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College math courses are available to anyone, regardless of intended major. Math is an integral part of many curricula. This fascinating topic will therefore arise in any field of study, from engineering to business.

Additionally, mathematical skills are useful in just about any profession. Numerous fields rely on mathematics; Boolean Algebra is used in Logic Gates, Relational Algebra is used in databases, and Number Theory is useful in many contexts.

There are a number of mathematical ideas necessary for Data Science to function properly. Thus, mathematics is essential even after graduation from high school.

Despite its appeal, not all mathematical topics are easy. That’s where the convenience of math apps comes in. These programs can be used as a resource for additional mathematical training and study.

Most of these resources will verify your work, walk you through the steps, and even generate a graph of the function you specify.

A few of the best math apps for college students will be discussed here.

Come on, we need to get started.

Best Maths App For College Students

Best maths app for college students


If you’re a college student looking for a math app, this is one of the top 20 options. The math app is incredibly user-friendly and covers more than 70 different areas. In exploring the app, users will find that the mathematical solutions provided by this top app for solving math problems are easy to understand and thoroughly explained.



The layout of this app is sure to please any budding young scientist who favors the traditional green board and chalk over the modern whiteboard and markers. It is ranked as one of the top 20 math apps for university students. Everyone, even those who are having trouble with polyhedrons, will benefit from the quality of iCross when it comes to visualizing and studying geometry. For the simple reason that it is impossible to find a more comprehensive collection of 3-D polyhedra anywhere else.


Solve4x is another intriguing math-solving app. You can enter an equation into this app’s built-in solver and have it solved for you. You could also use the camera to snap a picture of the equation, or you could open a previously taken picture from your photo album. The image data will be analyzed and the equation will be solved mechanically. While this app does work with printed text, some text may still be garbled, requiring some light editing after the photo has been taken. One of the top 20 math apps for college students is Solve4x.

Unfortunately, this app does not support bracketed math problems, despite the fact that it does not require many essay papers. The goal of this app is to help parents verify their children’s homework answers without requiring them to keep up with advanced concepts in algebra and other math. In that case, it’s best to banish smartphones from the study room.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is ranked as a top 20 math app by College Apps 360. Use of a calculator is made easier with this handy app. An on-screen calculator that mimics the feel of writing on paper is included. In addition, the scratch-out gesture facilitates quick and simple problem elimination. One of the best things about this app is that it makes calculations look neither mundane nor difficult. Users can, for instance, keep asking the same question on a new line while writing.



The math-solving app Cymath can help you with your dissertation in a number of different ways. It has an advanced artificial intelligence math problem solver that can handle problems in algebra, arithmetic, statistics, calculus, and trigonometry, among other areas. The Cymath app provides instantaneous answers to math problems spanning a wide range of disciplines. The answer to your math problem is included in this app for no additional cost. That’s why the Cymath app is there: to help you out if you get stuck on a math problem.

Whether you need assistance with algebra, graphing, or calculus, this app has you covered. The app’s algebra calculator can perform a wide range of operations, from logarithms to trigonometry. In fact, it’s one of the top 20 best math apps for college students.

Symbolab: Picture Math Solver

Symbolab is an advanced scientific calculator and problem-solver. The app’s built-in scanner allows you to quickly and easily find solutions to your math problems by simply taking a picture. You can also simply type in the equation or word problem you need help with.

Symbolab can be used to get answers to questions in algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, matrix, geometry, and vectors. You will have access to detailed explanations of how to fix issues that pertain specifically to our area of research.

More than 500 professional-grade scientific calculators were custom-built by mathematicians and are available on Symbolab. There are many different kinds of calculators, such as those designed for calculating fractions, derivatives, integrals, graphs, matrices, trigonometry, inequalities, ODEs, and series.

Symbolab provides unlimited free math help. However, a yearly, monthly, or weekly subscription is required to access detailed explanations from the app’s top mathematicians and tutors.

You can subscribe to Symbolab for $2.49 per week, $6.99 per month, or $29.99 per year. Apps for both Android and iOS have the same price.

Graphing Calculator Math

College and graduate students alike will find useful features like algebraic integration on this scientific graphing calculator. It was developed as an alternative to cumbersome and pricey portable graphing calculators. Almost any device running Android will be able to use it.

To solve certain mathematical problems, it can be helpful to first create mental images of how the corresponding functions would look on paper. The x-intercept of a function graph, for instance, can be easily recorded rather than calculated.

In these sorts of situations, the MathLab Graphing Calculator comes in very handy. In addition to its obvious use in factoring, it can be put to work in a wide variety of other computations, such as finding derivatives and integrals and simplifying mathematical formulas.

This may not be allowed on tests, but it will be a huge help when you are practicing and double-checking your answers.

A scientific calculator, graphing calculator, algebra calculator, fraction calculator, probability and statistics calculator, and a matrix calculator are all rolled into one convenient tool.

Mathway – Scan & Solve Problems

Mathway – Scan & Solve Problems

When it comes to graphing, calculus, algebra, and more, Mathway is one of the best calculators available. You can get your hands on a wide range of math answers, which will aid your grasp of abstract concepts.

Mathway is easy to use; just point your device’s camera at your problem, snap a picture, or type in the question to get detailed answers.

Mathway is a free app that can be downloaded for use on any iOS or Android device. However, there is a premium option available for $39.99 yearly or $9.99 monthly. Both Android and iOS apps require a subscription to access their full features.

A user account is required for the upgrade process. In addition to removing ads, the paid version of the app also provides detailed solutions to math problems.

Unit Converter

Struggling to convert millimeters to centimeters or inches to feet? It’s natural, and remembering all those changes is a hassle anyway. Here, a unit converter can be of great assistance. Heat, money, magnetism, data, fluid, light, energy, power, temperature, etc. are just some of the values that can be transformed. This is useful in any field of study, not just mathematics (obviously), but also computer science, physics, chemistry, etc. This is a great tool for travelers who need to convert rupees to dollars at the current exchange rate.

Maths Solver

Microsoft’s Maths Solver is a useful app for solving problems in a wide variety of mathematical disciplines, including but not limited to algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more. This is achieved by the app’s use of an AI-based mathematical solver. Maths Solver also includes detailed explanations of its calculations. If you’d like to put in some extra work, you can find interactive graphs online that pertain to your equations and any similar problems. Actually, the more you work on your math skills, the better they’ll get.

Dragon Box Algebra

Dragon Box Algebra

The goal of the Dragon Box Algebra app is to introduce elementary school students to algebra. It provides a detailed breakdown of how to solve equations, and it also contains a number of puzzles meant to sharpen analytical prowess. Parents and educators agree that the app is a great resource for teaching children mathematical concepts. Dragon Box Algebra’s interactivity makes it more useful as a teaching tool than most other math apps for kids.

Algebra Touch

This app, called Algebra Touch, provides users with interactive animations and detailed, step-by-step explanations to help them master algebra. This math app was made to make learning math more enjoyable, and it has many useful features.

Calcbot 2

Econometricians will benefit greatly from using Calcbot 2. It’s a basic calculator with engineering and math functions, plus a currency converter.

Unlike other apps, Calcbot 2 lets you save the solutions to your previous equations and highlight the ones that are particularly useful by marking them with a star. Taps in Calcbot 2 trigger fun sound effects and can be set to one of several unique themes.

MathStudio Express

It’s a versatile calculator with a customizable colorful theme. Users of MathStudio Express will find it easier to grasp concepts in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and more.

Wolfram Alpha

In effect, it’s like having instantaneous access to a living, breathing encyclopedia. In addition to providing assistance with math and statistics, the app can also be used to help with things like crosswords and research. Wolfram Alpha provides you with entry to all of human knowledge and an infinite number of opportunities to learn and grow.



You find studying mathematics in a book tedious and pointless? You can read them online and participate in over 20,000 exercises and lessons. Math problems can be worked out and their solutions displayed in detail. Due to the app’s handwriting recognition capabilities, you can unwind with your preferred notebook and get to work. You’ll receive problems at the appropriate level of difficulty and receive helpful feedback on your progress. Refresh one’s interest in the dry subjects of mathematics and the like.

Geometry Solver: Calculator

Easily solve geometry problems with the help of Geometry Solver. It accommodates a wide range of 2D and 3D shapes with user-supplied values for all parameters. The app then makes use of these to infer additional characteristics about the shape.

Since the Geometry Solver app only takes a few seconds to use, students can quickly and easily play around with the app to see how changing one variable in a geometric formula affects the others. The formulae for each shape are included, making this an excellent resource for later use.

Maple Calculator: Math Helper

Answers, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional graphs, and even detailed solutions are all at your fingertips with the free Maple Calculator. Algebra, precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations can all be entered, solved, and visualized with this handy tool. You can even use the camera on your device to enter problems, allowing you to quickly and easily double-check your work.

In addition to the solution, detailed explanations of how to perform a wide range of mathematical operations (such as solving systems of equations, determining limits, derivatives, and integrals, and manipulating matrices) are provided.

Microsoft Math Solver

The Microsoft Math Solver app uses cutting-edge AI to quickly and accurately resolve a wide range of math problems. You can enter a new math problem in one of three different ways into this user-friendly app. Users have the option of typing in an equation, taking a picture of the problem (à la Photomath), or writing out the equation by hand.

The math solver built into this app is powered by AI, so it can quickly diagnose the issue and provide a correct answer. The app also provides a detailed walkthrough of its solution, complete with interactive graphs, similar problems, and video lectures from the internet on how to solve them.

MyMathy: Math Problem Solver

The app MyMathy: Math Problem Solver is a multiple-choice test with an added problem-solving feature. The intuitive aesthetic of MyMathy makes it appealing to students of all ages who would like to brush up on their geometrical, arithmetic, algebraic, statistic, calculus, and trigonometric skills.

Students can use the Math Problem Solver in a variety of ways to double-check their work and refresh their memories of mathematical procedures. When a user enters a mathematical problem, the app not only provides a solution but also walks them through the calculations that led to the result.


Is Photomath good for college?

Using the Photomath app to boost your mathematical skills is not considered cheating. The goal of this method is to help students gain a thorough and organized grasp of a subject. However, since it provides an unfair advantage, using Photomath to find solutions during an exam is the same as cheating.

What is the best app for Teaching multiplication to students?

The Teachley app is highly recommended when trying to differentiate instruction for students of varying levels. This app is actually a learning tool for students to practice their multiplication skills, although it may look like a game about finding treasure in the middle of a storm.


Math is not only important in and of itself, but also as a precursor to other more specialized disciplines. Therefore, it is essential that you have strong mathematical skills. You shouldn’t hate on this topic just because you don’t know much about it. Now it’s time to choose the app that best suits your needs. Use it to practice your math skills and overcome your math anxiety. If you plan on majoring in Computer Science or one of its subfields, then having a firm grasp of this material will be of the utmost importance to you.