitors would rather watch a video than read text. That’s why we’re rounding out our LinkedIn skill set with video production; every respectable business wants a piece of that lucrative pie. Listed below are some helpful video production skills to include in your resume.


Business acumen is essential for anyone working in any industry. Executives, managers, and administrators are essential to the smooth operation of any business, so they must have strong business acumen.


The term “marketing” is often used to refer to a wide range of activities, such as advertising, market research, customer service, public relations, and more. A company’s products and services must be promoted and explained to the public.

Intelligence Simulation

In the realm of artificial intelligence, tools are available to boost the efficiency of human labor. Artificial intelligence can help your team in many ways, including improving their abilities, working faster, and better coordinating tasks that require a lot of manual effort.

Candidates who can enable machines to learn from experience, use natural language processing, and apply machine learning can help businesses provide customers with more tailored products and services.


However, in practice, communication is more than just the exchange of information. Timing and precision are essential for effective business communication. That’s a foolproof strategy for boosting morale and productivity in the workplace.

Those with communication listed as a skill on their LinkedIn profiles are attentive listeners. They think about the little things that make a big difference in the big picture. This trait encompasses the ability to communicate effectively in any setting, whether face-to-face, in writing, or across cultural boundaries.



To manage is to inspire and lead others to work together for a common purpose. Setting a good 30-60-90-day plan, determining targets, providing direction, and helping people achieve goals is essential for achieving optimal performance.

Good management skills include negotiation, clear communication, and assignment of responsibility. If you’re good at account management, project management, team management, customer relationship management, interpersonal skills, and many others, you can list them on LinkedIn.


It’s a good idea to highlight your strategic mind in your LinkedIn profile. The ability to step back and take in the big picture. In this way, you’ll be able to make choices that will help you reach your ultimate goals.

On LinkedIn, you can pick from a wide variety of strategy-related specializations, including information technology strategy, digital strategy, business strategy, market research, and public relations.


Naturally, we had to include financial expertise on our list, given how indispensable such professionals are to any business. Skills related to money can range from bookkeeping to investing. This can include skills like budgeting, financial planning, and an awareness of economic indicators.

Knowledgeable handling of one’s own money requires familiarity with a wide range of topics, including budgeting, investing, and risk assessment. You can add corporate finance, project finance, accounting, and trade finance expertise to your LinkedIn profile.

Social media marketing

Have you heard that 67% of marketers are constructing online communities? This is due to the fact that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others like them are genuine success drivers in the business world today. As a result, make sure you highlight your most marketable abilities, such as social media marketing.

Because of LinkedIn’s high regard for this competency, the platform now allows users to tailor their profiles with emphasis on social media marketing, strategy, and management.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Both software developers and IT managers can benefit from developing this skill.

It’s likely that businesses will seek out and hire people with such IT expertise. Presentation of data, cloud-based data entry, technical support, user interface/user experience, content management, software engineering, computational science, blockchain technology, and mobile application development are all examples of IT skills.


How can I make my skills stand out?

In order to know what to put on your LinkedIn profile, you should first look at job postings in your field to see what kinds of skills are most in demand. Then, make a list of the skills you currently possess and, if necessary, seek out ways to improve them.

Should I list soft skills on LinkedIn?

Include soft skills in your resume if you find that they are required for jobs in your industry. Many employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate versatility, teamwork skills, initiative, and leadership potential.

What are interpersonal skills on LinkedIn?

Interpersonal skills, also known as soft skills or social skills, are highly sought after on LinkedIn. Specifically, the term “interpersonal skills” refers to one’s ability to work well with others, including customers, employees, and higher-ups.

How do I choose my top skills on LinkedIn?

Your best LinkedIn attributes are the things that set you apart. Think about the things that come easily to you, the things that make you feel energized and happy. In all likelihood, these are your strongest abilities.

Additionally, you need to observe the kinds of positions HR managers are advertising on LinkedIn (and other job boards) to get a sense of what you might be interested in. What specific abilities are needed for those positions? Include them in your LinkedIn profile if you feel they are relevant to your career.

How many skills should you list on LinkedIn?

If you want people to find your LinkedIn profile, you should list at least five skills. Despite LinkedIn’s allowance of up to 50 skills per profile, we advise against using that many.

Contrarily, it is preferable to be forthright and take into account only those that accurately reflect your professional expertise. After all, it’s not simple to acquire so many specialized abilities, especially when you’re just starting out in your profession.


Keeping your LinkedIn skills section current is crucial. To stay relevant and competitive, you must regularly update and add to your existing set of skills. If you’re looking for work, it improves your visibility to potential employers and may even lead to you being “head-hunted” for new positions.

We’ve also provided you with a list of LinkedIn’s recommended skills for your profile. Make sure to include them if you possess any of the skills we’ve mentioned.

In addition to the skills we’ve already listed, it would be wise to peruse advertisements for positions in your field to get a sense of what is valued most. This will help you determine which skills are currently in highest demand.

You’re welcome for reading this. Tell us in the comments if you want to learn more about the kinds of skills that look good on LinkedIn profiles. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.